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Written By Mary

As All My Children opens, a groggy Babe, looking half doped up with dark circles under her eyes, awakens and asks where she is. Josh assures her, although in a questioning tone that she is in the hospital. Babe, however, knows better, she has been up and has seen the window she tells Josh, she knows that this place is not real and knows that he is lying to her. She wants to know why. Josh comes halfway clean and tells her he didn't want to stress her out and that indeed, she is not at the hospital, but underneath Kendall and Zach's casino, but that all the equipment surrounding her, and the care that she is being given is state of the art and that Dr. Joe and Jeff helped to get her here to keep the satin slayer from targeting her again. He assures her that Kendall, Zach and Jack know all about what is going on. Babe considers and realizes this is exactly what they did to try to catch the Satin Slayer after Dani was poisoned. She asks why her mama is not there. Josh tries to cover again, and promises her that Krystal is looking after Little A. It is a bad idea for Krystal especially, to come see her. It could tip off the Satin Slayer who is very smart and still watching and waiting. Babe asked though, why was she not filled in on this from the beginning and is rattled as she remembers Erica's words, "You're supposed to be dead!" Josh is irritated with Babe's questions and tells her Erica doesn't know what she's talking about. Determined for answers, Babe asks, "Does everyone think I'm dead?" She tells him she wants the truth, to which Josh assures her he is telling the truth. Babe, still not satisfied, tries to leave her bed, saying that if Josh isn't going to tell her, she'll find out on her own. Gently, Josh lays her back down, "Yes," he admits, "Everyone thinks you're dead." He tells her she will be able to get back on with her life, with her family and friends, once she's well enough, and once the Satin Slayer is caught. Babe is a little calmer, but asks about her momma. She reminds Josh that he had told her that he spoke with Krystal. Josh shakes his head and reveals that Krystal does not know that she is alive. He tells her that is Krystal's grief that is keeping everything real. Babe is once again fearful for Little Adam, Josh tells her he does not know what they have told the boy. Babe tells Josh she will not allow her family to think she is dead and once again tries to get up. Once again, Josh lays her back down, telling him he will not allow her to leave, to which an angry Babe asks if the reason JR has not been to see her because he thinks she's dead, or because Josh is trying to steal her away from JR.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam and Colby are going through Babe's things and trying to get them boxed so Krystal won't have to. Colby reminisces about how great Babe had looked and how they shouldn't have to be doing this. Adam reassures Colby that they are helping Krystal, but as Colby turns to leave the room for a moment, Krystal comes in, snapping at a baffled Colby, "Hands Off!" Krystal lays into Colby, accusing her of "pawing through Babe's things" Adam promises his wife they are only trying to help and that he had asked Colby for her assistance. A teary-eyed Krystal tells her it's Babe's things and not theirs. Adam again assures her they weren't going to dispose of her things, only put them away. Krystal, realizing she has jumped the gun, apologizes to her husband and step-daughter and tells them she was mainly concerned about Little Adam walking in and finding all of his mama's things gone. She tells them both she knows they meant well but that her pain is still so unbearable. Adams promises Krystal that he will do whatever it takes. Krystal tells him, as Colby looks sadly away, that all she wants is Babe. Adam excuses himself for a moment and asks Colby to stay.

Winifred comes across the hallway as Adam leaves the room and tells Adam that Little A is asking questions over and over again, and she does not know what to do. Adam asks what it is that his grandson is wanting. "His Mommy," Winifred answers him solemnly. Adam takes Little A and puts a phone call through to his son. Adam tells JR that his son is asking for his parents, so JR tries to assure Little A over the phone that everything is OK. Little A insists on having his mama. JR tells his son that mommy is resting and not to worry, that he'll be home soon. As Adam takes the phone back, Winifred takes the baby and heads back down the hallway. JR instructs Adam that he will be the one to tell his son about his mother. Adam wants to know where JR is. "I'm with Jamie and Tad, and I would rather not get into it." Adam tells his son, "I'm proud of you," before he hangs up.

Krystal and Colby are still going through Babe's things as Colby criticizes herself for being so hard on Babe and bashing herself for being so self-centered. She tells her stepmother that she was jealous of Babe being so "cool" and that she tried so hard to be like her. Krystal assures Colby that she is a beautiful girl, even if she were mean to Babe at one time. Krystal and Colby hold hands as Colby ponders the relationship that Babe and Krystal had and how she can have a mother-daughter relationship like that.

Back at the casino, Babe asks how this was possible that everyone thought she was dead. Josh explains again that Dr. Joe and Jeff had given her medications to bring down her temperature and blood pressure and that Krystal had seen her daughter "dead." Babe is distraught by this news but ponders again about JR, and Josh tells her that JR had not asked to see her and that it is his own fault that he is not included in this plan. Babe contemplates that if JR thought she were dead, he would not try to hurt her mama, but that she is not going to let her mama suffer anymore. Babe picks up the phone. As Adam answers the phone, Josh begs Babe not to say anything; she hands him the phone since it wasn't her mother. Josh asks to speak to Krystal, but Adam warns him if he tries to call his wife again, or see her, that he will kill him.

