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Relieved they are alive and that Alexander was apprehended, Zach and Kendall share a close embrace.  Zach notices that Ryan stayed behind with them at Alexander’s and approaches him to apologize.  Ryan assures him his apology is unnecessary.  Before Kendall calls her family, she asks Ryan to allow Zach to express himself.

Derek meets Tad, Aidan, Jamie, and J.R., as they escort Alexander into the Las Vegas Police Department.  Upon seeing Alexander, Derek accosts him for attacking Dani.  Tad belittles his arresting officer for unnecessarily taking him into custody instead of pursuing a killer.

While Krystal visits Babe at her “hospital” room, Josh eavesdrops on their discussion concerning Babe’s decision to divorce J.R. and the likelihood J.R. will then reveal the paternity of Krystal’s baby.  Krystal offers to remove the “threat” by telling Adam the truth.  As Babe tells Krystal not to give up her marriage, Josh bursts in the room and states neither one of them “should have to give up anything.”

Erica pays a visit to J.R.  Adam greets her, since J.R. has not yet returned home.  Erica then takes it upon herself to tell Adam that Babe is not “really” dead.  Adam ridicules her and chocks it up to “hallucinations.”  Realizing she is going too far, Erica covers her revelation by telling Adam she is referring to Babe’s “strong spirit.”  When she mentions she just saw Krystal, Adam admonishes Erica not to upset her.  Erica then informs Adam her purpose is to prevent both Josh and J.R. from heading down a “collision course” because of their “sanctification” of Babe.

Babe decides to trust Josh’s promise never to reveal Krystal’s secret and to protect her from J.R.

Under the guise that she is concerned for J.R., Erica tries to elicit from Adam the status of J.R. and Babe’s marriage, prior to her “death.”  Although Adam refuses to give her that information, he does inform her that J.R. could rightfully pose a threat to Josh, if Babe was still alive.  Adam begins to question Erica’s concerns.  Their conversation is interrupted by Kendall’s call.  Erica is elated to hear Kendall is safe.

They shake hands, as Ryan accepts Zach’s apology and explanation for knocking him out.  Since the situation is now resolved, Kendall asks Ryan if Spike can come home.

As Jamie calls Julia at home to give her the “good news,” she relays it to Di, Kathy, Annie, and Ryan’s children, anxiously sitting next to her.  When Emma exclaims her daddy is “coming home,” Kathy, referring to Tad, repeats the same words.  Julia explains to Kathy that Tad is a “friend” not her father.  Kathy smiles at Julia, as if she knows otherwise. 

Alexander laughs at the Las Vegas police officer, as he reads him his rights.  Tad, J.R., and Aidan begin to taunt him about his bleak future.  In response, Alexander arrogantly proclaims he will continue to “make fools of them” and Derek.

Josh continues to assure Krystal and Babe he will “protect them” from J.R.  Babe is happy to see her son’s “latest drawing” and then begs to see him.  Baby Charlotte begins kicking, and Krystal places Babe’s hand on her stomach.  Both women are touched by the moment and begin to cry.  Since Krystal knows J.R. plans to tell Little A that Babe is dead this evening, she agrees to somehow bring him to see Babe before that happens.  As she leaves, Krystal promises Babe and Josh she will not tell anyone, including Adam, about the situation.  Realizing her pregnancy secret has jeopardized Babe, she also tearfully apologizes to her daughter.

Erica concludes her conversation with Adam about her concerns regarding J.R.’s “jealous tendencies.”  While Adam grows more skeptical about Erica’s “mission,” she pokes him in the chest with her finger and warns him to keep J.R. from Josh.

Alexander ridicules his captors and mockingly refers to them as the “Satin Slayer Task Force.”  Aidan has to hold back a now provoked J.R. from lunging at Alexander.  Tad then grabs hold of J.R., as he tries to avenge Dixie and Babe’s death.  Jamie verbally confronts Alexander, and Derek scornfully reminds him that he will never see the light of day.  Alexander becomes silent, as Tad tells J.R. how insignificant Alexander is.

