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Zach visits his father, at the jail.  Alexander feels triumphant, since Zach informs him that he will take over the Cambias business.

Kendall pouts in the background at the Cambias office, after Jonathan announces Ryan’s marriage proposal and prattles on about how wonderful Annie is to Ryan.  Jonathan abruptly stops, when he realizes Kendall is in the office.  Ryan sends Jonathan on an errand, so that he and Kendall can speak privately.

Bianca and Babe share a warm hug, at her “hospital” bedside.  Bianca is very grateful that Babe is truly alive. 

In her foyer, Josh continues to blame Krystal and her “secret” for J.R.’s “hold” on Babe.  Krystal is surprised to learn that J.R. visited Babe earlier.  Josh encourages Krystal to neutralize J.R.’s potential threat.

Tad runs into J.R. outside, since he followed Josh to the Chandler’s.  Tad suspects that Josh’s “visit” has something to do with J.R.’s blackmail.  J.R. is speechless, when Tad tells him about Josh and mentions his blackmail scheme.

Adam meets Colby, at the mall, and relays the good news about Babe.  Colby is so elated, Adam cannot get a word in edge-wise.  They decide to go on a shopping spree for “Baby Charlotte.”  Adam gleefully looks forward to a happy future for his whole family.

Convinced Krystal’s secret is the “problem,” Josh insists Krystal reveal the truth to Adam.  Krystal informs Josh that Babe, herself, stopped her from telling him.  Finally, Krystal becomes annoyed with Josh.  She points out her “secret” was not a “weapon,” when he was benefiting from it.  Josh is insulted by Krystal’s implication.

Tad tricks J.R. into admitting he had blackmailed Babe.  Tad warns J.R. that he will not tolerate this behavior.  J.R. assures Tad he will never repeat the “information” not even to Tad. 

Based on Zach’s announcement, Alexander now believes the “lives taken” were worthwhile sacrifices.  Zach shatters this twisted belief, when he informs him that he will run Cambias “his way.”  Reading Zach’s body language, Alexander realizes Zach is withholding other information from him.

Kendall expresses her concerns that Ryan may be moving too quickly.  Ryan assures Kendall that he is comfortable with his choice.  Kendall strains to hold back her emotions, as she gives Ryan her blessing.  Unable to maintain composure, Kendall runs out of the room.  Ryan is taken aback by her reaction.

Babe struggles to hold back tears, when Bianca forgives her for her past transgressions and wants to renew their friendship.  Babe grasps hold of Bianca’s hands and tells her she never stopped loving her.

Colby and Adam continue sharing their father-daughter moment.  Colby wants to help J.R. and Babe fix their marriage.  Uncharacteristically, Adam tells Colby not to interfere and attributes his change of heart to Krystal.

Krystal and Josh’s conversation becomes heated.  Krystal now regards Josh’s plan to flee with Babe as selfish.  Josh, in turn, perceives that Krystal is a bigger “threat” to Babe than J.R.

Babe jokes that she wants an update of events occurring, “while she was dead.”  Her primary interest is focused on J.R. even though she insists to Bianca she is not getting back with him.

Believing J.R. is sincere about not hurting Babe, Tad attributes this “change” in J.R.’s perspective to losing his mother.  To prove himself further, J.R. swears on Dixie’s grave that he will keep his promise.  In response, Tad expresses his pride in J.R.  Feeling guilty about keeping Tad’s baby from him, J.R. tells Tad he doesn’t deserve his sentiments.

Alexander reminds Zach that “his legacy” is branded on Zach’s soul.  In an attempt to get even with his father, Zach terms their relationship as “dead” and walks away.

Kendall explains her quick departure and sickness as “normal” causing Ryan to understand that she is pregnant.  At that moment, she realizes “more children” equates to “more love.”  Ryan and Kendall hug, when she applies her revelation to Ryan and Emma as well.

Bianca and Babe continue to discuss J.R.  Bianca undermines Babe’s willingness to believe in J.R., when she tells her about the “Zoe in the cemetery” incident.

To J.R.’s relief, Tad agrees to “bury” the blackmail subject, even though he is very curious about its substance.

Josh persists in dispelling Krystal’s conviction that J.R. has really changed.  As she begins to cave-in, J.R. walks in.  Krystal confirms J.R.’s suspicions that Josh knows her “baby secret.”  J.R. again pledges to keep her confidences.  Josh scurries away, when J.R. menacingly pronounces that no on will hear it from Josh either.  With a serene expression on his face, J.R. tells Krystal about his conversation with Babe.  J.R. continues that he will seek Babe’s forgiveness, no matter what.

Babe is disgusted with J.R.’s treatment of Zoe.  Bianca apprises Babe of Zoe’s progress with her “transition.”  Babe can tell from Bianca’s expression that she is developing feelings for Zoe.  To be fair to J.R., Bianca tells Babe about his very sincere apology to Zoe and credits him for trying to change.  Both women conclude, despite his efforts, J.R.’s “changes” are never permanent.  Although she is happy to stay in Pine Valley, Babe gears up for the imminent custody battle.

Krystal becomes concerned that J.R. has lost Babe.  In denial of that possible outcome, J.R. tells Krystal he will never give up.

Kendall tells Ryan about her pregnancy with Spike.  Ryan becomes uncomfortably quiet, when Kendall mentions the sacrifices Annie is making, since Ryan had a vasectomy.  Thankfully for Ryan, their conversation is interrupted by a distressing phone call from Zach.  After Kendall leaves, Jonathan returns.  Ryan worries about Annie’s reaction, when she learns about his vasectomy.  Jonathan assures Ryan that his concerns are unwarranted, since Annie adores him.

Kendall is touched, when she discovers Zach’s call was a ploy to get her back to the casino.  Upon arriving, he surprises her with balloons, shaped like the ones in her dreams, and a charm bracelet.  The key dangling from the bracelet symbolizes their “key to the future” and his gratitude to Kendall for “saving him.”  They then share an emotional kiss.

Colby and Adam return home with enough gifts to fill the room.  Colby shows Krystal earrings she bought for Babe.  When Krystal and Adam are alone, he senses that Krystal appears overwhelmed.  Krystal struggles, as she tells Adam that she has given J.R. the “weapon” to pursue Babe relentlessly.  Adam becomes puzzled.

Kendall loves Zach’s baby gifts as well.  Zach is overcome with emotion, when Kendall wants to name their son, “Zachary Ethan” or their daughter, “Amelia Bianca.”

Jonathan has to convince Ryan of Annie’s deep feelings.  Once he believes Jonathan, Ryan wants to show Annie he is “worthy” of them.

Bianca and Babe discuss Babe’s custody strategies.  Bianca cautions her to prepare herself for the inevitable revelation of the secret behind the blackmail.

Tad catches Josh as he leaves the Chandler’s.  Tad is perplexed when Josh now encourages him to “dig up” the blackmail secret in order “to set Babe free.”

To alleviate her reluctance, Adam assures Krystal he loves her no matter what.  Adam perceives he is about to hear something awful.  Krystal painstakingly proceeds.  She manages to tell him her "mistake” is the secret that J.R. was using against Babe.

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