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Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita
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Bianca is knocking on Zoe's door, but there's no answer.  Zoe walks up behind her and Bianca seems upset about something.

Jack gets off the phone and asks Barbara to stay at his house and watch Sean and Lily since he's leaving to rescue Kendall.  She tells him to catch this killer fast and stay safe.  Erica walks in and tells Jack she's going to the airport with him.

Zach is driving and having thoughts of Kendall and his mom.

Alexander gives Kendall a white ribbon and instructs her to tie it around her neck.  Kendall says he wants her to be like Amelia.  She tries to make him see that subconsciously, he wants more time with Amelia.  Kendall offers to help bring back Amelia for him and gives him a kiss.

Ryan is unconscious in the warehouse.  He awakens to a gun in his face.

A bodyguard checks Zoe's apartment then leaves.  Bianca lets Zoe know she's angry she left the hospital without a bodyguard.  Zoe apologizes for worrying her.  Bianca says she's afraid something happened to Kendall.

Jack wants Erica to stay out of it and assures her he'll protect Kendall.  Erica argues with him, but he refuses to take her along.  Barbara blurts out Erica should be lucky Jack still cares about her even though she's sleeping with Jeff.  She apologizes soon after for her comment.  Jack walks out of the door as Erica and Barbara are arguing.  Erica goes after him and tells him to concentrate on Kendall instead of Barbara's lies.  Jack says he knows she's sleeping with Jeff.

Police officers wake up Ryan, who denies doing anything wrong.  He tells them about the Satin Slayer, but they're clueless about the killer's existence.  Ryan tells them how Alexander Cambias is the killer and that Kendall will die if they don't do anything.

Kendall offers to take away Alexander's loneliness and gives him compliments.  Knowing she's tricking him, he grabs her and says he's going to use her to make Zach suffer.

Still worried about Kendall, Bianca decides to bake cookies to calm down.  She has a conversation with Zoe, which makes her feel better.  Zoe talks about how she's unsure which parts of Zarf she wants to give up.

Erica can't seem to put into words that she's sleeping with Jeff.  Jack walks away.  Erica goes back into the house and slaps Barbara.

The police want to take Ryan down for questioning.  He tries to escape by punching one of them but the other two hold him down and place cuffs on his wrists.  Tad runs into the warehouse with a gun and the police order him to drop it.  Tad claims Ryan is innocent and tries to give them proof.  They don't listen to him and decide to take him to the station as well.

Alexander shoves Kendall to the ground and holds a gun to her.  Kendall calls him names, saying he murders women because inadequate.  She challenges him and he shoots at her.

Zach arrives at Alexander's home with a gun.  He turns around and sees Alexander.  He demands to know where Kendall is and threatens to shoot.  Alexander pulls out his gun.

Erica lashes out at Barbara, telling her to leave but Barbara lets her know Jack wanted her to stay for Sean and Lily.  Erica claims Barbara doesn't care about them and won't fool Jack for long.

Zoe apologizes to Bianca for putting so much pressure on her at first.  Bianca tells her how she came on strong too, with her ex, Frankie.  They both shake hands and make up.

Tad and Ryan are in a jail cell.  Tad criticizes Ryan for hitting a cop but Ryan is upset and more concerned about Zach thinking he can face his father alone.  He reminds Tad that they all had fathers who were abusive in some way and confronting them alone would not be a good thing to do. 

Alexander says he and Zach have a lot in common but Zach disagrees, calling him crazy for killing innocent women.  Alex claims he did it to teach him a lesson.  Zach walks to Alexander and tells him to shoot him if he won't take him to Kendall.

Sean walks into the living room and sees Barbara drinking.  She offers to check his homework because she wants to be helpful.  Barbara tells him even though she isn't a great mom she still loves him.  Sean thinks it doesn't mean she needs to stick around and tells her to move on.

Ryan is yelling for the guards to let him make a phone call, but no one will listen.  Tad tells him Zach is doing everything he can to protect Kendall.  Ryan says Zach won't see what Alex has planned until it's too late.

Alex won't shoot Zach because he wants him alive.  Zach issues another threat if he hurts Kendall.  Alex mentions how he hurt him when he faked his death.  Alex wants an apology.  Zach holds a gun to him again and demands to be taken to Kendall.

Zoe tells Bianca about a gender reassignment program she joined in Baltimore.  Bianca says she wants to help and asks her not to leave town so Zoe decides to stay.

Barbara expresses guilt over not being a better mother to Sean.  He now believes she's trying to make progress with him.  Barbara tells him how much she loved his father.  Sean brings up how she had an affair with the tennis pro while she was married to Travis.  He then tells her not to try playing him because she won't win.

Jeff follows Erica into her New Beginnings office but she's still mad at him because he didn't tell her about Josh.  Jeff explains he didn't want to put Babe's life in danger.  Erica tells him if he can't keep Josh away from Babe or protect Kendall, then they have nothing to discuss.  Jeff then walks out.

Ryan makes threats against the guards.  Tad tells him to shut up because he's not helping matters.  Ryan says that Alex plans to make Zach watch Kendall die.

Alex leads Zach to the balcony.  Kendall is there with her hands tied in a ribbon and a device on her neck, set up to inject her with V-Tach. 

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