Back upstairs, Krystal and Colby are finishing up with Babe's things when Adam reappears and tells Colby it is time to get back in school. Krystal agrees that she needs to go on with her life, with her homework, her friends, and to leave the sadness behind. Once Colby and Adam leave, Krystal lies down on the bed with Babe's sweater. A knock on the door causes Krystal to sit up. Josh opens the door and asks if he can come in. Krystal agrees, and Josh starts talking about Babe. They are reminiscing when Josh tells Krystal that she doesn't understand, he is bringing her a miracle - Babe is still alive. As Krystal starts to faint, Josh catches her and lowers her to the ground, just as Adam comes in.

Back in the Casino, Babe remembers JR's cruel words the night of her attacker and imagines JR being glad she is gone, telling her he and Little A will never remember her. She starts to cry.

Las Vegas - As Aidan, Jamie, and J, sit in the hotel room, trying to figure out where Alexander has taken Kendall and Zach, Tad and Ryan sit in a jail cell with Tad, contemplating that his boys and Aidan do not know where they are. Jack appears, raising hell at them for being locked up. Jack states that he came to Vegas to get info from the local PD, only to find Tad and Ryan already trying to work the case and locked up. Ryan cuts him off and tells him that Jack doesn't understand; the Satin Slayer has Kendall.

Kendall stands next to Alexander, with a collar around her neck, as Zach enters the back patio. "One more step and she's dead," Alexander tells him, showing him a device in his hand. He asks if he's ever heard of a "dead man's trigger," He then pulls Kendall's hair back, with an evil laugh, revealing the needle in the collar. Zach turns to a worried Kendall and tells Alexander that as long as his father has his finger on the trigger, she is OK. To this, an evil Alexander retorts "unless I trip, flinch, or just lose my concentration". Alexander prompts Zach to loose the gun, He states that if Zach shoots him, Kendall is dead anyhow. Not taking his eyes off his wife, Zach tosses the gun over the edge of the fence.

Back at the police department, Ryan explains to Jack how Zach had his father's grave dug up, only to find stones in the coffin. Jack notes how that explains the Cambias crest on the button that Zoe ripped off of the coat of her attacker, and how the saliva found on her body closely matched that of Zach. Ryan tells Jack that Zach had asked for his help in bringing Alexander down, but that the old man had sucker punched him, and the next thing he knew, he woke up with a gun in his face.

Disgusted, Jack tells Ryan and Tad that maybe they know how he feels to have vigilante hot shots trying to do his job. Tad tells Jack to calm down, but Jack is outraged. He says that it is his daughter's life in danger out there. He also tells them that Raymond Jenkins is dead, that he has been pushed off of a balcony. Tad and Ryan shake their heads in disgust. Tad theorizes that if Alexander is settling old scores, he's just about at the end of his game. Kendall is the end, and they are running out of time. Jack wants to know if they have any leads, and Ryan tells him the only thing he knows is that Alexander had left a toy bear that played some weird music. When Zach heard it, he decked Ryan and ran.

Back in the hotel, after JR talks with his father and son, he goes to the door after hearing a knock. It is room service, so he allows them in. Jamie and Aidan, still sitting at the computer looking for leads to the Cambias home walk to the cart, acting eager for something to eat. As one of the burly waiters leave the tray, it is apparent that he is going after something, but Jamie, Aidan, and JR get the upper hand.

At the patio, an angry Alexander asks Zach if he still feels the need to challenge his authority. He tells Kendall that Zach will kill her, his wife, just as he had killed his own mother. Zach angrily retorts that it was Alexander who had killed Amelia as he remembers his father and mother on this exact balcony arguing as he hid behind the furniture. He remembers Alexander pushing Amelia, and coming out from hiding, calling for his mother. Alexander had grabbed his son and told him, "You didn't mean to do it." To which a young Zach stated, "I didn't do it." Now Zach boldly looks at the old man and says, "You did that to my mother; you killed her." As he continues to watch his own wife, he tells his father, "You took her from me, from Michael". There is a pause, and then he continues, "and from Raymond." He tells his father that he found the letters, that he knew his mother and Raymond were going to run away together with the children, and that's why his father killed her and blamed it on a 5-year-old child. An impatient Alexander tells his son that Amelia was turning him into a "spineless wimp". Zach falls on one knee. "So," Zach says, "you tell me I killed my mother to toughen me up, not to keep your ass safe from the police." Zach stands up defiantly and tells his father that he had believed that he had killed his own mother, and from that point on in his life, every time he looked at his father, heard his voice, or felt his touch, he had hated him more and more until that hate had built up. He felt that he had to kill someone - himself or his father. Zach had to explain to his brother that it wasn't that he didn't want the Cambias power or money, but that he didn't want to be like their father.

Back at the police station, the local police do not want to let Tad and Ryan go, since they found the two with a dead body. Jack argues they have to get to his daughter before she is killed, but the local officer isn't buying it and tells them to sit while he checks it out. He adds that it will be awhile.

At the hotel, Aidan, Jamie and JR are surprised that Cambias' men have found them so fast, and now they need to figure out where he is. They threaten the men with physical pain if they don't tell where their boss i.

Alexander tells Zach to kneel and apologize. which he does, through gritted teeth. As he finishes, Alexander tells Kendall to look at her coward of a husband. Kendall tells Alexander that she has never been prouder of her husband, that no matters what happens, she will always love him and be proud of him. Zach demands Alexander to release Kendall. Alex refuses, so they end up wrestling to the ground, as Kendall screams

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