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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/27/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Ryan, Tad, Aidan, J.R., and Jamie arrive at Kendall and Zach’s Vegas hotel room.  After they push their way through security, they discover Kendall is missing.  Tad and Ryan demand an explanation from Bruno, the bodyguard, but he cannot account for her whereabouts.

Kendall goes to “warehouse number two” in response to the phone call she believes is from Zach.  Upon entering, she frantically runs to Zach, now lying on the floor.  She kneels down and gives thanks that Zach is alive.  Lurking in the shadows, Alexander darkly answers, “You are welcome” and orders Kendall to stand.  When Kendall defies him, Alexander, now armed with a gun, orders her compliance, or he will kill Zach.  Kendall tries to rationalize with Alexander by reminding him he is threatening his own son.  Alexander coldly responds his son died in a car crash several years ago. 

Believing that Jeff is “up to something,” Erica manages to trace Jeff’s path down the elevator, at the casino.  As she barges in a room to locate him, she is shocked to discover that Babe is alive.  Not realizing Babe is unaware of her true circumstances, Erica comes close to inadvertently exposing Jeff and Josh’s charade with her questions.  Jeff and Josh try to divert Erica, before Babe catches on.

Kendall shields Zach from Alexander’s aim.  She tries to call his bluff by refusing to move away from Zach but her tactics are ineffective.  She tearfully agrees to comply and whispers in Zach’s ear, “ALWAYS ONLY YOU.”

Jeff manages to coax Erica out of Babe’s room.  Meanwhile, Josh explains away Erica’s behavior to Babe.  Erica begins to rant and demands the “truth” from Jeff.  In response, Jeff firmly tells Erica to shut-up, as he begins to explain their motives.  Erica is upset, when she learns Jack is also involved.  With pointed finger and forceful tone, Jeff demands that Erica keep their secret.  Erica scornfully reminds Jeff Kendall is now “the target,” because of their actions.

After Ryan threatens to beat Bruno, he finally tells them about Zach’s supposed phone call.  Bruno tells Tad he does not where the call was placed from nor does he know the contents of the conversation.  As Ryan chastises him for his lack of information and negligence, Aidan points out the far drop from the window balcony.  The hotel manager interrupts the confrontation, as he makes inquiry about the commotion.  Tad informs him “Mrs. Suarez” is missing and asks for any available video surveillance.  The manager is forced to “cooperate,” when Aidan threatens him with “Mr. Suarez’s wrath.”

Now alone and still unconscious, Zach envisions his mother calling him “Alex,” assuring him he never hurt her, and referring to him as “her joy.”  His vision fades and then turns black, as he hears his father’s voice echoing, “that damn gardenia, Amelia, you won’t get away from me.”

J.R. and Aidan discuss Kendall’s stubborn streak, and Jamie remains confident they will find her.  As Tad then informs them about Kendall’s escape, captured by surveillance, Ryan tries to track Kendall’s destination from the taxi service shown in the video.

Josh continues to make excuses to Babe for Erica’s behavior.  After she seemingly accepts his explanation, Josh brushes off her repeated request to see Krystal.  Josh leaves, as the nurse, Wendy, returns.  Wendy does not know how to respond to Babe’s request to use the phone.

Erica’s tirade regarding Kendall is briefly suspended, when she learns from Jeff that Kendall is also involved in “their plan.”  Josh joins them and offers assurances to Erica, as she begins to blast Jeff again.  Erica devastates Josh, when she tells him she is “ashamed” that he is “her son.”

As Zach strains to regain consciousness, he envisions himself surrounded by gardenia petals.  At that moment, Tad and Ryan startle Zach, while Aidan, J.R., and Jamie look around the warehouse.  As Zach concludes his father took Kendall based on Ryan and Tad’s information, they are all horrified by the discovery of a dead body.

