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All My Children Update Thursday 3/1/07


Written By Suzanne

Bianca arrives at ZoŽ's place and is upset not to find her there. She smacks the door. ZoŽ comes up, wondering why she's so upset. Bianca is mad at ZoŽ for leaving the hospital without a bodyguard. ZoŽ sits down, still in pain from her beating. He tries to reassure Bianca, who is worried about Kendall. They bake cookies for Miranda's playgroup. Bianca talks about being afraid for them all but she has to keep it from Miranda. ZoŽ suggests they get chocolate chips for the cookies. Bianca warns ZoŽ not to get all philosophical and talk about cosmic stuff, but she says that is Zarf, not her. She says, "Poor Zarf" and they talk about how much of Zarf is in ZoŽ. Bianca liked Zarf and hopes some of it is still there. ZoŽ admits she's still trying to figure that all out. She knows she embraced the new age philosophy to cover things up. She does say that Zarf's music always spoke the truth. She tells Bianca that she plans to get rid of everything she thought that was unrealistic, such as wanting to be with her. She apologizes for piling too much on Bianca, uninvited. Bianca admits she once came on too strong, too, with her friend Frankie. They share a bonding moment. He tells her that he is interested in a gender re-assignment program in Baltimore. Bianca wonders why he isn't going to the one in Pine Valley. She wants ZoŽ to stay and wants to help her. Bianca asks her to stay, so ZoŽ agrees.

Jack and Barbara are at his place. He's on the phone, trying to find Kendall. Barbara tries to act helpful and tells Jack that she has been looking after Lily and even called Reggie. Jack is annoyed that she is being so presumptuous. Barbara worries about his safety in pursuing the serial killer, but he assures her that he will be fine. Erica arrives and informs him that she's going with him, to the airport and to find Kendall. They all argue. Erica's worried about Kendall, but he's worried about Erica being a target. Barbara yells at Erica, saying she should be glad that he gives a damn, even though she's sleeping with Jeff. Jack looks hurt. Barb apologizes, but Erica yells at her for going after Jack. They bicker. Jack leaves, fed up. Erica follows and stops him outside. He knows that Barbara is right about her sleeping with Jeff. She can't deny it, so he leaves.  Angry Erica goes in and smacks Barbara.  Erica yells at her and they argue more about Jack and about Sean. Erica pities her and leaves.  Later, Sean comes in where Barbara is drinking a  glass of something alcoholic.  She offers to help him with his homework, but instead they argue.  He calls her a bad parent.  Sean tells her that they don't want her there.  She wonders how many more chances she'll get for love.  Barbara admits that she knows she's not a great mom and that she is terrified of being a failure.  When she mentions that Travis was the love of her life, Sean reminds her that she was boffing the tennis pro before he died.  Sean tells her not to try to play him.

Erica argues with Jeff again about how he kept Babe safe and put Kendall in danger.

Ryan lies on the floor, with the bear nearby, and is poked with a gun butt.  The cops are there. Ryan tries to explain what's going on with the Satin Slayer, but they don't believe him.  He fights back; Tad comes in with gun, but sees the situation and puts it down.  He explains and asks them to phone the PVPD or Jack, but they don't believe him, either.  They are both put in jail. Ryan rants and raves about Zach.  Tad thinks Zach can take care of himself, but Ryan points out he's facing his father, a man like their own abusive fathers, Patrick and Ray. Ryan yells at the cops, asking for his phone call.  He worries that Zach will fall for his father's act the same way he did, Ryan keeps yelling until Tad tells him to shut up.  Ryan further worries that he is going to make Zach watched Kendall die

Zach is in his car, driving and remembering Kendall's words and the Red Rock song.

Alex gives Kendall a gardenia and ribbon and tells her to tie it around her neck.  She does it reluctantly, silently, with tears streaming down her face.  She talks about Amelia while he admires her beauty.  They talk about Zach and the past, his love for them both.  She pretends to come on to him, to replace Amelia "Let me bring back Amelia", she says and then kisses him.  He taunts her, but she talks about how he and Zach are so much alike as she strokes his arm.  He turns her around roughly and puts his hand on her throat, saying he wants to make Zach suffer.  Alex says cruelly that he'll use her to do it.  He pushes her, so she spits names at him.  He keeps taunting her, but she laughs at him and calls him more names, attacking his masculinity.  She yells that Zach is more of a man, so Alex shoots the fun.

Zach goes to the house where Alex and Kendall are , pointing the gun ahead of him. Alex walks in, also with gun, greeting him.  Alex notices he's "tense". Zach demands to know where Kendall is.  Zach begs him not to make her pay for what he did and yells at him for being crazy, killing people. Alex says that he thought Zach had killing down pretty well, since he killed Amelia.  Zach puts his gun down and moves in, so that Alex's gun is touching his chest. "Take me to my wife or shoot me now", Zach says.  Alex says he wants him alive and taunts him about Kendall. Zach tells him that he's the boss.  Alex tells him to beg his forgiveness for leaving him, letting him think he was dead. Zach says he killed the wrong Alexander that day.  Zach then points his gun at his chest and threatens him.  Alex says he is ready to see her now.  They walk out to the patio, where Kendall is tied up, with a tube attached to her neck, dressed like Amelia.  Alex tells Zach that he will be the one to kill Kendall.

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