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Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Bianca is in Zoe's hospital room, telling her Ryan is figuring out where the button came from.  Zoe senses something is wrong.  Bianca's just upset about Zoe being attacked and gives her a hug.

Erica is at Zach's hotel.  She leaves Kendall a message on her phone, asking about Josh.  Erica spots Jeff around the corner, putting on his doctor coat and getting on the elevator.  She hides so he doesn't see her.

Babe wakes up in a casino hotel room, disguised as a hospital room.  Josh tells her everything's fine.

On the plane to Vegas, J.R. argues with Tad about how he's strong enough for the mission to find the killer.

Kendall has a daydream of Zach returning to her hotel room, telling her he took care of his father and they can now live a normal life with Spike.

At the warehouse, Zach opens the door with a gun in his hand.  A woman is standing inside that looks like Amelia.  Zach knows she isn't his mother and asks who she is.  Soon after, he's shot in the neck with a dart by Alexander.

Jack and Derek are discussing the killer at the police station.  Bianca approaches them and asks if they have anything new.  They tell her they don't.  She asks about the DNA sample since it could lead to the killer.  Bianca tells them about the new evidence.

Ryan shows the button to J.R., but he doesn't recognize it.  Ryan suspects it belongs to a Cambias.  Jamie and Tad make guesses of how an employee for a Cambias could be the killer.

Bianca explains that she gave the button to Ryan.  Derek's angry she didn't give it to them.  She mentions how he didn't take Zoe's attack seriously, so she went to Ryan instead.  She tells them how the button has a hawk on it.  Derek then remembers Danielle saw a bird during her attack.  Lt. Perry gives Jack a letter.  After reading it, Jack orders him to find the messenger who delivered it because it's from the killer.

Everyone on the plane buckles their seat belts.  Tad receives a call from Jack about what the killer wrote.  The note says goodbye and that he left a parting gift.  Tad tells Jack he'll get back to him.  He then realizes the killer set a trap for Kendall and Zach.

Kendall has another daydream but this one involves Zach dying.

Alexander tells the woman who looks like Amelia to take off her mask.  The woman thought she was dressing up as Amelia as a practical joke.  She didn't want any part in murder.  Alexander decides to shoot her, too.

Kendall is pacing and waiting for the phone to ring.  She picks up Zach’s jacket and finds a note.  It's from Zach, expressing his love for her.  She starts to cry and calls Ryan.  She tells him she's in Las Vegas and that Alexander Cambias is still alive.  She's afraid for Zach, but Ryan assures her he can take care of himself.  He tells Kendall he's coming to Las Vegas to protect her.

Erica lies to the hotel security about having a meeting with Jeff and Josh, and asks him what floor they're on.

Jeff looks at Babe's charts and tells her she's improving.  Josh wants her to rest.  Babe falls asleep after telling Josh she's lucky to have him.  Josh is happy because he thinks Babe is finally over J.R..

J.R. is staring at a photo of Babe and Little Adam and has flashbacks of better times.  Jamie thinks of Dixie and promises to make the killer pay.

Jack is upset that no one can find the messenger who delivered the killer's note.  A cop says there's a disturbance call.  When he tells them the address, Bianca says it's Kendall's new house.  She leaves the police station with Derek and Jack.

Kendall gets a phone call from Zach.  He tells her to meet him at the warehouse and hangs up.  The call was actually from Alexander.  He used a recording of Zach's voice to lure Kendall.  She tries leaving the hotel, but the bodyguards refuse to let her leave.  She looks towards the balcony and figures out how she'll escape.

Jack and Derek arrive at Kendall's house and find Jenkins dead.  Jack makes Bianca leave.  He and Derek try figuring out what the killer will do next.

Jack calls Kendall, but she ignores his call as she's sneaking off the hotel balcony.  Jack calls Zach next, but he's still unconscious.

Ryan's talking on the phone to Annie.  She lets him know Spike is doing fine.  Ryan tells Annie to give Emma his love and hangs up.  He thinks of Erin and swears the killer won't get Kendall next.  Aidan has flashbacks of Erin also, while Tad is remembering Dixie.  All the men on the plane think to themselves about making the killer pay.

Derek, Jack, and Bianca return to the police station and get the DNA test results from Zoe's coat.  They determine that Zoe's attacker is someone who shares Zach's DNA.

Derek calls Tad and tells him about the test results.  When he guesses that Tad is headed for Las Vegas, Tad pretends the phone is cutting out and hangs up on him.  He tells everyone on the plane they don't have much time because the police are right behind them.  Bianca believes it's a good thing Tad is heading to Las Vegas if it'll protect Kendall.

Jeff says Babe is doing well.  Josh tells him how J.R. was blackmailing Krystal and promises to handle this after Babe is well.  Jeff says Erica is on to them.

Erica threatens the hotel security guard's job since he won't take her to Josh.

Jeff thinks that for the time being they should continue to keep the truth from Babe about everyone thinking she's dead.  Babe wakes up and asks Josh to stay with her.  Erica walks in, discovering Babe is alive.

Tad, Ryan, Aidan, Jamie, and J.R. arrive at Kendall's hotel room but the bodyguards refuse to let them in her room.  Ryan manages to catch them off guard and rushes into the room, only to find that Kendall is missing.

Kendall arrives at the warehouse and finds Zach unconscious on the floor.  Alexander appears with a gun, threatening to kill Zach if she doesn't do what he says.

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