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All My Children Update Friday 2/16/07


Written By Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

On her way to Babe and Dixie's funeral, Bianca is surprised to find her mother still in her robe.  Once she sees a suit jacket belonging to Jeff on the table, however, she puts two and two together and urges him to come out.  Wearing a white robe, Jeff sheepishly emerges from the bathroom.

Although Krystal screams at J.R. to tell Tad and Adam why she wants him gone and her grandson to stay with her, he remains silent.

When Kathy asks Julia to play with her, she sends her upstairs to Annie and Emma so everyone at Wildwind can go to the funeral.  As Di takes a moment to compose herself, Jamie answers Wildwind's front door to find Janet standing there.

Jonathan informs Annie that he knows about Emma and is happy about her relationship with Ryan, but she sets him straight, proclaiming that her amorous feelings toward Ryan are not being reciprocated.

At the cemetery, Ryan thanks Jack for stepping up security, then asks for help in contacting the killer before he gets to Kendall.

When someone breaches security at the casino, Zach jumps into action flashing his gun around until he realizes the intruder is Raymond Jenkins.  When the three burly guards let him up, Jenkins gives Zach a white handkerchief that belonged to Amelia.  Inviting him into Kendall's room, Zach insists that he did kill his mother, but Raymond assures him that he didn't mean to do it and his mother forgives him.  After Jenkins leaves, Zach tells Kendall that he will never forgive himself.

Showing Jack the latest note from the killer saying, "You've let me down," a frustrated Ryan wonders why the killer has chosen to contact him.  After advising Ryan to let him know immediately if he hears from the psycho again, Jack says he's heard from Greenlee.

Annie doesn't want to force Ryan into a relationship with her just for Emma's sake and is happy with just a friendship for now.  When Emma enters the room, Jonathan happily encourages the little girl to call him "Uncle Jon."

Janet assures her panicky daughter that she didn't break out of the psychiatric facility but has received a one-day supervised pass to attend the funeral.  When Del goes off on Janet, Jonathan stops him and welcomes her back.

After Jeff returns to the bathroom, Bianca stops Erica from badmouthing Babe now that she's dead.  Unhappy with what she's doing to her Uncle Jack, Bianca refuses to let her mother accompany her to the funeral.  When Bianca tells her she's going with Kendall, Erica anxiously fears for Kendall's safety.  On her way out, Bianca angrily admits to Erica that she hopes she will never become more like her mother then slams the door.

While J.R. claims he will always regret what he did to Babe, Adam guesses that he told his pregnant wife about his plan to divorce Babe and seek sole custody of Little Adam.  Calling J.R. "a cruel, vile creature," Krystal refuses to calm down until he disappears from her and her grandson's lives.  She then announces that Babe drew up another will giving her custody of her son.  A repentant J.R. admits that he deserves Krystal's hatred but refuses to divulge her secret and make her lose more than she already has.  Krystal understands what he's saying and goes out with Adam while Tad comforts J.R., assuring him of his love and support.

Krystal vows never to forgive J.R. for taking Babe's happiness away, but Adam reminds her how wrong he was to try to punish Babe for making J.R. jump through the window.  When Adam urges Krystal not to use an innocent child as a weapon, she recalls J.R.'s threat to tell his father the truth about Tad's baby and hugs Adam.

J.R. agrees to be there for Tad, but he has to take care of a few things before going to the cemetery where they'll say good-bye to Babe and Dixie together.

Jack tells Ryan how upset Greenlee's been about the attacks on the women of Fusion, but he has convinced her to stay away while the killer is on the loose.  Still hating how much he hurt Greenlee, Ryan doesn't want to return to the cemetery for yet another funeral.

Kendall tries to assure Zach that she will not be another victim, but a knock at the door again causes Zach to draw his gun at Erica who announces that Kendall is going to the funeral over her dead body.  When Zach agrees, Kendall quickly acquiesces, a little too quickly for her suspicious mother.

Jonathan identifies with Janet and calmly tells her that her daughter and the people of Pine Valley need time to get used to the fact that she's better.  Understanding she made a bad choice, Janet agrees to return to the institution.

While Adam goes to get the car, Krystal lets J.R. know that she doesn't trust him, but he promises to forget what his mother said.  After Colby and J.R. make up, Krystal takes her hand as they go out the door.

When bunches of gardenias with white ribbons are brought to the cemetery by men from the funeral home, Tad angrily orders them to be taken away.  J.R. turns his wrath upon Zach, blaming him for the deaths of his wife and mother.

Although Erica is worried about Josh, Kendall refuses to help her find him.  Hearing how Bianca found her basking in the afterglow with Jeff, Kendall has some harsh words for her mother and shows her the door.  Before she leaves, however, Erica warns that Kendall will find out she's right about Josh, Bianca, and her and Zach.

As Di, Del, and Aidan arrive at the gravesite, Jamie hugs his brother then his dad.  While somber music plays, Jonathan arrives with Amanda and hugs Ryan.  Bianca embraces Tad then comforts Krystal.  Zoe arrives and turns heads in a stunning black outfit and upswept do.  Supported by Opal, Palmer walks over followed by Joe and Myrtle who takes Zach's hand.  Stuart arrives with Marian followed by Jeff and Erica who exchanges glances with Jack.  The minister then says a few nice words for the loved ones of "Dixie Cooney Martin and Babe Arabella Chandler."  Regretting how he treated Dixie and Babe, Adam expresses his respect and love for them for always putting their children first.  Turning to Dixie's coffin, Bianca recalls how she told her that she could never forgive the person who kept her baby from her.  Now that Babe is gone, however, she turns to her coffin and assures her she has forgiven her.  Tad stands and remembers meeting Dixie for the first time at Myrtle's dress shop then deciding very quickly that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  In her eyes, he could see himself, his home, his wife, and his children, those he had and those he wanted to have, and their future together.  When he breaks down, Jamie comforts his dad.  Di talks of how warm and giving her sister was and how much she'll miss her.  Krystal stands up and falls over Babe's coffin, decrying God for taking her little girl.  Adam and Colby help her up as Zoe begins singing a beautiful rendition of "You Raise Me Up."  All the mourners file by the caskets, placing individual flowers on them.  When it's J.R.'s turn, he tells his mom that he loves her then lovingly places a hand on Babe's coffin.  Somewhere in a hospital bed, Babe slowly opens her eyes.

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