AMC Update Wednesday 2/21/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/21/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Babe awakens to Josh, dressed as a doctor, and a more hospital like setting. When she first speaks, she asks him whether she is in the hospital, and he vaguely answers “where else would you be”?

Bianca goes to Babe and Dixie’s grave. She hears groaning, and with the benefit of daylight, she sees Zoe severely beaten and lying on the ground. As her bodyguard calls for an ambulance, an object, apparently belonging to the killer, falls out of Zoe’s hand.

Krystal quietly watches J.R. stare at decanters of alcohol in their living room. She begins goading him into drinking to “get the nerve” to reveal her “secret”, since she believes he will eventually tell Adam anyway.

Now in Vegas and posing in “gangster style” as "Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Suarez”, Kendall and Zach intimidate the hotel manager into accommodating their entourage of bodyguards.

Josh continues his “charade” and tells Babe he began practicing again, in order to treat her. Without revealing the truth, Josh assures Babe that Krystal and her son are fine. When Josh mentions J.R. to Babe, she is reminded of his “threat” and hysterically asks Josh for help in “stopping him”.

J.R. attempts to convince Krystal he will never repeat her “secret”, and Krystal does not have any faith in his promise. J.R. understands Krystal’s reaction to him, and he reaches out to her further. He tells her “I need you even more than I do my father”.

At PVH, Bianca describes Zoe’s condition to Jeff and Julia, and the paramedic gives them a brief medical summary. Julia asks Zoe to respond; Zoe only manages to inform them she was victimized “last night”. Zoe is then moved to triage for examination. Bianca calls the police to report the beating.

Kendall, now relieved to be away from Pine Valley, gleefully sits on Zach’s lap in their hotel suite. Zach does not share her relief and reminds Kendall of their circumstances and their purpose in Vegas.

Jeff takes Zoe for X-rays, before she can finish talking to Bianca. Julia tells Bianca her theory that Zoe was a likely victim of hate crime. Derek arrives and asks Bianca for information about Zoe. As Bianca tells Derek limited details, a view of the crime scene, at the cemetery, shows “the object” left behind on the ground. Based on the location of the crime scene, Derek believes the crime is associated with the satin slayer. He becomes disappointed, when Julia and now Bianca tell Derek their conclusions. Bianca is incensed by his reaction; Derek justifies his position, since he regards the murder cases as a much higher priority. Bianca and Derek have a heated discussion over gay, trans-gender, and racial issues. Bianca’s anger is deflected, when Derek reminds her that Kendall is the next target.

Josh realizes he has traumatized Babe; In order to stabilize her, he makes up a story that J.R. told him he was “going to hold off” from executing his threat. He continues his lie and convinces Babe that her “confusion” is preventing her from remembering that Krystal visited her earlier.

Although still suspicious of J.R.’s motives, Krystal tears, as J.R. wishes he could see Babe’s face again. J.R. explains that Krystal’s features, especially her eyes, remind him of Babe. He offers to legally formalize Babe’s wishes regarding Krystal’s custody of Little A, since Krystal and his son are his only “connection” left to Babe. Krystal then realizes why Babe always loved J.R. so much and wishes he had shown “this side of him”, before her death.

Posing as the Suarezes, Zach and Kendall go to the local hospital to find the nurse Ryan referenced, in his conversation about Alexander’s death with Zach. Pretending Alexander was her grandfather she did not know, she asks Nurse Johnson for any information concerning him she may have. Kendall advises Nurse Johnson she exhausted Ryan as a source of information, when Nurse Johnson suggests “Mrs. Suarez” could also speak to him. As “the Suarezes” and the nurse are seated, Kendall tries to elicit answers from her; Zach flashes back to the night of Babe’s attack, when he first ran his idea to fake Babe’s death by Josh. As the women converse, Zach’s continuing flash backs reveal how Josh and Zach enlisted Jeff’s assistance and Joe Martin’s signature on Babe’s phony death certificate. Another flash back shows how Zach enlisted Jack’s help with the official autopsy. Since the nurse’s information was similar to Ryan’s, Zach decides to pursue another possible source.

Josh assures Babe that Zach will protect Kendall. Babe then insists upon contacting Krystal; Josh grabs her hand and promises he will call Krystal for her.

J.R. admits to Krystal he would “give his life” to be able to undo his treachery towards Babe. Krystal comforts him by telling J.R. Babe has forgiven him “wherever she is now”. J.R. then asks Krystal if she forgives him.

Jeff informs Zoe, Bianca and Derek that Zoe’s injuries are relatively minor. When Jack arrives, he and Derek question Zoe about her attacker. Zoe, still hazy, mentions that J.R. saw her condition and left her there, instead of responding to their question. Bianca is shocked by this information.

After a prolonged silence, Krystal grabs hold of J.R. and forgives him. Adam is elated, as he walks in on this moment. They all share a group hug.

Kendall and Zach go to Alexander’s grave, and Kendall asks Zach, if he had been there before.

As Josh leaves, he again assures Babe he will contact Krystal. Outside of her room, Josh simulates the hospital setting by playing a recording of a doctor being paged.

While Krystal, Adam, and J.R. laugh and reminisce about funny Babe stories, Bianca shows up to blast J.R. about Zoe.

Zach silently focuses on the words: “Beloved father and husband” inscribed on Alexander’s head stone. He ignores Kendall, as her voice echoes in his head. When he replays Ryan’s words about his father, Zach becomes enraged and begins digging up the gravel surrounding his father’s grave…………..

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