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All My Children Update Friday 2/23/07


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While Tad is trying to get information from a bank manager on the phone, Aidan is talking with a motel manager about a woman who checked in using a fake Pennsylvania driverís license.† Upset that Aidan is duplicating his work unnecessarily, Tad explodes at his friend, because they are trying to catch a killer.

As J.R. and Erica argue in the hallway at the hospital, he tells her that he saw Josh at the casino and that she needs to tell him he had no right to touch his wife.†

Bianca arrives at Ryanís penthouse to ask him if he recognizes the bird on the button that she found at the cemetery.

Zach finds a note in his father's coffin filled with rocks that reads, ďMy son was dead and is alive again.† He was lost and is found.Ē† When Zach demands to know when the grave was opened, the cemetery manager assures him that it didnít happen.† Insisting that his father didnít know he was alive when he supposedly died, Zach again asks when the grave was opened.† After checking his book, the cemetery manager realizes that it happened while he was on vacation and someone authorized the disinterment at that time.† Zach looks at the papers and is surprised to see that he authorized it.†

When J.R. tells Erica that she bad-mouthed Babe every chance she got while she was alive, Erica counters that, unlike him, she never tried to kill her.  She claims that the only reason Josh pursued Babe is because she was so miserably unhappy with him.† J.R. tells her that she certainly knows what it is like to be satisfied by a Martin man and implies that she is a tramp.† Erica slaps him across the face.† She tells him that he can proclaim his love for Babe all he wants, but they both know that Babe cared more for Josh than she did for him.†

Aidan and Tad argue about how to proceed in the search for Hannah Nichols.  Tad tells him that he already followed the lead about the fake PA license, and it was a dead end.  As their argument escalates, Jamie suggests that they can fight after they find the killer.  When Tad accuses Aidan of not doing his job, Jamie says they are all doing the best that they can.† Tad tells them that he promised Dixie that he would find the killer and that he was not going to let her down, no matter what it takes.†

Bianca informs Ryan that she found the button at the cemetery after Zoe was beaten by someone in the same black hood as the person who attacked Babe in the parking garage.  After Bianca again asks Ryan what he sees when he looks at the button, he tells her it's the same thing she sees on the letterhead at the office of Cambias Enterprises -- the Cambias crest.† Bianca wonders if Miranda and Zach are the only remaining Cambias family members, or is there another Cambias out there committing murder.

Zach tells the manager that he holds him responsible for allowing some phony to disinter his father's coffin and that he wants to know everything there is to know about the person who posed as him and authorized the grave to be opened.† After hearing that the person who was in charge died seven months ago, Zach asks when exactly the grave was dug up.  Checking his records, the manager sees that it was on July 23.† Zach tells them that July 23 was the anniversary of the day that he faked his death.†

J.R. enters Zoeís hospital room upset that she has been telling people that J.R. was blackmailing Babe.† Zoe tells him that sooner or later the truth will come out about him forcing Babe to choose between her son and her mother.† J.R. insists that she needs to stop talking about the blackmail, because it could ruin Krystalís life, but Zoe wants to take every opportunity to tell anyone who will listen to her that he was trying to blackmail Babe.† J.R. says that if Babe were still alive, she would beg Zoe not to mention the blackmail.† He tells her that the only way anyone will find out Krystalís secret is if Zoe tells it.†

Kendall and Zach arrive back at the hotel in Vegas and discuss Alex, Sr.ís reasons for faking his own death.† Zach explains that he did it to take from Michael what he wanted most in life.† Michael wanted his fatherís approval and the Cambias empire.† Since Michael dishonored the Cambias name, Alex felt that he needed to redeem it somehow.† He did that by faking his death and giving the power, the company, and the money to a complete stranger.† All was well, until Ryan discovered that Zach was Alexander Cambias, Jr., at which point, Alex, Sr., must have also found out and decided that Zach needed to be punished the same way Michael was.† Zach tells Kendall that his father wants two more lives before he is finished, and Kendall understands that Zach means her and Zach.†

Ryan tells Bianca that there are no other Cambias family members and that he has never seen anything like that button.† He asks her why she brought it to him instead of going to the police.† She tells him that she wanted to be sure that it was what she suspected it was before she passed it along.† Also, her Uncle Jack is busy and Derek thinks that the attack on Zoe was a hate crime and not connected to the Satin Slayer.† Since Ryan knows the Cambias family history and the company, Bianca believes he will do the right thing with the button.

