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Now growing restless, Babe again begs her nurse to help her leave the “hospital.”  The nurse tells her she would be fired, if she helped Babe leave.

J.R. and Jamie are still searching the Internet for leads to Kendall from their Vegas hotel room.  Erica places a call from her office to J.R.’s cellular phone.  Before J.R. can disconnect Erica, she manages to inform him that her call is in reference to Babe.

During their confrontation, at the local hospital, Zach and Ryan convince Nurse Johnson that she is disposable to Alexander.  In response, she admits she and an attending physician helped him fake his death.

Alexander holds Kendall at gunpoint, after he thwarts her attempt to hit him with a heavy object in his house.  Kendall bravely defies Alexander and tells him she is not “going down without a fight.”

J.R. interrupts Erica as she tries to tell him about Babe.  Josh grabs the phone from her and disconnects the call.  J.R. surmises the call “dropped.”  Jamie encourages him to call Erica back.  While her phone rings, Erica and Josh argue over her phone call to J.R.  Erica claims her intentions were to help Babe’s grieving family.  Josh believes her motives are anger based, since Kendall, because of Josh’s “scheme,” is now the main “target.”  Erica tries to convince Josh that keeping Babe from her family will only backfire on him.  Firmly believing his actions will ultimately save Babe’s life, Josh begs Erica, as his mother, to help him with that endeavor. 

Babe’s remarks on the quality of food in the hospital and that the same doctor is repeatedly paged, has the nurse scrambles for excuses to throw her off track.

J.R. dismisses the importance of Erica’s call and continues researching property acquisitions with Jamie.  Tad returns, after the disappointing result of tracking Kendall’s phone signal.  Tad informs them that Aidan is looking for the home Alexander shared with Maria Santos; Jamie asks Tad to review their search results on the laptop.

In an effort to “break” him, Kendall scornfully tells Alexander that his actions against Zach are futile.  Alexander becomes silent, as Kendall mocks his ability to control his son.

Although she confirms Michael’s actions were the reason Alexander faked his death, Nurse Johnson’s information is limited.  She advises that she has no direct contact with Alexander, and the attending physician recently died without survivors.  Zach and Ryan become frustrated and press her for more answers.

To appear unshaken by Kendall’s words, Alexander informs her death is imminent.

Babe prepares to sneak out of the “hospital,” after the nurse leaves her room.

Tad, Jamie, and J.R. think they may have a lead, when their search results yield a property in nearby Boulder City, purchased under the corporate name, “New Birth”, as translated from Latin.

Alexander employs tactics to weaken Kendall’s resolve.  Alexander reduces Kendall’s strength to shear fear, when she learns how far reaching his long-term surveillance has been of her and Pine Valley.

Nurse Johnson becomes fearful.  As she leaves, Ryan and Zach caution her and provide her with a contact, Attorney Holt, for assistance.  Ryan assures Zach they will find Kendall and punish his father.  Ryan’s words evoke a memory in Zach, as he flashes back to being punished by his father as a child.  Once Zach regains focus on their conversation, he abruptly leaves to locate “business contacts.”

Alexander changes gears and comfortably sits next to Kendall, as if they are having a social gathering.  As he admires their common tactic of withholding paternity information from certain “fathers,” he offers to spare her life based on a forthcoming condition.

When she learns Zach initially orchestrated “the Babe scheme,” Erica realizes Josh’s love for Kendall is genuine.  Josh assures Erica that Kendall is secure and begs his mother not to put him in the position of choosing between his sister and Babe.  Erica is touched, when Bianca, relieved to see Josh, suddenly enters her office and rejoices in finding him there. 

Tad, Jamie, and J.R. discuss other options, since the property lead, apparently, did not pan out.  When their discussion turns to punishing Alexander, J.R. becomes racked with guilt over his treatment towards Babe.

As another page goes out, Babe discovers the tape player outside of her room.

Zach returns to the warehouse and flashes back to the point Alexander injected him and an image of Amelia’s face.  He then calls out for his father and hears footsteps approaching.

Kendall anxiously waits for Alexander’s proposition.  Alexander triumphantly announces the following: Kendall must divorce Zach and reunite with “the man that loves her the most,” Ryan.

Zach rushes to the door in time to hear a car drive off.  He finds a teddy bear near the door that was, apparently left by the person who drove off quickly.  He walks back into the warehouse and Ryan follows him in.  Believing the “show-down” is between father and son, Zach demands Ryan leave.  Ryan insists he can be helpful to Zach.  Zach winds up the bear and hears a song that reminds him of his mother and the fact that he gave her a similar bear for one of her birthdays.  This prompts him to believe that he knows where his father has taken Kendall.

Kendall initially ridicules “the proposition.”  The more she professes her love for Zach, the more Alexander expresses his appreciation for Ryan, as opposed to his children.  Alexander tries to force an admission from Kendall that she loves Ryan more.

Hoping Erica will go along with him, Josh stares at her, as he explains to Bianca he returned for Kendall.  Although Bianca picks up on “the look,” Erica confirms Josh’s story.  Josh hugs his mother, as a gesture of gratitude.

J.R. continues to rehash his mistakes concerning Babe and wishes for a “second chance.”  Tad and Jamie try to assure him that he is not solely responsible for everything.  Tad offers his relationship with Dixie as an example of how sometimes “second chances” end with the same outcome as before.

Shocked by her discovery, Babe struggles to escape and collapses from weakness.

Bianca apologizes to Erica for “judging her” about her relationship with Jeff.  Erica appears uncomfortable, when Bianca comments on Josh’s return.

Josh finds Babe on the floor.  As he carries her back to bed, she barely manages to ask where she is.

Ryan refuses to leave Zach alone.

As part of his “game,” Alexander points out that Kendall could not stand for Ryan to end up with Annie.  Kendall “gives in” and admits her true love is Ryan and agrees to Alexander’s “proposal.”  Before releasing her, he gives her another unknown “condition.”

Babe passes out, before she can again ask about her whereabouts.

While encouraging her to get some rest, Bianca hugs and comforts her worried mother.

Aidan’s lead is unsuccessful.  When he returns to the hotel, they are all frustrated by “dead ends” and worried that they have not heard from Zach or Ryan.

Zach distracts Ryan and then knocks him out.

Not buying “Kendall’s performance,” Alexander takes her to her apparent resting-place, surrounded by gardenias.  When Kendall sees the flowers, she has a series of flash backs to her victimized friends.  Alexander commands her to wear his “gardenia necklace.”

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