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All My Children Update Monday 2/19/07


Written By rabbitonthemoon
Pictures by Juanita

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J.R. is crying at Babe's coffin.

Babe turns out to be alive. She wakes up in a room and Josh tells her everything is fine.

Tad tells Joe he's worried that J.R. might not be able to get through this. Julia announces that everyone is invited to Wildwind to celebrate the lives of Dixie and Babe. Adam and Krystal decide to leave.

Zach visits Ethan's grave and promises to find Simone's killer.

J.R. tells Bianca to forgive Maggie if she still loves her. As Bianca is trying to make him feel better, J.R. is confronted by Zoe, who calls him names.

Joe and Opal tell Tad they're here for him.

Zoe tells Bianca how J.R. was blackmailing Babe. She says Babe died hating him.

Ryan arrives at Wildwind with Annie and Emma. They go upstairs.

Julia, Di, Aidan, and others are setting up everything at Wildwind for everyone's arrival.

Adam helps Krystal into bed. He puts a blanket over her and tries comforting her.

Josh is giving Babe a drug. He says she had a heart attack, but managed to survive. Kendall tells her she'll be fine. Babe asks where she is.

Krystal is in her room sleeping. Colby comes in and Krystal wakes up calling for Babe. Colby brings in a tray with tea and some food.

Kendall talks to Josh in private. She's not sure how long they can keep the truth from Babe about everyone thinking she's dead. She tells Josh she can't judge him for doing something crazy in the name of love and mentions what Zach did to save Spike. Zach walks into the room.

Zoe says that J.R. didn't deserve Babe. Bianca stops her, saying Dixie and Babe's funeral wasn't the place for it. Then she tells J.R. she's sorry for his loss. J.R. walks away. When Tad asks where he's going, he replies hes not headed for a bar.

Zach tells Kendall and Josh details about the funeral. Kendall says she hates letting Krystal believe Babe's dead but Zach and Josh agree that Babe's safety is more important. Zach says Ryan was at the funeral but he didn't have Spike.

Emma is showing Ryan her new room at Wildwind, and then runs off. Ryan and Annie discuss Erin and start hugging. Jonathan walks into the room. Annie decides to leave to check on Spike. Jonathan tells Ryan he's happy for him.

Colby talks to Krystal. She tells her she can hug her and pretend she's Babe if it'll help her feel better. Krystal says she doesn't have to be anyone but herself and gives Colby a hug, as Adam watches.

Di lets Tad know Dixie loved him and they both hug. Kathy sees Tad and jumps into his arms.

Bianca is holding a picture of her and Babe with Miranda and Little Adam. Zoe sits next to her. She apologizes to Bianca for what she said to J.R. because the funeral wasn't the place for it. Bianca shows her the photo and says it was taken during the good times but everything has changed.

Kendall leaves the hotel room with Zach after telling Babe she'll be okay.

Bianca tells Zoe that Babe gave her the photo and she didn't want it at first. Bianca then decides that Babe should have the photo.

Josh tells Babe she's safe and puts his hand on her forehead.

Zoe tells Bianca that Babe loved her but Bianca decides she wants to put the picture in with her body. Jack confronts them and says they have to clear the area. Bianca then thanks him for protecting them. After they hug, Bianca asks Zoe if she wants to go to Wildwind with her. Zoe doesn't think she'd be welcome there, but Bianca says Babe's loved ones need to be together right now. They both leave for Wildwind.

Zach can't stop pacing, so Kendall tries getting him to relax. She gives him a massage, but he decides to leave.

Jonathan tells Ryan that he and Annie should be together. They should give love a chance.

Kathy runs to Tad with a book. Julia tells her Tad might not be in the mood to read her a story and offers to do it instead. Kathy says Tad is her new dad and kisses him on the cheek.

Colby is outside the Chandler Mansion crying. Sean finds her and tries to comfort her.

Tad gives Kathy the book and tells her to go play. He assures Julia he's okay and considers it an honor that Kathy wants him to be her father.

Bianca and Zoe arrive at Wildwind and everyone stares. Amanda thanks Zoe for singing at the funeral. Del then makes a rude remark about Zoe wearing a dress. Emma and Kathy say hello to Zoe. She feels uncomfortable, so she decides to leave. Amanda criticizes Del for his treatment of Zoe.

Aidan tells Tad he's looking for Hannah. He swears she will pay if she turns out to be the killer.

The killer visits Ethan's grave.

Annie takes Jonathan into her room to talk to him alone. She asks him about his reaction to her and Ryan being together. He says Ryan told him they weren't dating. He decides to stay out of it and leaves.

Zach goes to Ryan's penthouse and tells him he needs to know what happened the night his father died.

To help Colby feel better, Sean tells her how hard he cried when his father died. They both hug.

Adam lets Krystal know she raised a great daughter ad says he doesn't want to miss any of Charlotte's life. Krystal then shares some of her memories of Babe with Adam.

Babe wakes up. When she realizes she isn't in a hospital, she asks the nurse where she is.

J.R. visits Kendall and apologizes for things he did to her in the past. She accepts his apology and tries to rush him out of her hotel room. When she opens the door to kick him out, Josh arrives.

It's nighttime. Zoe is in the cemetery crying. Footsteps are heard. Zoe turns around and it's the killer. He attacks her.

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