Zoe reminds J.R. that the last time she saw him, she was bloody and lying on the ground, and he did nothing to help her.  Only concerned about Krystalís secret coming out, J.R. wants to make sure that Zoe doesnít divulge it.†

Though Kendall wants to call Jack and tell him of their discovery, Zach thinks that no one in Pine Valley can help them now.† Kendall assures him that he had nothing to do with his motherís death, but Zach says that this revenge that his father is carrying out does not have anything to do with Ameliaís death but rather it has to do with his death.† In faking his death, Zach robbed his father of the control that he had over his son's life.† Kendall, again, requests that she be allowed to call Jack and Zach balks at that idea.† Kendall realizes that Zach thinks that Alex is in Vegas and tells him that there is no way he could have followed them.† When the phone in the hotel room rings, Zach answers it and hears his fatherís voice.† Zach agrees to meet with him, as long as it's just the two of them and no one else, so Alex gives him the address of a warehouse.

When Erica tries to enter Kendallís room at the casino, she is stopped by security guards then calls Kendallís cell phone to tell her that she wants the guard fired.  Ryan shows up at the casino and grows concerned when he remembers the words from the killerís fax warning him that he took his sister, and he'll also take the mother of his child.† Pushing past the guard, Ryan opens the door calling for Kendall.†

Aidan reminds Tad that he is not the only one who lost someone to the killer and that he has been working very hard on the case, too.† Tad thinks that he is the one who is expected to solve all of the problems.† First, he was to find Kate, and he let Dixie down by not accomplishing that, and now he is letting her down again by not finding her killer.† He feels that the only thing he ever did is let her down.† J.R. enters the room and says that is not true.† Dixie loved him, believed in him, and never felt that he let her down.†

Erica complains about the security not doing what it was supposed to do.† She tells Ryan that Kendall is supposed to be at the casino, and she isnít and Josh supposedly left town, but J.R. told her that he was at the casino.† Ryan recalls Bianca asking him if there is another Cambias out there committing murders and then remembers Zach asking questions about the day that his father died.† He turns and goes rushing off.†

Zach gets a gun that he has hidden from Kendall and loads it.† He puts the gun in the waistband of his pants.† Though Kendall tries to talk Zach out of going to meet with his father alone, he needs to do it this way.  Since she is his wife, his partner, and Spikeís mother, she needs to stay in the hotel room and not go with him.† When she wonders if she is supposed to sit there and worry about seeing him the next time in a body bag, he assures her that everything is going to be ok.  This confrontation has been coming for a long time, and it is just between him and his father.†

J.R. tells the men that they need to get back to work, and he will help.  When Tad says that he canít be chasing people since he just recently gave up the use of his cane, J.R. offers to make phone calls and surf the Internet for information.† Jamie has been hacking into systems in the area to find out if anyone has ordered large amounts of V-tach.† J.R. knows some people in his AA group that are also in Narcotics Anonymous, and they might know some local dealers that could help them follow-up on that.† Tad tells him to get busy and track them down.†

Ryan comes out of the bathroom and tells the security man that Kendall is in the tub with headphones on and doesnít want to be disturbed, so he should stay there until Mr. Slater returns.† He takes Erica off to the side and tells her that Zach did it.† He got Kendall out of Pine Valley and will keep her safe.† After Ryan leaves, Erica again calls Kendallís cell phone and gets annoyed when she doesnít answer.†

When Bianca enters her hospital room, Zoe admits she might have misjudged J.R.  Bianca advises her friend not to think about him but to concentrate on getting well.† Zoe wonders if she has made bad judgments about other situations, too.† She worries that maybe the attacker was just a random punk and not the killer.† Bianca assures her that she was attacked by the Satin Slayer.†

Ryan shows up at Tad and Aidanís office as the others are discussing their recent leads in the case and asks what Dani remembered about the attacker.† After Aidan says she saw a bird swooping down on her, Ryan takes the button, which he has placed into a plastic bag, out of his pocket and puts it on the desk in front of them, announcing that they now know who the killer is.†

As Zach enters the warehouse, a bright light shines in his face.† He draws his gun as he tries to shade his eyes, and looks further into the warehouse, seeing the image of his mother, Amelia, smiling at him.

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