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As they sit in the comfort of their living room, Kendall finally gets the opportunity to tell Zach her big news.  Zach tries to digest that Kendall is pregnant, in the aftermath of all the turmoil.  Kendall attempts to convince a reluctant Zach that the “timing” of this blessed event is right.

Ryan goes to Wildwind.  He grabs hold of Annie and exclaims that she “makes him crazy,” in the hopes this expression of affection will prompt Annie to clarify their relationship status.  In response, Annie asks Ryan why he has never mentioned the word “love.”

At the Miranda Center, Bianca shows Zoe how to record donations.  They both grow sad, when they realize how much the two of them “working together” would mean to Babe.

Tad becomes suspicious of Erica’s motives, when she asks him to uncover J.R.’s blackmail scheme against Babe.

Josh walks in on J.R. holding Babe’s hand, at her “hospital” bedside.  Angered by the situation, Josh demands that J.R. leave.  Unsure of J.R.’s reaction, Babe avoids eye contact with Josh.  Much to their surprise, J.R., with extended hand, calmly and graciously approaches Josh to thank him for saving Babe’s life.  Josh dismisses J.R.’s gratitude by terming it “phony.”  Despite Josh’s reaction, J.R. maintains composure and sincerely reiterates his gratitude for “having his wife back.”  In response, Josh pointedly asks Babe, if J.R.  “has her back.”

As their discussion continues, at the casino, Tad realizes her motivation is to protect Josh.  Erica reminds Tad that he is Josh’s uncle as well as J.R.’s father and should, therefore, be concerned Babe will continue to hurt Josh.  While he expresses his hopes of happiness for “all three of them,” he sympathizes with J.R.’s tremendous recent loss.  Before leaving, Tad chastises Erica by telling her “life it too short to rob anyone of their happiness.”

In hopes of somehow helping to mend Bianca and Erica’s relationship, Jeff goes to the Miranda Center to volunteer his services.  Bianca appreciates his offer and apologizes for “judging” Jeff’s involvement with Erica.  Bianca appears contented with her developing relationship with Zoe, as they start sorting children’s clothing together.

In response to Annie’s question, Ryan explains he did not want to “pressure” her.  After Annie admits she does not love him yet, Ryan emphasizes how compatible they are.  Annie reveals her reason for withholding potential feelings for Ryan, when she mentions his recent affection for Kendall.

Zach continues to reserve any happiness about Kendall’s pregnancy.  Understanding Zach’s reservations, Kendall tries to persuade him that “their” circumstances are different from his with Ethan.  Through her encouragement, Zach admits he “wants this” and finally manages to smile.  As they speculate about “Baby X’s” conception date, Zach, now overjoyed, kisses Kendall and renounces any ownership of Cambias Enterprises.

Ryan assures Annie he has “moved on” from Kendall and is not rebounding.  As he skirts around the word “love,” he tells Annie he “loves” to be with her and to make love to her.  Ryan then emotionally repeats his marriage proposal.

Tad interrupts the resulting tension from Babe’s rejection of both Josh and J.R.  As Tad marvels at Babe’s “resurrection,” Babe wishes the other victims were alive.  J.R. is saddened by the mention of Dixie’s name.

Kendall believes Zach should take over Cambias and cites the Miranda Center and Fusion as positive outcomes from his father’s company.  Zach, not wanting any connection to his father, remains resolved.  Somewhat successfully, Kendall, in turn, uses reverse psychology on Zach.  Zach kisses her and reserves his final decision.

Ryan strategically walks away, after kissing Annie passionately.  Jonathan comes in and asks Annie about her indecision. 

While grateful for Tad’s visit, Babe asks for time alone with J.R.  Josh reluctantly leaves for another room with Tad.  Now alone with J.R., Babe doubts his sincerity and fears she is being “set-up” again.

Needing more input, Zach seeks out Bianca at the Center.  When he bumps into Zoe first, he offers to help her with anything she needs.  Bianca congratulates Zach with a hug.  Zach asks Bianca how she keeps the Center from the taint of Cambias.

J.R. attempts to convince Babe that he prayed for this “second” chance.  Babe tearfully reminds J.R. of his track record concerning her.

Tad tells Josh he is not showing favoritism.  When Josh reveals his plans were to leave town with Babe, Tad then questions Josh about the substance of J.R.’s blackmail.

As J.R. caresses Babe’s hand, he promises to keep Krystal’s secret and reminds her, despite everything, their love always brings them back together.

Based on the circumstances, Josh knows he cannot explain the situation to Tad.  To deflect him, Josh scornfully references Greg Madden by stating this subject should remain “buried.”  Josh quickly leaves, since Tad still insists he can help by positively influencing J.R.

Bianca advises Zach not to consider how his decision impacts the Center or her daughter’s inheritance.  She credits her ability to “separate” from Cambias to her love for Miranda and support from others.  Zach gains strength from Bianca, when she expresses her “belief” in him, regardless of his decision.

Jonathan continues to engage Annie in a wedding plan conversation.  Jonathan gives reasons why Ryan’s other relationships failed.  Jonathan tells Annie she is the only one Ryan proposed to for the right reasons.

Kendall arrives at Ryan’s office, as employees are packing up their belongings.  Since Ryan is relinquishing any affiliation he has with Cambias, he declines Kendall’s request to help her influence Zach’s decision.

Bianca wonders why Erica has blustered in, begging for her assistance with Josh.  Erica relays her actions.  Bianca becomes horrified by her mother’s behavior, not realizing Babe is actually alive.  Bianca is stunned into silence, when Erica explains the situation and Josh’s plans concerning Babe and Little A.  Zoe walks in, as Bianca absorbs her initial shock.  Zoe and Bianca are overcome with joy about Babe.  After Zoe leaves to share the news with Amanda, Erica again implores Bianca to convince Josh of her pure motivations.  When Bianca does not respond, Erica tries to manipulate her by using the word “kidnap” in reference to Little A.  Jeff overhears their conversation.  After Bianca rushes away, Jeff confronts Erica with his disdain.

Based on his dealings with his own father, Ryan continues to resist Kendall’s request for help in persuading Zach to maintain control of Cambias Enterprises. 

Erica justifies her actions concerning Josh, as being a “mother instead of a friend” like Jeff.  Jeff is concerned Erica’s “betrayal” may have permanently destroyed her relationship with Josh and admonishes her not to interfere in Josh’s life.  Erica storms away.

Zach stares down Alexander through the bars of his cell.

Jonathan interrupts Ryan and Kendall’s conversation with the news of Ryan’s proposal to Annie.  Kendall stops dead in her tracks, after she hears this bombshell.

Zoe embraces Amanda’s hand, as she shares the amazing news.  Amanda tries to convince herself that she is hearing reality.

Bianca goes to visit Babe.  Without the need for words, the two women communicate through their tear-filled expressions.

Unbeknownst to Josh, Tad follows him to the Chandler’s.  Tad silently watches and listens, as Josh blames Krystal for giving J.R. the “ammo” to keep control over Babe.  Krystal whisks him into the house, so that no one can overhear them.

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