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When J.R. asks Krystal to allow him to call her Mama, she is taken aback.  He explains that he knows that he hurt Babe while she was alive and since he canít make it up to her, he wants to assure Krystal that he will never hurt her, in particular, by revealing the secret of the paternity of her baby.

As Erica eavesdrops outside the door, Babe and Josh discuss the particulars of his plan for Babe to stay ďdeadĒ and for them to take Little Adam and go off somewhere. 

Zoe enters the transgender support meeting at PVH and introduces herself.  When one of the participants acknowledges her as Zarf, she corrects him and says she is there to discover the real her.

Bianca arrives at Kendallís condo as her excited sister discovers that she is pregnant.  Kendall embraces Bianca expressing joy as Bianca is confused.  When Kendall reveals that she is pregnant, Bianca joins her in her elation then asks how Zach feels.  Kendall tells her that Zach doesnít know yet.

At the police station, Derek tells Zach that he can leave after he has signed his statement.  Walking up in his orange jumpsuit, Alex, Sr., warns his son that he will never be free.  Zach tells him that the guilt angle will no longer work on him, and he is going to honor his mother and let the world know what a beautiful woman she was.  When he insists that nothing that his father can do now will hurt him or Kendall, Alex responds, "Weíll see."

Krystal is still skeptical as J.R. continues to assure her that her secret is safe with him.  He insists that he wants to do right by Babe and treat her mom as she would want her to be treated.  Krystal asks J.R. what would happen if life-altering changes occurred. J.R. asks Krystal to help him raise Little Adam the way that Babe would want him to be raised, because he needs her to balance out Little Adamís life the way his mother helped to balance Adam out in his. 

Babe tells Josh that J.R. would track them down no matter where they went and would make life hell for them.  She asks him if he is willing to give up his life with his sisters and Erica and Jeff.  Josh assures her that he would do it for her.  He offers to tell everyone that she took a turn for the worse and died, but Babe reminds him that his father and grandfather and Jack all have a lot invested in this deception.  Josh suggests that they take J.R.ís weapon away from him and have Krystal tell Adam about the baby, but Babe dismisses this.  Josh tells her that the Satin Slayer has been caught, and they need to make a decision right away before the decision is taken out of her hands. 

The participants in the transgender group introduce themselves and talk about where they are in the process and how they got to that place.  The moderator suggests that they talk about how each of them started on their journey into the person that they are or hope to become. 

As Babe and Josh discuss the possibilities, Krystal rushes in to tell Babe that Little Adam told J.R. that he saw his Mommy.  She goes on to tell them that J.R. has asked her to be his mama and that he is sincere in his request. 

Bianca and Kendall discuss what the new baby will mean to their family.  Kendall tells Spike that his new brother or sister will be someone that he can have fun with and someone who will always love him.  When Bianca asks if their mother or brother know about the pregnancy, Kendall answers no.  As Zach walks in, Bianca makes a hasty retreat.  Kendall offers Zach a cigar. 

Tad is playing pinball when J.R. and Little Adam arrive at his office.  J.R. explains the intricacies of pinball to Little Adam as Tad continues to play the game.  Although Tad claims he is busy, J.R. persists until Tad takes Little Adam and shows him how to play the game.  After playing a game, Tad suggests that they stop and get ice cream on the way home. 

Josh tells Krystal and Babe that it is perfect that she and J.R. have bonded.  They (Josh and Babe) will keep the details of the kidnapping to themselves, and when J.R. finds out that Little Adam is missing, Krystalís outrage will be as genuine as J.R.ís.  Babe is still reluctant to go along with the plan.  Krystal tells them that she is willing to do whatever they need to for Babe to be happy.  She then asks Josh to allow them to have some privacy.  When he leaves the room, she asks Babe is she really wants this to happen. 

Zach tells Kendall that he saw his father at the police station and that his attempt at anger and humiliation was a failure.  His fatherís comments could not dampen his high spirits about his family and the love that he has for her.  When Zach suggests that they celebrate with champagne, Kendall asks for orange juice instead.  Zach notices her happy demeanor and asks her what she wants.  She answers that she wants a bigger house.

Jenny, the moderator of the transgender group, asks Zoe if her persona as Zarf will be the same now that she is a woman.  Zoe tells the group that she invented Zarf ó the clothing, the accentó as a defense mechanism.  When Jenny asks Zoe if she feels unlovable, she denies that that's the case, but that there are always times in oneís life when a person feels unlovable.  She relates the story of her father finding her dressed in her motherís clothes and how he humiliated her by making her face a mirror and acknowledge that she was born a male.  Jenny thanks Zoe for sharing her story and says that all people want to be loved.  She says that it is hard to be different and that part of the journey has to do with figuring out how their greatest curse can be turned into their greatest blessing. 

When Krystal asks her what she really wants, Babe says she wants her mama to be happy with Adam and Charlotte, and she wants to be happy with her son.  Krystal feels that if her daughter werenít worried about destroying her mother's life with Adam, she would stay in Pine Valley and get the best divorce lawyer around and sue J.R. for custody.  Babe says that she and J.R. will always be at odds and that is not a good life for Little Adam.  She says that she will never have a better opportunity to give Little Adam a fresh start than now.  Krystal asks if she is sure that is what she wants.  Babe tells her that she trusts Josh and that her mind is made up.  She tells Krystal good-bye as she weeps and hugs her mother. 

Jenny asks the group if they have someone that loves each of them.  Several of the participants relate their stories, then she asks Zoe if she has someone to support her.  Zoe assures her that she wouldnít be there if it were not for the person who dragged her down the hall, into the endocrinologistís office, and is waiting outside the door for her.  Jenny says that she thinks that maybe love can make each of them become who he/she should be.  As Zoe leaves the meeting, Bianca asks how it went.  Zoe tells her that for the first time in her life, she knows that she is not alone. 

At the Chandler Mansion, Tad tells J.R. that he realizes what he was trying to do by distracting him with Little Adam.  J.R. reminds him that he is only doing what Tad has done for him.  J.R. tells Tad that they need to work together to get through this difficult time.  Erica enters the room and declares that they both need to hear something. 

Zach tells Kendall that he will buy her any type of house that she wants anywhere she wants to live.  As she asks him if he has any idea why she wants a larger house, there is a knock at the door.  A messenger hands Zach an envelope.  Zach opens it and takes out the contents and throws it to the floor as he curses. 

Josh goes back into Babeís room and asks what she told her mother.  Babe tells him that she told her good-bye and that it is time for them to get Little Adam and leave. 

Erica tells J.R. that he might need to sit down, because what she has to say is astonishing.  Tad and J.R. tell Erica that they have had a long day and that maybe the information that she has should wait for another time.  Insisting that it canít wait any longer, Erica proceeds to divulge that Babe is alive.

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