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All My Children Update Friday 3/16/07


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J.R. barges into Babe's makeshift hospital room and tells Babe what is going on at the mansion between Adam and Krystal.  He wants her to come home and try to convince her mother that she will be making a mistake by telling Adam about Charlotte's true parentage.  J.R. is obviously upset that the whole thing is going to blow while Josh is only worried that Babe may actually leave with her husband.  He tells J.R. that he won't risk Babe's health for any reason.  Babe takes this as Josh does not care what happens to her mother and decides it is time to go home.  She leaves with J.R.

Tad is at his office, trying to figure out what kind of blackmail J.R. has been using on Krystal.  He tries to dig up past credit and other history but comes up empty handed, and is quite agitated.  Julia arrives at the office and asks Tad if he would mind going to a parent picnic with her and Kathy.  Since he is already irritated, Tad gets upset and tells Julia that he does not want the responsibility of being a substitute father for Kathy and does not understand why Kathy thinks of him as such.  He tells Julia his mind is on his own daughter Kate and finding her and bringing her home safely.  He goes on to say he has J.R. and Jamie to think of, take care of, and worry about.  Julia wonders out loud if that is enough for Tad, who ignores the question, but instead tells Julia he would be happy to play "Uncle Tad" to Kathy, but lately whenever he looks into Kathy's eye's he sees his own Kate or Dixie and that it is very hard on him right now.  He tells Julia it has helped to have someone to talk to and then a phone call comes and he has to leave. 

At Wildwind, Ryan builds a fire in the fireplace and Annie puts on some music.  They cuddle in front of the fire and talk about their dreams.  Annie wants to inspire their daughter Emma.  Ryan is amazed by this woman and her thinking, and he tells her his dreams are to be married to her and to start a new life with her, Emma and Spike.  Ryan and Annie kiss and cuddle some more and then start to make love.  Ryan's brother, Jonathan, enters and spoils the mood.  He tries to step back out of the room but Ryan is already up.  He kisses Annie and leaves.  Jonathan is pleased with what he has witnessed and tells Annie that he has told Ryan about her feelings for him.  Annie is outraged that Jonathan would do that to her and tells her he had no right.  Now she is worried that Ryan loves Emma and does not want to hurt her.  Now she is torn about Ryanís true feelings.  Julia comes in and sees Annie by the fire.  They set together quietly watching the flames. 

Zoe and Bianca arrive at Josh's apartment after a night on the town.  Zoe invites Bianca in and they share champagne and chocolate cake that Zoe brings from a box.  Zoe asks about Maggie and Bianca tells Zoe that she does not plan to go back to Paris because of Maggie's cheating, and that the cheating killed her and Maggie's relationship.  Zoe listens intently as Bianca tells about wanting to forgive Maggie and how she wants to be a better, stronger person, especially after watching the way Zoe has dealt with so many things.  Josh barges in, interrupting a tender moment where Zoe and Bianca nearly share a kiss.  Josh is livid over Babe leaving with J.R. and tells how he tried to convince Krystal to tell the truth so that Babe would no longer have to protect her mother.  Bianca asks her brother if this "honesty policy" was to help him or to help Krystal.  She tells him that his antics are just like Erica's in that they are selfish and only to protect him, and to gain only what he wanted to gain. 

At the Chandler mansion, Colby overhears Adam and Krystal arguing and realizes that the secret is out about Baby Charlotte's true parentage.  She is heart-broken as she turns back to the terrace to wait for her friend, Sean.  Sean arrives and they talk about what is going on, but Colby is still torn and does not know what to do.  She was thinking that Krystal was the real thing.  Sean tells her that her first mistake is ever trusting an adult, and to just stay out of the adultsí way.  He tells her he sees a whole lot of his own mother, Barbara, in Krystal and suggests that Colby just smile and pretend to go along with the adults but to be forging her own way the whole time.  Colby tells him that she wants the family to stay together and be perfect, just like things have been the last few weeks.  Sean hugs Colby and tries to comfort her. 

Inside the mansion, Adam is horribly upset and heart-broken when Krystal admits that the baby she is carrying is not his, but is in fact Tad Martinís baby.  She tells him that she loves him and they can continue to love and raise Charlotte and that her parentage shouldn't have anything to do with it.  Adam doesn't want to hear it and wants to know if Krystal would have ever told him if she hadn't had to.  Krystal tells Adam that she would have kept it a secret forever.  Adam is mad because he knew that she and Tad had slept together even though they both told him that the only thing that they did was talk.  He wants to know how Dixie knew that this baby was Tadís and Krystal tells him "because she saw us,Ē which causes Adam to snicker.  He has taken to drinking and signs of the Old Adam are emerging. 

When Babe and J.R. come in, they know immediately that Krystal has spilled her secret and Adam rages at J.R. over his disloyalty.  J.R. defends what he did over wanting to save his father the hurt and tries to take the drink from his hand but Adam will not let go.  J.R. tells him not to make the same mistake with Krystal that he did with Babe.  J.R. asks Adam to forgive Krystal and to forget about Charlotte's parentage and to keep the secret within the family.  He tells Adam that no one else needs to be in on the secret.  Babe pleads her motherís case and tells Adam that it is he that her mother loves and not Tad.  Still weak from "death" Babe holds on to J.R. as she talks with Adam.  Adam turns and leaves and Krystal begins to follow him but then stops.  J.R. and Babe stay and support Krystal.  Tad comes in and wants to know what is going.  Adam reemerges and tells Tad to take the woman and the spawn that Tad has created and to get them both out of his house. 

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