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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Knowing Ryan was with Zach’s father at his deathbed and in hopes he may then unwittingly have useful information to solve the murders, Zach goes to see Ryan at the penthouse. He asks Ryan for a general description of his last conversation with his father. Ryan regards Zach’s question as vague and accuses him of “keeping secrets”.

At Erica request for assistance in locating Josh, Tad goes to her hotel room for details.

When Josh sees J.R. in Kendall’s room at the casino, he tries to force J.R. to leave. Kendall quickly explains why J.R. is there, so that Josh does not think he has come to look for Babe. Josh and J.R. start arguing about Babe, and ironically, J.R. blames Josh for her death.

Not realizing she was revived and hidden at the casino, Babe wakes in a confused state and asks the nurse where she is.

Someone attacks Zoe, while she is quietly reflecting, at the cemetery. Although it is dark, Zoe realizes it is the killer and fights back.

Babe becomes agitated, as she flashes back to J.R.’s threats. The nurse tries to calm her, since Babe’s heart rate starts elevating to a dangerous level.

Erica expresses her concerns to Tad that Josh may act irrationally, since he is so distraught from Babe’s death. Erica becomes frustrated, when Jeff and Tad do not believe her concerns are justified.

J.R. continues to lash out at Josh. Josh becomes quiet, when J.R. faults him for disrespecting Babe’s choice to reconcile her marriage. Josh then receives a call from Babe’s nurse concerning her condition. As Josh tries to leave to help Babe, J.R. blocks the doorway.

Now persuaded, Ryan reflects back to the circumstances surrounding Alexander Sr.’s death. Ryan flashes back to his heart attack, at the time Zach’s father was writing a check. Ryan then has a flashback to Alexander’s words from his hospital bed about Michael’s resentment towards Zach (Alex Jr.). Zach is angered by Ryan’s belief that Zach’s father missed him, when he thought he was dead. Ryan tells Zach, that his father’s devastation, after learning Michael raped Bianca, was the ultimate cause of his death. Zach grows more contemptuous of his father, when Ryan tells him about his father’s deathbed bequests of his property.

J.R. catches up to Josh at the elevator, after Josh slips passed him in the hotel room. Fortunately for Josh, Jack advises J.R. he has to leave for security reasons, before is able to jump on the elevator with Josh.

Since Jeff knows Josh’s whereabouts, he tries to derail Erica from insisting that Tad locate their son. Jeff quickly leaves Tad and Erica, when Josh calls him for assistance.

Ryan relays to Zach Alexander’s last words and Ryan’s “pledge” to Alexander, as he flashes back to it. Zach insists that Ryan is “missing something”.

Kendall hugs Jack, as she tells him how worried she was J.R. could have discovered “their secret in the basement”.

Josh attends to Babe. As he tells the nurse the different medications he may administer, he reveals they induced Babe into a coma, at the hospital, to simulate her death.

J.R. goes to Dixie’s grave to talk to her. He hears stirring and looks down and sees a hand. When he discovers that it is Zoe laying on the ground in the darkness, he mistakenly assumes her prone position for dramatically mourning Babe or being drunk. J.R. goes into a tirade and begins to cruelly mock Zoe and blame her for his failed marriage. Zoe is unable to tell J.R. what really happened.

Zach stops prodding Ryan for clues from his father’s deathbed, when he hears Spike crying.

Kendall feels protected and secure, when Jack assures her she will always be his daughter, regardless of his situation with Erica. She is also comforted by the fact that he does not hold Zach responsible for the murders.

Although Erica apologizes to Tad for bothering him after just losing Dixie, she still continues to focus on Josh. Tad does not initially respond, when she asks him his opinion about Jeff’s behavior concerning Josh.

After Babe stabilizes, the nurse tells Josh her surroundings “set off” Babe. Josh tells the nurse to make “better” arrangements for Babe. Hoping Babe can hear him; Josh describes the bright future ahead of her. When Jeff arrives, Josh asks him to check Babe’s condition.

Tad responds by telling Erica Josh needs “space”. Erica tells Tad she fears Josh may some how blame her for Babe’s death. Tad assures her that is not the case and offers to find Josh.

Zach soothes Spike with his voice and kisses. Even though Spike does not understand, Zach tells him his fears that something bad is about to happen. Before Zach leaves, Ryan advises Zach about his message to the killer, through the bug at Fusion. He also notifies Zach he will, in an effort to save Kendall, comply with any request the killer may make in response; Zach agrees with Ryan’s decision.

Jeff praises Josh for his “good work” and encourages him to continue practicing medicine. To show his true appreciation for the risks Jeff took; Josh hugs Jeff and refers to him as “dad” for the first time. Jeff is deeply moved by his Josh’s gesture.

As Ryan plays with Spike, he receives a faxed message from the killer stating “NICE TRY TOO LATE”!

As Kendall hugs Jack goodbye, Zach rushes into the room. In reaction to Ryan’s reference to the “desert”, while reflecting on Alexander’s deathbed circumstances,

Zach tells Kendall they are leaving for Vegas to get “answers”. A resistant Kendall complies, after Jack agrees with Zach’s idea.

J.R. contemptuously tells Zoe to “sleep off” the alcohol and leaves her alone, writhing in pain from the encounter with the killer. As J.R. walks away, Zoe’s clenched hand opens and then stops all movement completely………..

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