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Written By rabbitonthemoon
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Ryan arrives at the police station in order to see Alexander and give up control of Cambias Industries.  Alexander isn't worried about Ryan leaving, and has already found someone to take it over and rubs the fact in Ryan's face.  Ryan says he doesn't care who will take over Cambias.  Zach arrives and slams down papers on the table, which names him the new leader of Cambias.  Zach refuses take over the company and tears up the contract.  Alexander threatens Kendall, so Zach attempts to attack him.  He warns Alexander not to threaten his family.  Zach leaves, after some convincing from Ryan and Kendall.  Alexander informs them that he has other plans for Cambias if Zach refuses to run the company.  He will create The Michael Cambias Foundation, a foundation dedicated to defending violent criminals and getting them released from prison.  Ryan tells Alexander that he's sick and crazy and leaves right after Zach and Kendall.  Later at Zach and Kendall's home, she tries to convincing Zach to take over the company.  She says he should do it for his son, revealing she's pregnant.

At Wildwind, Julia and Di give Annie a hard time, wondering if she's trying to make Ryan change his mind about proposing.  Annie explains why she didn't say yes right away.  She doesn't think Ryan really loves her.  Di tries defending Ryan by using her own situation with Aidan as an example.  Julia and Di begin to plan the wedding.  Annie stops them and says that she doesn't want drama in her life.  She wants a simple life with Ryan, but she's uncertain he'll ultimately be happy with her because she doesn't make him crazy enough.  Di and Julia don't see the problems that Annie is seeing.  Ryan comes by and asks Annie to go to New York with him, and mentions his unemployment.  Annie doesn't care that he's out of a job and kisses him when he calls her "crazy, telling him that it was the nicest thing he's ever said to her.  Ryan doesn't know what she's taking about but he thinks she is opening up to him and decides to propose again.

At the Chandler mansion, J.R. has a bad reaction to Erica when she tells him Babe's alive.  He and Tad believe that she's being manipulative.  Erica tells them that Jeff was in on faking Babe's death, but they don't believe her.  Tad asks Erica why she's doing this.  Erica goes off to find Krystal to prove she's telling the truth.  J.R. stops doesn't want her upsetting Krystal and stops her.  Erica says that Krystal just found out.  That's when J.R. realizes that she's been acting differently and he remembers Little Adam telling him the night before that he saw Babe.  He believes Erica might be telling the truth.  Erica explains how Jeff, Joe, and Josh faked Babe's death.  J.R. is upset because no one informed him.  Erica says it's because his and Krystal's grief is what kept the Satin Slayer away.  J.R. demands to know where Babe is.  Erica tells J.R. not to blame Josh.  After he agrees, Erica tells him Babe is located in the casino sub-basement.  After he leaves, Tad demands to know why Erica told them now.  Erica doesn't answer and leaves the mansion.  Tad sees Krystal and confronts her about the secret.  Krystal asks how he found out and he tells her Erica just told him and J.R.  Krystal is worried about Babe, but Tad stops her from leaving.  Adam comes in as Tad talks about Babe being alive.  Both men demand to know how long she's known the truth and are shocked to know that she knew for days.  Tad leaves.  Adam is upset that she didn't trust him with the good news.  Krystal tries to make him understand that she couldn't tell him the truth because it would put Babe in danger.  Adam decides to forgive her.

In the sub-basement at the casino, Babe is worried that the doctors and Erica won't keep quiet when they learn that she has "died" for real.  She's also having second thoughts about leaving her family behind.  Josh assures her that he will help her leave.  Babe is considering the future when J.R. arrives.  He is surprised to see her alive.  He tells her he doesn't deserve to have her alive again.  Babe can't believe he's there and is shocked by his change of heart.  J.R. asks for a second chance.  He promises to change but Babe wants a divorce.  J.R. says he won't ruin Krystal's life even if she divorces him.  J.R. asks again if they can start over.  She doesn't answer and J.R. takes her hand.

Josh is in his office, getting passports for him and Babe.  Erica comes in, begging him to stop the plan to run away with Babe.  Josh doesn't listen to her, and continues packing.  Erica tries to make him see that leaving with Babe and kidnapping Little A is wrong.  She thinks he should let Babe go because she will eventually leave him for J.R.  Josh tells Erica about J.R.'s blackmail but he won't tell her details.  Erica tries again to change his mind about Babe.  Erica says she's protecting him, and Josh then realizes that she told J.R. that Babe was alive.  He says, "Damn you!" and runs to the casino.  Tad arrives and Erica asks for his help in finding out what J.R. has on Babe.  Josh walks into Babe's room to find J.R. at her bedside.

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