Josh justifies his actions to Erica and attributes her poor reaction to her hatred for Babe.  Erica denies his accusation and offers other methods they could have used to save Babe, while also protecting Kendall.  Jack then arrives and admonishes Erica never to betray their confidences.  As Erica questions him about Kendall, Jack admits he cannot guarantee Kendall’s safety.

Babe’s request is temporarily avoided, when Nurse Wendy uses her fragile condition as an excuse to deny her phone access.  Babe starts to “piece things together,” when she notices the “hospital” equipment is rented.

Zach recognizes the corpse, as the woman who was posing as his mother and tells them the sequence of events.  J.R. becomes angry that Zach’s father is responsible for Dixie and Babe’s death.  They all start criticizing Zach for acting alone and now jeopardizing Kendall.

Alexander brings Kendall “home.”  Kendall is shocked, when she sees that Alexander has duplicated her new home in Pine Valley.  Alexander pours two glasses of wine.  He marvels at Kendall’s confidence and ability to figure out his motives for fabricating his “death.”  Kendall becomes enraged, when Alexander mentions Spike and Miranda to her.  Alexander then forces Kendall to pick-up either glass.  Kendall takes a one and in protest, throws it against the wall.  Alexander reveals that he believes “Alex hurt him by throwing the first blow.”

J.R. blasts Zach, as he recognizes his father is “punishing” him.  Tad ends the non-productivity and delegates tasks to everyone.  Ryan leaves and takes Zach “for a stop they have to make.”

Nurse Wendy, without hesitation, tells Babe the equipment was rented due to a re-call of the original equipment.

In response to Erica, Jack admits he lost contact with Kendall and Zach, since they have left for Las Vegas.  Josh is angered by this development.  Jack informs Jeff that Tad is en route to Vegas and assures Erica Zach will protect Kendall in the interim.  Before returning to Babe’s room, Josh threatens to disown Erica, if she tells anyone that Babe is alive.

Per Tad’s direction, Jamie and J.R. return to the hotel to check the Internet for local property acquisitions, since Alexander’s “death.”  J.R. suggests they also check for dummy corporations formed within this time frame. 

Alexander tells Kendall “Alex’s” death nearly destroyed him.  He insists that he adored “Alex” and justifies the murders as his way of “teaching ‘Alex’ a lesson.”  Kendall threatens Alexander with “being taught a lesson,” and he heartily laughs in response.

Outside of Babe’s room, Nurse Wendy apprises Josh of her “re-call” excuse.  Josh stalls Babe again, when she asks to call Krystal and little A.

Zach and Ryan arrive, at the local hospital, to confront Nurse Johnson.  When she refers to Zach as “Mr. Suarez,” he sarcastically tells her he is a Cambias and demands answers regarding his father’s fake death.

Armed with guns, Tad and Aidan track Kendall’s cellular phone signal.

As Kendall, victim by victim, recounts the senselessness of Alexander’s acts, he reveals to Kendall his true motive: to show his son he has no control over his destiny.

Despite assurances to Erica that Kendall will be fine, Erica informs Jeff and Jack she will never forgive them, if anything happens to Kendall.

Jamie and J.R. frantically continue their Internet search in hopes of finding a lead to Kendall.

When Nurse Wendy returns to check on Babe, she asks for a wheel chair, so that she can leave the hospital room.

Ryan and Zach do not believe Nurse Johnson’s assurance that Alexander died four years ago.  As she tries to walk away, Zach blocks her and tells her about the murders and Kendall’s perilous state.

Tad and Aidan discover that a prostitute has Kendall’s phone.  After they threaten her with kidnapping charges, the prostitute informs them that a couple of hours ago, someone threw it from vehicle with tinted windows a few blocks away.

Nurse Johnson sticks to her story, as Tad and Ryan threaten her with accessory to murder charges.  Zach then threatens her with death, if she does not tell them Alexander’s whereabouts.

As Alexander is distracted and immersed in his maniacal tirade, Kendall seizes the opportunity to grab a large object.  When Kendall tries to strike him over the head, Alexander whips around and deflects her.

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