AMC Update Monday 3/5/07

All My Children Update Monday 3/5/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Adam walks into his bedroom to find Krystal passed out and Josh standing over her. She wakes up.

Erica comes in Babe's room with flowers. Babe tells her she knows she's actually in the casino. Erica asks her where Josh is, hoping he knows something about Kendall.

At Wildwind, Annie tells Julia and Di that Emma and Kathy are playing dress up with Spike. She says Ryan and Kendall will enjoy seeing it since Rachael is recording it. Annie looks worried, but Di tells her the situation with the killer will be over soon, according to Aidan. Julia then asks when she'll admit to Aidan she's in love with him.

Jamie, Aidan, and J.R. are looking at blueprints to a house in which they suspect Kendall is located.

Ryan and Tad are on the internet and discover Red Rock Canyon. They think that's where Alexander took Kendall. An employee at the store tries kicking them off the computer but Ryan offers to buy all the computers in the store and asks his help in finding Red Rock Canyon.

Zach and Alex are fighting over the switch designed to kill Kendall.  Alex pulls out his gun and shoots, but no one is hurt.  He pulls the gun on Zach and demands the switch back.  When he refuses, Alex shots him in the arm.  Zach asks him to let Kendall go.

Babe lets Erica know that Josh hasn't told her anything about Kendall.  Erica tells her that she feels Josh could be putting Kendall in danger.  She also tells Babe how upset JR was about her death and suggests letting him know she's alive.  Babe says no one can know.

Adam and Josh help Krystal into bed.  Still out of it, she says that Babe is alive but Josh says she's delirious and tells Adam to get her prescription drugs from the medicine cabinet.  When he leaves, Josh tells Krystal not to let anyone know Babe is alive.

Di says she won't tell Aidan she loves him unless he asks.  Julia and Annie call her a wuss.  When Di asks Julia why she hasn't admitted her feelings to Jamie, she says she's taking her time.  Annie says she has them both beat.

Tad tells Aidan over the phone about Red Rock Canyon.  He gets off the phone and heads there with Ryan, Aidan, Jamie, and J.R.

Alex expresses his anger about the fact that Zach faked his death.  He blames Zach for the reason he's heartless.

Sean is in the living room with headphones on and doesn't hear Colby knocking at the door, so she lets herself in.  She's upset about him skipping school, but he tells her to leave him alone.

Adam brings Krystal's pills, but she says she's fine.  She explains she wasn't thinking straight and tells Adam she's leaving with Josh to visit Babe's grave.

Babe tells Erica that she's only letting Krystal know she's alive.  Erica asks what she'll do when the killer is caught.  Babe tells her that her only concern is to be near her mom and son.

Kendall tells Zach it's not his fault that the Fusion women died.  Zach asks Alex to let Kendall go and offers to take her place.  Alex threatens to take Spike and raise him as his own.

Barbara sees Sean with Colby and introduces herself.  Then she asks if Sean wants her to make him to lunch.

Erica tells Babe to be grateful to Josh.  Babe figures that Erica wants to know about her relationship with Josh.  She says she's only worried about her mom and son for the time being.  Krystal walks in with Josh.  She cries and gives Babe a hug.  She tells Babe she understands they had to make everyone think she was dead to protect her.  Erica and Josh give them some time alone.

In another room, Josh tells Erica he hasn't heard from Kendall.  Erica lets him know she's trying to accept Babe in his life.

Kendall tells Alex she'll kill him if he goes near Spike.  Alex orders Zach to get on his knees.  As he's about to shoot Kendall, Zach throws a knife and it hits Alex in the hand.  Zach gets up and kicks the gun away, then kicks Alex.  As soon as he removes the device from Kendall's neck, Zach finishes the fight with Alex.  Tad and Ryan walk in to find Zach strangling Alex and hold him back.  Ryan runs to the balcony and unties Kendall.  She tells him how Alex threatened Spike.  This makes Ryan confront Alex and issue a threat of his own.  After that Ryan asks why he killed Erin.  He punches Alex after he answers it was because Ryan disappointed him.

Josh tells Erica to trust that Jack, Ryan, and Zach can protect Kendall.  Erica says she's worried about Josh's future.  He answers that his future is with Babe.

Babe asks Krystal how Little Adam doing, to which she answers fine.  Krystal says J.R. hasn't told him about her death yet.  Krystal tells her she knows about J.R.'s blackmail.

Stuart walks into Adam's room and talks to him.  Adam says he's worried about Krystal.  He feels helpless since he can't make her feel better.  Stuart tells him not to do anything except be there for Krystal.

Ryan won't let Kendall near Zach since he thinks it best that Tad try to calm him down first.  Tad tells Zach that killing his father will torture him forever.  Jamie, JR, and Aidan arrive at the house.

Annie explains to Julia and Di that she doesn't want to be with Ryan because it'll get Emma's hopes up if things don't work out between them.  Julia and Di think she should give it a chance.

Tad is still talking to Zach.  J.R. confronts Alex, promising to make him pay for killing Dixie and Babe.

Krystal tells Babe J.R. is regretful and misses her.  Babe says he's pushed her too far and that their relationship is finally over.

Erica says she'll tolerate Babe for Josh's sake and asks him what will happen after the killer is caught.  He says he'll deal with that when the time comes, and leaves.  Erica senses he's hiding something.

Barbara tells Sean and Colby they should be heading to school but Sean lies and says it's cancelled.  When Barbara offers to take them to the movies, Sean declines.  After she leaves, Colby realizes Sean is upset because his mother's in town.

Babe tells Krystal how things with J.R. will eventually go downhill.  Josh comes to the door and hears Babe mention that Tad is the father of Krystal's baby.

Erica goes to the Chandler mansion to talk to Adam.

As Alex is led away, Zach tells him he'll be happy with Kendall for the rest of his life.  Zach and Kendall give each other a hug as Ryan looks on. 

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