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Zach and Kendall arrive at Alexander Cambias Sr.'s grave.  Zach tries digging up the grave with his bare hands.

Tad confronts Jeff at the hospital and asks Jeff why he isn't helping Erica find Josh.  Jeff says that Josh doesn't want to be found.  Tad then figures out that he knows where Josh is.

Josh walks into Babe's hospital room.  She asks if he contacted her mom.  He says that he called Krystal and she will be coming to visit soon.  Babe asks if he's lying to her.

Bianca lashes out at J.R.  Adam tells her not to attack J.R. right now since he's still grieving.  Bianca says that while he may be grieving Babe's death, he did blackmail her before she died.

Zoe explains her attack from the Satin Slayer to Derek and Jack.  Derek asks if the attacker had white ribbons and flowers and wonders why the attacker didn't poison her.  He suspects Zoe is lying.

Kendall gets the guards to stop Zach from continuing to dig the grave.  Zach then instructs them to dig it up.

The bodyguards get shovels and start digging.  Kendall doesn't think doing this will help them find the killer.  Zach says there are secrets in Alexander's grave.

Josh assures Babe he's telling the truth.  She asks him how her son is doing and if she's going to die.  Josh answers one day, but not now.  Babe worries about leaving her son with J.R., but Josh tells her she needs to relax.

J.R. claims Zoe is lying about the blackmail.  He insists Bianca leave.  She then tells Krystal and Adam how J.R. found Zoe beaten up in the cemetery and left her there.  J.R. say Zoe was drunk and must have been attacked after hitting on a straight guy.  Adam says Zoe should take care of herself.  Bianca asks J.R. if he's passing his hate on to Zoe since Babe isn't around for him to hate.

Derek is skeptical of Zoe's story since it isn't the first time she lied to the police.  Just as they are about to leave, Zoe remembers her attacker spitting on her and tells Derek and Jack they can test her clothes for the DNA.  Derek tells her a police officer can handle the case since this is simple assault.  Julia comes in the room with pills for Zoe to take.  Derek and Jack leave.  Zoe asks Julia if she's bothered by her.  Julia says no and apologizes for making her feel uncomfortable at Wildwind.  She offers to introduce Zoe to a therapist.

Jack criticizes Derek's attitude towards Zoe and insists they test her clothes for the attacker's DNA.

Jeff refuses to tell Tad where Josh is.  He says Tad should lie to Erica.  Erica walks into the room and hears some of their conversation.  She asks what's going on.  Both men make up a lie and Tad leaves.  Erica senses Jeff is lying and demands the truth.  When he tells her Josh is fine, she's angry that he knew Josh's whereabouts and didn't tell her.

Adam feels J.R. was not obligated to help Zoe.  Bianca mentions her talk with J.R. at Babe's grave and tells him not to try bonding with her ever again.  J.R. tells her he's not in the mood for a lecture.  Bianca rolls her eyes and leaves.

Zach is ordering a man to get whatever permit is needed to dig up his father's grave.  Kendall asks Zach what clue he thinks is hidden with his father.  She doesn't think there's anything for him in the coffin since his father died thinking Zach was dead.  Zach goes into details with Kendall about the things his father did to him growing up.  He says he couldn't take it anymore and had to get out.

Zoe thanks Julia for her kindness.  Julia says a good nurse doesn't judge.  She tells Zoe to be herself.

Derek doesn't want to waste resources on an "ordinary" hate crime.  Jack says they don't get to choose who they protect.  Derek asks if he's calling him prejudice.  Jack says there are issues clouding his judgment.  Bianca arrives at the hospital and asks them if there's any change in Zoe’s condition.  Derek tells her Zoe claims to have been attacked by the Satin Slayer, but he doesn't believe her story.  Jack says they're following a lead.  Bianca goes into Zoe's room.  Jack orders Derek to run the DNA test on Zoe's clothes.

Since Jeff won't tell Erica where to find Josh, she threatens to end their relationship.

Josh tells Babe not to worry about J.R. right now.  She says he should be a doctor again.  She asks him if J.R. even cares she almost died.  Josh says he doesn't want to upset her.

J.R. tells Adam and Krystal he's going to the hospital for an AA meeting.  Adam asks him about the blackmail and what he had on Babe.

Josh doesn't think there's any point in Babe bringing up J.R.  He tells her J.R. showed up “here,” but didn't come into her room.

J.R. tells Adam it doesn't matter what he had on Babe, now that she's dead.  He gives Adam advice about learning from his mistakes and not doing anything to Krystal.  Adam doesn't understand why J.R. would think he'd do anything to Krystal.

Babe doesn't know how she's going to protect Krystal.  She calls herself stupid for thinking J.R. could change.  Josh tells her she married an idiot.

Erica tells Jeff to think about what they have.  Because she's willing to put their relationship on the line in order to get the truth from him.  Jeff decides he doesn't want to violate Josh's trust.  Erica tells him he'll never get his hands on her again but he's confident he will.  His arrogance makes Erica leave in anger.

Bianca tells Zoe the attack wasn't her fault.  She says Zoe needs to be more careful when going out at night.  She and Julia explain things Zoe will have to learn as a female.

Tad tells Jack he hasn't found Hannah yet.  Jack assures him Kendall is safe with Zach.

Zach tells Kendall about the time his father laughed at him when he tried to leave home and how he staged his own death.  He says he attended his own funeral and watched his father grieve.  It was his turn to laugh.

J.R. explains to Adam that he was only warning him not to hurt Krystal.  He then leaves for the hospital.  Adam asks Krystal if J.R. was really telling the truth.  She says yes, but doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

Julia leaves.  Bianca and Zoe continue their conversation.  Zoe has flashbacks of her attack and remembers ripping off her attacker's button.  Bianca offers to look for it at the cemetery since Zoe doesn't think Derek will believe her about this, either.

Kendall tells Zach his father no longer controls him.  She assures him they can have a happy life together.  He implies to her that he thinks his father is still alive.

Josh assures Babe everything will work out.

J.R. runs into Erica at the hospital.  She says he can no longer hurt Josh now that he's missing.  J.R. says he can get to Josh anytime he wants.

Derek returns to Zoe's room and gets her clothes for the DNA test.  As he leaves, Zoe thanks him.

Bianca visits Babe's grave, then searches for the button.  After finding it, she's shocked when she sees it has a bird on it.  The bird matches the one that is on Alex Cambias, Sr.’s headstone at the cemetery. 

Zach hopes the women didn't have to die in order for him to be punished.  The bodyguards open Alexander's coffin, only to find rocks inside.

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