AMC Update Monday 3/19/07

All My Children Update Monday 3/19/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At the Chandler mansion, Tad tries convincing Adam that the baby isn't his, but then Adam tells him about the blackmail against Babe.  Krystal confirms that Charlotte is his.  Adam leaves the room.  As J.R. follows, Krystal asks Babe to leave also so she can speak with Tad.  Tad can't believe that Krystal lied about the baby.  Krystal explains that she was trying to protect Adam.  Tad doesn't believe her though.  Tad believes that she is no different and no better than Greg Madden.  Krystal claims that her motives were pure.  She chose Adam because she loved him.  Upstairs, Adam is in pain which can be seen, but covers it with anger in front of his son.  J.R. tries to make Adam see why Krystal lied, but Adam ignores him and packs up Krystal's things.  He disowns J.R. and leaves the room with a drawer full of Krystal's things.  J.R. goes downstairs and tries to get Tad to understand what he did.  J.R. says Dixie would have understood and this angers Tad.  He tells J.R. she would have been disgusted.  Tad goes out the front door and sees Josh.  Josh walks past him to find Babe.

Babe sees Colby in the study, who is as upset as she is.  Colby asks if they are friends or family or nothing.  She says that she doesn't know how she should feel about Babe and Krystal now.  Krystal walks in and tells Colby she loves her and Adam, but Colby walks out.  Colby goes outside and sees Adam setting Krystal's things on fire.  He cries and screams from being in emotional pain.  Colby calls Stuart and asks for his help.  She tries to calm Adam.  In a fit of rage he knocks her down.  Colby tries getting him to calm down.  Stuart arrives and Adam hugs him.  Adam tells him that Charlotte isn't his child.  Inside, Krystal hears a noise and sees Adam burning Charlotte's things from the window.  The fire reminds her of her nightmare about David trying to burn down the Chandler family.  She never dreamed that she would be the one to actually take them down.  Then she begins to have pains in her stomach.  Babe calls for help and Josh comes into the room.  He tells them both to leave.  Krystal tells them it's only a panic attack and refuses to leave for the hospital.  Babe takes Josh outside and expresses her anger that he pushed Krystal into telling the truth.  She tells him to stay out of her life.  As Josh leaves, he runs in to J.R who attacks him verbally.  Josh still believes he did the right thing but he leaves.  Adam starts to drink and offers one to J.R.  J.R. refuses and tries to get through to Adam but he's not ready to listen, so J.R. leaves.  Tad comes back in and the two nearly bond over their anger at Krystal.  Seeing that Adam is in a rage and could take it out on Krystal and the baby, Tad tries to reason with him.  He says it would be wrong to make Charlotte pay for Krystal's mistakes.  Krystal and Babe hear them yelling and come back in the parlor.  Adam tells Tad to take her away but Krystal refuses to leave her home.  She wants to fight for Adam.  Colby and J.R. come back in and she speaks up, telling them to fix the problem.  She leaves and so does Tad.  Adam makes a move towards Krystal and J.R. steps between them and threatens Adam if he harms her.  Adam leaves and tells J.R. that the Carey women are all he has left.  J.R. takes Krystal and Babe upstairs and tells them he'll protect them.  Babe tries to comfort Krystal as J.R. leaves.  Tad is outside unable to handle the news.

In the trash can outside, Adam burns the remains of Charlotte's things and throws his wedding ring inside, swearing to get back at the people who crossed him.

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