AMC Update Thursday 3/8/07

All My Children Update Thursday 3/8/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

J.R. confronts Krystal at the Chandler mansion because Little Adam told him he saw Babe.  Krystal tries convincing J.R. that Little Adam was wrong, but J.R. won't let it go.  He knows Krystal is keeping something and hands her the keys, telling her to take him wherever she took Little Adam.  Krystal tells J.R. she only took Little Adam for a ride because he couldn't sleep.  She says he must have been dreaming because he misses Babe.  J.R. apologizes to Krystal.  Krystal says to J.R. to give it time to let Little Adam know about Babe's death.  J.R. says he has a meeting to get to and leaves.  Later on, Amanda comes over in tears.  Krystal lets her in so they can talk.  Amanda says she's having dreams of Babe and is having problems dealing with them.  Krystal doesn't tell her Babe is alive, but comforts her with a hug.

At Kendall's house, she tries getting Zach to let her help him but he doesn't want to open up.  He kisses her and Myrtle stops by.  Zach sits down to talk to her as Kendall leaves.  Myrtle tries assuring him he isn't like his father.  She also tells him he deserves a wonderful life.  She says he shouldn't carry around guilt for Alexander's actions.

Erica arrives at the police station, as Jack is getting off the phone.  She thanks him for his part in saving Kendall.  He tries to walk away, but Erica stops him by asking about the situation he created for Josh.  She thinks Josh could be in trouble by continuing to let everyone believe Babe's dead.  Jack tells her to give Babe time and she'll reveal she's alive when she's ready.  He also tells Erica not to meddle.  Erica reminds him how he reacted to Lily's relationship with Jonathan.  She walks away soon after, telling Jack to give Barbara her regards.  Zach comes at the station later on to talk with Derek.  He looks through the evidence against Alexander and has flashbacks of what happened in Vegas.  Zach then spots Alexander in the room.

At the hospital, Zoe and Bianca are waiting to see Dr. Massey.  Zoe knows it is time for her to move forward with the transition but she's afraid to take the next step.  She's afraid of still being lost at the end of the journey.  Bianca promises to be there for her and encourages her to take the next step.  J.R. walks by them and then approaches them.  He apologizes to Zoe for not helping her when she was attacked.  Erica tries talking to Bianca, but she goes inside the office with Zoe.  Dr. Massey asks Zoe why she wants to begin the hormone therapy and listens as Zoe talks about her own research and feelings about the process.  After telling Zoe the risks, Dr. Massey leaves to take a call.  Bianca tells Zoe to think before she does this.  She thinks taking hormones are too dangerous.  Zoe says this is what's right for her.  When Dr. Massey comes back, Zoe says she's ready to take hormones but she can't because there's a protocol.  She has to be analyzed by a psychiatrist first.  Zoe decides to follow the doctor’s orders.  Zoe is surprised to learn about a support group meeting in Pine Valley.  Dr. Massey invites her to attend.

In another part of the hospital, J.R. and Erica go to an AA meeting.  J.R. talks about losing Dixie and Babe.  He tells the group how he hasn't had a drink but he's acted horribly to the people around him.  Erica wonders if he's really changed.  The group dismisses and Erica asks J.R. if what he said was for real.  He assures her he meant every word and leaves the room.

In Babe's hotel room, Josh brings her breakfast.  She wonders why he hasn't asked about her decision.  Josh tells her he wants her to run away with him, but it's her choice.  Kendall walks into the room and hugs Babe.  She tells Babe and Josh she's relieved but she is still nervous about what happened with Alexander.  Kendall wonders why Babe hasn't told anyone yet that she is alive.  Babe says she's considering running away with Josh and Little Adam.  Kendall says she'll keep their secret if they decide to leave but warns them not to draw things out.  Josh updates them on Danielle's progress, saying she's doing fine.  Kendall becomes dizzy as she tries to stand up.  She says it's because she didn't eat breakfast.  Josh leaves to get her some food.  Babe believes there's more to the dizzy spell and smiles.  Babe tells Kendall to she could be pregnant.  Kendall doesn’t believe this and leaves.  Josh gives Babe Magic 8 Ball from a bag and she asks it questions.  None of the answers are what she wants to hear.  Erica listens to them talking outside of the room and overhears Josh saying that she needs to disappear with him.

Kendall gives Rachel the rest of the day off after returning from the casino.  She pulls out a pregnancy test from a bag.  Kendall asks Spike if he would like a brother or sister and then takes the test.  As she waits for the stick to change colors, Kendall tells Spike what things would be like with a sibling.

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