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Ryan’s first stop, upon his return home, is Wildwind.  As Annie opens the door, Ryan gets on his knees and asks her to marry him.

Zach disappears, after dropping Kendall home.  After Erica, Bianca, and Spike welcome Kendall, Erica, of course, seizes on this opportunity to criticize Zach. 

Kendall, in response, defends her husband and reminds Erica that Zach saved her life.

Zach comes up behind Zoe, as she quietly mourns Babe at her gravesite.

Due to the negative effects to Little A, Babe rejects Josh’s idea to remain secluded and presumed “dead.”  Josh then suggests the three of them leave Pine Valley when Krystal brings Little A to the casino.

Unbeknownst to Krystal, J.R. is now home and listening to her tell Little A about their visit to his mother.  J.R. confronts Krystal, before she can leave with Little A.  Krystal quickly fabricates a story.  She tells J.R. since her heart is breaking from Little A’s questions about his mother, she is taking him to Babe’s grave.  J.R. initially reacts in anger, since he should “be the one” to tell his son.  Adam joins the conversation and unwittingly contradicts Krystal’s story.  Appearing sincere, Krystal apologizes for her so-called decision.  As a result, her lie backfires on her, since J.R. then agrees that he must tell Little A about his mother this evening.  Realizing J.R.’s plans will undermine her “arrangements” with Babe, Krystal tries to convince J.R. not to tell this information to his son.

Babe laughs off Josh’s idea, since Krystal will be left behind to explain why Little A is missing.  Josh counters that Babe should review her so-called “options,” if she reveals she is alive.  Babe remains adamant she is leaving J.R., despite the consequences.  Josh maintains his motives are purely to help her achieve “peace” with or without his company.  Babe slightly tears and places her faith in Josh.

Confused by Krystal’s about-face, J.R. tries to clarify her position.  Krystal deftly attributes her behavior to being overwhelmed, and Adam empathizes with her.  Unfortunately for Krystal, Winnie enters with Little A and informs them that he wants to share a cookie with his mother.  Krystal then braces herself for the inevitable.  J.R. grabs hold of Little A and begins sobbing.  Through tear filled words, J.R. only manages to tell Little A his “mommy cannot eat cookies with him”.

Thinking Kendall cannot overhear her comments; Erica criticizes Zach to Bianca for “abandoning” Kendall.  Bianca cautions her mother about her poor timing.  As Erica compares “wonderful” Ryan to Zach, Kendall swiftly comes in to defend her husband.  She explains, he left “to get the blood off his hands.”

Zach begins his mission to make amends.  Zoe accepts Zach’s heartfelt apology for wrongfully suspecting her of the murders and seeks forgiveness from him for avoiding her own “drama” by admitting to them.  Perceptively, Zoe studies Zach and asks if he dislikes his identity.

While Annie remains silent, Ryan tells her he associates her with “being home.”  Before she can answer his proposal, Jonathan joins them on the porch.  Ryan sweeps Annie off her feet to take her away.

Krystal takes advantage of J.R.’s weak moment and hurries Little A to his bedroom.  Adam comforts and supports his grieving son.

Babe refuses to “disappear” with her son.  Josh reminds her of J.R.’s track record.  Babe agrees with Josh’s point but resists his suggestion.  Josh relentlessly persists in trying to persuade her to leave town.

Ryan creates a romantic outdoor setting, under the stars, and Annie maintains her priority is shielding Emma from disappointment.  In response, Ryan again tries to convince Annie to share their future as a family.

Zoe relates to Zach and shares her own experience of self-loathing.  Zach intently listens to Zoe’s point that one can change their name but can “never kill who they really are.”

Kendall asks Erica to consider Zach’s painful circumstances.  Kendall then tells Erica her source of strength to fight Alexander was drawn from her and Bianca.  With pride in her eyes, Erica hugs both daughters.

Adam offers J.R. his unwavering support.  J.R. is grateful that he can always rely on his father and expresses his desire to provide the same reliability to his son.  J.R. also informs Adam he intends to raise Little A, in accordance with Babe’s wishes.

As Babe tells Josh his idea is “unfair” to her son, Krystal walks in with Little A.  Both Josh and Krystal look on, as Babe joyfully reunites with him.  Babe explains to Little A that her “sad heart” kept her in the hospital, away from him.

J.R. and Adam continue their conversation.  J.R. wants to become a man his son can be proud of.  In honor of Babe, he also decides to instill compassion in Little A instead of cruelty.  J.R. begins to regret his “cruelty” towards Zoe, when he left her alone and injured in the cemetery.

Krystal manages to speak with Josh and Babe privately.  Krystal tells them about the close call with J.R. and wants to know about the conversation she interrupted.  Babe relays Josh’s convoluted plan to Krystal.  Krystal then asks Babe what she wants.

Kendall “wants” her mother to accept her love for Zach and offers herself as an example.  She poignantly reminds Erica that Erica loves her, despite the identity of her father.

Still seated in the cemetery, Zoe continues to help Zach struggle with separating himself from his father’s murderous acts. 

Annie believes Ryan’s marriage proposal is “out of the blue.”  She wonders if something “happened with Kendall in Vegas.”  Ryan responds he realizes how fleeting life is, after living through Kendall’s experience.  Annie again worries about Emma, and Ryan confirms his feelings for Annie.

Krystal and Babe discuss Babe’s options with minor input from Josh.  Krystal pledges to support Babe, regardless of her decision, and encourages her not to concern herself with any possible negative consequences to Krystal’s marriage.

Meanwhile, Adam acknowledges mistakes he made by controlling his children and hopes to correct them with Charlotte.  J.R. swears the “old” J.R. died with Babe.  They both agree to support each other in their respective endeavors to become better fathers.  They also both credit their newfound “inspiration” to Krystal and Babe.

Babe’s nurse returns with Little A before they can finish weighing their options.  Babe decides to remain at the “hospital” temporarily to figure out the best plan.  Before Krystal leaves, Babe asks Little A to “keep it a secret that he saw mommy.”

Erica and Bianca celebrate Kendall’s bravery and safe return and join in Kendall’s toast to Zach.

Zoe hugs Zach, as he tearfully mourns Dixie and expresses his regrets to her.

Annie finally gives Ryan “some encouragement.”  She tells him he “has a chance” and passionately kisses him.

Josh offers support to Babe, regardless of her decision and Babe smiles in relief.

Krystal tucks Little A into bed.

Babe asks Josh for some space to make her decision alone, and he complies.

J.R. goes to Little A’s room to say good night.  When J.R. tells him they will talk about “mommy” tomorrow, Little A blurts out that he “saw mommy.”  J.R. reacts in complete shock and dismay.

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