AMC Update Friday 3/2/07

All My Children Update Friday 3/2/07


Written By Doreen
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Babe wakes up wondering where she is.  Comfortingly, Josh tells her she is in a secret room in the casino.  She begins to wonder why her mama and son haven't been to visit her.  She suddenly remembers Erica telling her "you are supposed to be dead.  She demands an explanation from Josh who explains that they gave her a shot that lowered her blood pressure, caused her to appear dead and Jeff and Joe helped him get her into the casino.  He says he did it to protect her.  Babe agrees to stay, but tells Josh he must tell Krystal.  Josh calls and Adam answers the phone and tells Josh if he calls his house again, he will kill him.  Josh then goes to the Chandler house and tells Krystal that Babe is still alive. 

Colby and Adam begin to get rid of Babe's clothes.  Krystal accuses Colby of stealing the clothes, but Adam explains that they were trying to spare her some pain.  Winifred tells Adam and Colby that Little A is asking for his mother. 

Jamie, J.R., and Aidan continue to search for Alexander Cambias, Sr., and wonder where Tad and Ryan could be.  Meanwhile, Jack comes storming into the jail to see Tad and Ryan wondering what the heck is going on.  They explain to him that Cambias is the Satin Slayer.  Jack is mad because they started working behind his back, so he refuses to bail them out.  Finally, Jack distracts the cops and Ryan and Tad sneak out of the police station to find Zach and Kendall. 

Alexander has Kendall connected to a device that could kill her by injecting poison into her body with the touch of a button.  Zach has a memory of his mother trying to leave his father.  In the flashback, Alexander was furious with Amelia because she was going to leave him for someone else, and he pushed her off the balcony.  From the memory, Zach finally remembers that he was not guilty of his mother's death.  Alex then tells Zach to beg for Kendal's life.  He complies, but Alexander tells him to say goodbye to his wife. 

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