AMC Update Thursday 3/15/07

All My Children Update Thursday 3/15/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

In Ryan's office, he is packing up his things when Annie arrives.  He tells her there is a reason she shouldn't marry him.  He gets on his knees and tells Annie how much she means to him and that he wants her in his life.  Ryan then tells her about his vasectomy.  Annie assures him she isn't worried about it since vasectomies can be reversed.  Ryan hugs Annie and gives her a kiss.  Ryan takes Annie to New York in his private jet.  He leaves to get something and returns later with gifts; St. Patrick's Day hats for the Emma, Kathy, and Spike.  He also bought a ring for Annie.  He gets on his knee and asks her to marry him.  Annie tells Ryan she needs more time and he understands.  Annie and Ryan begin to kiss.

Zoe arrives to the sub-basement to see Babe.  Bianca leaves to check on Miranda and finds Josh outside the room.  Josh is kind of upset that everyone knows Babe is alive.  Bianca tries to tell him that running away wasn't a good idea by saying that he needs to trust Babe's choices.  Bianca tries to make Josh believe that if Babe loves him, then she will come back to him.  Inside the hospital room, Babe asks Zoe what really happened on the night she was attacked in the cemetery.  Zoe tells her not to worry since it's over with.  Zoe then tells her about the experience of going to a transgender meeting.  She says the people there made her feel like everything would be okay.  Bianca returns with Josh.  Zoe hugs Josh for protecting and saving Babe.  Bianca and Zoe leave Babe's room.

Bianca and Zoe go to have drinks at the Valley Inn.  When an employee refers to her as Zarf, she tells him her name is now Zoe.  Barbara arrives with Sean and heads for Bianca's table.  When she realizes Bianca is with Zoe, she accuses Bianca of acting out.  Sean tries getting Barbara to leave, but she grabs Bianca and takes her from the bar.  Sean talks with Zoe about being a fan.  Colby calls and asks Sean to come to the Chandler mansion.  In the lobby, Barbara tells Bianca how she's concerned about her.  Bianca becomes angry because she knows Barbara disapproves of her relationship with Zoe, who she refers to as a transvestite.  Bianca calls Barbara a bigot and says that she is a stupid and insecure person.  She returns to the table with Zoe and they toast one another.

At the Chandler mansion, Krystal is trying to tell Adam her secret.  Before she can tell him, J.R. comes in and stops her.  Krystal tells him to leave so she could be honest with Adam.  An argument occurs between the two.  Colby comes in after hearing yelling and asks what's going on.  Krystal asks if she can speak with J.R. in private.  After they're alone, J.R. tries convincing Krystal not to say anything.  He brings up Josh and how he wants to break apart their family with this secret.  J.R. says this news could hurt Adam.  He believes this will turn Adam back into his old, vengeful self.  J.R. tells her to think of Charlotte's well-being.  He suggests making up a story about her past so that Adam won't suspect anything.  Outside, Adam remembers that Colby knew Krystal had a secret and demands she tell him what she knows.  Colby says the secret involves Tad.  Adam goes back inside and says he wants to be alone with Krystal.  On the terrace, J.R. is angry that Colby told Adam what she knew.  Adam begs Krystal to tell him what's going on.  He tells her that he knows Tad is involved.  Krystal starts to cry as she tells him how messed up Tad was after Greg Madden's death when she visited him.  She then admits to sleeping with him.  Adam looks at her stomach and asks if Charlotte is Tad's baby.

Babe is happy that Josh has been helping Krystal.  Josh kisses her, and then he pulls back, saying that he wants to start over with her.  J.R. comes in and tells Babe she has to come with him now because Krystal is about to tell Adam her secret. 

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