Zach tells Kendall they can now start “their family,” and Kendall grows more anxious to see Spike.  Kendall is happy to learn from Ryan that Spike will be waiting for her at home.  Zach and Kendall are glad to return to “normal.”

Adam notices how relieved Krystal appears, when she returns home.  Adam attributes Krystal’s happy demeanor to “seeing Erica” and the fact Krystal “must now know.”  The comment takes Krystal completely “off guard,” and she looks back at Adam in shock.

Erica enters Babe’s room with a wide smile, as she reports the “good news” to Babe and Josh.  In vintage Erica style, she enthusiastically offers to take Babe “home.”

Krystal relaxes, when she learns Adam was referring to the capture of the killer.  When Adam realizes Krystal was unaware of this development, he becomes suspicious of Krystal’s “relief” and questions where she went with Josh.

As Erica pushes Babe to go “home,” Josh insists Babe is still recovering.  Erica tries to make Babe feel guilty about keeping her true fate from Little A and J.R.  In reaction, Josh abruptly escorts her out and again sternly warns her to keep their “secret.”  Josh brushes off Erica’s “motherly” advice that he cannot control the outcome of his future with Babe by confining her indefinitely.

Krystal explains away her behavior by telling Adam they went to Babe’s grave and that Josh’s love keeps Babe “alive.”  Adding to Krystal’s frustrations, Adam wonders why she describes Josh’s love in the present tense.

While waiting for Alexander’s extradition paperwork, Jamie, J.R., and Tad share fond memories of Dixie and Babe.

Kendall tearfully expresses to Ryan how much she cares for him and assures him he can liberally visit Spike.  As they look at their surroundings, Kendall and Zach decide their new home reminds them too much of Alexander’s “re-creation.”  Ryan smiles, as he watches Kendall and Zach make plans for their future.

At Ryan’s request, two “Broadway” actors surprise Emma and Kathy with a Disney Matinee.  Impressed with Ryan’s arrangements, Di and Julia tease Annie about her “concerns” about dating Ryan, after the children leave.  Annie tries deftly to change the subject.  The three women then look for Jonathan to tell him about the killer.

Jonathan goes to Erin’s gravesite and solemnly stares at the head stone.

Josh and Erica continue their conversation.  Erica implores Josh to recognize that Babe has not chosen between him and J.R. for over a year.  Josh tries to persuade Erica that Babe needs to re-acclimate slowly.  He warns her that their relationship will never be the same, if she betrays him.  Josh returns inside Babe’s room to relieve her doubts about Erica’s discretion. 

Attempting to distract Adam, Krystal compares J.R.’s flawed love for Babe to Josh’s.  After successfully derailing Adam, Krystal conveniently comes up with an excuse to take Little A for an outing.

Annie finds Jonathan at the cemetery.  Jonathan describes his varying feelings to Annie about the killer’s capture, since Ryan had already called him.  Annie tries to comfort Jonathan by reminding him that Erin will always “be there.”  Jonathan expresses his hopes she will be his sister-in-law, and Annie insists that she and Ryan will remain friends.

Aidan and Jamie celebrate their return home with Di and Julia.  As Jonathan and Annie arrive back to Wildwind, Jonathan hugs Aidan in appreciation for his deeds.

Once back in Pine Valley, Tad visits Dixie’s grave and reflects silently.

Zach quietly stands in the doorway, as Erica, Bianca, and Spike give Kendall a surprise welcome home.  Kendall turns around and realizes Zach abruptly disappeared.

Ryan’s first stop is Wildwind to see Annie.  After hugging her, Ryan romantically proposes marriage to Annie.

Josh sits at Babe’s bedside and watches her sleep.  When she wakes up, he reveals his new bright idea for her “to stay dead.”

Krystal gets Little A ready to leave.  Unaware of J.R. standing behind her, she announces aloud to Little A that she is taking him to see his mother. 

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