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Having pulled an all-nighter, Jack arrives home extremely tired and finds Barbara waiting for him.  Just as Barbara pulls him into a kiss, Erica walks in the door.

Ryan helps Annie gather all her possessions in anticipation of moving out of his home for Emma's sake.  Suddenly, they lock eyes and are drawn into a passionate kiss.

When Kendall recalls their perfect time together the previous day, Zach assures her they will be happy again with little Spike.  Tad arrives with news of a new suspect.

As Krystal ponders details like what kind of music to play at Babe and Dixie's joint funerals, Adam urges her to get some rest.  Seeing J.R. sitting by himself, Krystal tries to comfort him, but he disagrees that he made Babe happy. Krystal tries to reach out and hug him, but a guilty J.R. pulls away and lashes out at Colby for wearing one of Babe's dresses.

Annie and Ryan wonder what they should do about their physical attraction and whether she should move out. After Ryan reassures her that their encounter at Wildwind was not casual, they express that they care about each other a lot.

Zach recalls Ethan's mother, Hannah Nichols, as a sweet 17-year-old whom he only knew for one summer. Tad suggests that she may have become angry and dangerous over the intervening years.

Erica and Barbara engage in some typical sparring while Jack referees until Erica finally divulges that she's concerned about her son, Josh, since he was so upset about Babe's death that he left.

While J.R. screams at Colby, Adam whisks her away while Krystal tries to calm him down, but J.R. feels that his anger goes so much deeper.

Colby is upset that J.R. misinterpreted her attempt to wear a dress Babe gave her as a tribute, but her dad suggests they be patient and keep loving him and Krystal. Sorry that she treated Krystal and Babe so shabbily, Colby wishes she hadn't told J.R. about her stepmother's secret.

J.R. doesn't agree with Krystal, that he made Babe happy or that he trusted her again. Unable to see a future with her daughter, J.R. admits that he actually was going to divorce her.

Since poison is usually a woman's weapon of choice, Tad convinces Zach to consider Hannah a suspect, because she might have blamed him for Ethan's death, and besides they have nothing better.

Though Ryan suggests they keep living together, Annie doesn't want to hurt Emma if "Mommy and Daddy go bust. Their guard delivers a message from the killer saying, "You've let me down. When Annie urges him to go to the police, Ryan assures her he's not in danger.  The psycho just wants to tell him that he messed up when Ryan tried to align himself with the killer, and now he feels helpless to stop Kendall's murder.

Zach remembers that his father gave Hannah money to go to England, give birth to Ethan, give him up for adoption, and then disappear. Tad suggests that Alexander may have convinced Hannah that Zach wanted nothing to do with his child, and now she wants a little payback. In any case, he and Aidan are going to look for her, but they will be more successful if Zach helps them. When Tad asks what she looked like, Zach recalls her removing a white satin ribbon from her long brown curls.

As Jack tries to talk to Erica about Josh, Barbara butts in again with a comment that Erica didn't want her son in the first place, prompting Jack to question the reason for her visit after she abandoned Sean "to bed Europe. Erica accuses Barbara of conceiving her son simply for his bone marrow to save his sister and that she gave up custody of him, because she no longer cares about Sean. As Barbara vehemently disagrees, Jack orders her to shut up and turns his attention to Erica, suggesting that Josh is an adult who can go anywhere he pleases. Even though Erica is afraid Josh will do something irrational, Jack refuses to drop everything and go find him, but he does suggest that she turn to Jeff for some of his "brilliant insight. Erica storms out so that Jack and Barbara can get back to whatever they were doing "not particularly well. When Barbara lightheartedly suggests they chat over breakfast, Jack lashes out by showing her Babe's autopsy report and mentioning the serial killer's other four victims. Since he is in charge of stopping the murders, Jack wants Barbara to leave. When she objects, Sean appears and agrees with his uncle.

Catching herself, Colby denies there is any secret to tell, insisting she just wanted to stir up trouble for Krystal and Babe, because she's been stupid and selfish and deserves to be hated. Hugging his distraught daughter, Adam asks her if she knows how much he loves her.

Krystal is appalled that J.R. decided to divorce his daughter simply because she kissed Josh good-bye, and that he was going to take away her child by using blackmail. J.R. confesses that instead of honoring Dixie's wish to give Tad his child, he used the information to make Babe choose between giving up her son or ruining her mother's marriage. As Krystal expresses her dismay at his ability to torture Babe, J.R. sarcastically wonders if she still wants to call him son.

Colby feels that, unlike herself, Charlotte will be so perfect and easy to love. Adam comforts her by assuring Colby that she is "exuberant, unpredictable, entirely irreplaceable. When she wonders how she can make up for all she's done to Krystal and J.R., Adam assures her they have plenty of time to help them together.

Annie proposes that if Ryan can figure out why the killer is writing to him, he can determine who it is. Ryan considers the possibility that Ethan's mother could be involved.

Since Zach can't remember more details of Hannah, he offers Tad and Aidan a file of information he and Ethan's men had compiled. After Tad leaves, Kendall asks if Zach ever told Hannah about his mother.

Rather than sending Barbara to the Pine Cone Motel or Myrtle's Boarding House, Jack allows her to stay at his place as long as she stays out of the way. While Jack's getting ready to attend the double funerals, Barbara hugs her son who wonders if she's there to "tag Uncle Jack," because her boyfriend dumped her.

Grateful that Jeff is so sympathetic to her concerns about Josh that he agrees to track him down, Erica gives him a big hug which leads to a kiss.

On his way to the funeral, Jack receives a call from Josh who assures him that everything is all right, and he'll keep in touch.

Appreciating how much Jeff understands and loves her, Erica doesn't want to be alone any longer. As music plays, Jeff and Erica strip off their clothes, and then he picks her up and heads for the bed.

Ryan recalls honoring the terms of Alexander's will by giving everything to Ethan and Miranda which may have prompted the killer to contact him. When he fears for Kendall's life, Annie is confident that Ryan will protect Kendall as he has protected her.

Talking with Kendall, Zach ponders whether his very powerful father turned Hannah against him and what prompted him to lose it with Jenkins at the police station.

A hysterical Krystal berates J.R. for ripping Babe apart and being prepared to betray Adam and Tad. Calling J.R. a coward who made Babe's last day miserable, Krystal feels happy that Babe died before she had to decide between her mother and her son.

As he remembers his father reassuring him that he didn't mean to do it, Zach concludes that he did kill his mom.

At Fusion, Ryan rails against the killer and demands a face-to-face meeting to find out how he let him down, because he did the right thing by giving his friend Ethan his legacy. Ryan pleads for a chance to save Kendall.

As Kendall doubts that Zach killed his mother, the security alarm blares, prompting him to push Kendall back and aim his gun toward the door.

Tad comes to the Chandler Mansion to see J.R. before the funeral and hears Krystal screaming at him to leave immediately without his son. When Adam and Tad question what's going on, Krystal challenges J.R. to tell them everything.

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