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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/14/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall’s sleep is disturbed by her nightmares of Spike crying. Zach holds Kendall and assures her Spike is fine with Ryan.

As music is playing in the background:

At the penthouse, Annie smiles as she photographs Ryan posing with Spike and Emma on his lap. Ryan kisses Emma and looks at Annie for her reaction.

Bianca joyfully plays with Miranda at the park. When Miranda runs off to play with other children, Bianca wistfully stares at an unopened Valentine from Maggie.

At Wildwind, Jonathan and Amanda cuddle in the stables.

Jamie and Julia play fight.

Di is numb from loss, and Aidan coaxes her back into bed to comfort her.

J.R. restlessly sleeps on the living room sofa, as he dreams of Babe. J.R. cries out for her, and Krystal rushes in to stop J.R.’s nightmare. Krystal awakens J.R. and throws her arms around him. J.R. holds tightly onto Krystal.

After the music stops:

Krystal tells J.R. she is comforted by the fact that Babe died believing J.R. loved her. Krystal’s words cause J.R. unbearable remorse, as he flashes back to his recent black-mail and treachery towards Babe, just before her murder. So racked with guilt, J.R. pushes Krystal away, when she attempts to call him son. J.R. is relieved from the awkward situation, when Adam, accompanied by Colby, brings Little A in to wish Krystal Happy Valentine’s Day. Upon seeing Babe’s son, Krystal grabs hold of him and begins to cry.

As Bianca reads Maggie’s Valentine, Zoe approaches her. Bianca notices that Zoe looks relieved after being cleared as a suspect.

Amanda feels she is imposing on Jonathan and tries to persuade him she is okay. Jonathan insists on remaining by her side, as she did for him, when he lost Erin.

Annie makes cupcake icing. Emma and Ryan taste Annie’s icing for sweetness. Annie puts more icing on her finger for Emma to try again, and Emma tells her daddy to taste it instead. Ryan hesitantly leans over and licks the icing from Annie’s finger; Ryan now has a newfound appreciation for Annie’s icing.

Zach and Kendall cuddle in bed. Kendall tries to get Zach to reveal his surprise plans for Valentine’s Day. Zach takes Kendall to show her his surprise. She is slightly disappointed when he takes her to the casino bowling alley, lighted by a disco ball. Kendall playfully throws her bowling shoes at Zach.

Colby carries Little A for J.R., so they can give Adam and Krystal some privacy. A thoughtful Adam gives Krystal a charm bracelet with her both daughters’ names inscribed on the charms. They warmly embrace, and Adam assures Krystal he will help “mend her broken heart”.

Annie shocks Ryan with the fact she made cupcakes for her all her potential new roommates at Wildwind. Ryan hopes Annie has not made a final decision about moving out. They both laugh, when Emma asks Annie whether her daddy will be “sleeping over all the time”, at their new home.

Julia and Jamie finish decorating their living room for Kathy’s surprise Valentine party. Sensing Jamie’s sadness from losing both Dixie and Babe, Julia begins to comfort him. Julia listens intently as Jamie assesses the abrupt end to his previous feelings for Babe. Although his motives were to prevent Babe and J.R. from inflicting more pain on each other, Jamie then, in the wake of Babe’s death, regrets advising them to not reunite. He concludes that people get hurt, no matter what they do to avoid it.

Adam and Krystal are enthused with Colby’s idea to make Valentines with Little A, as a distraction from his missing mother. Unfortunately, the plan does not work, since Little A makes a Valentine for Babe. J.R. becomes upset, when he overhears Little A tell his grandparents and Aunt about his Valentine.

Del, Di, Amanda, and Aidan bring Kathy into the living room for her Valentine surprise. Kathy is excited, when she sees Jamie, Julia, and the party decorations. Kathy hugs Julia and tells her how much she loves her. Jonathan surprises Kathy again, when he escorts Annie, Ryan and Emma into living room.

Since Zoe is dressed in Zarf-like clothing, she admits to Bianca she is still struggling with finding Zoe’s true identity. When Miranda approaches, Bianca tells Zoe that Miranda thinks Zoe did not like Miranda’s Christmas gift to her. Zoe dispels Miranda’s suspicions with her explanation. As they watch Miranda play again, Bianca suggests Zoe may find herself by using her own child’s perspective within her.

Zach frustrates Kendall, when he keeps breaking her bowling concentration with jokes. Believing Zach is trying to make her lose, Kendall snatches the score sheet from him. Kendall grabs Zach and kisses him, when she realizes he wrote, “ALWAYS ONLY YOU” on the score sheet. Kendall insists Zach has another surprise for her. Zach builds suspense by opening up an empty hand. Kendall becomes sentimental and tells Zach his “heart is her home”. Kendall marvels at the beautiful necklace Zach has for her in his other hand.

Emma models her Valentine Fairy costume that Annie made. Amanda takes Emma and Kathy to make Kathy a Valentine costume too. Everyone else leaves Ryan and Annie alone, so that he can give her a private tour of Wildwind.

Zoe decides Pine Valley is “home” and tells Bianca she wants to consult with a doctor regarding her “sexual transition options”. Bianca supports Zoe’s initiatives. Zoe credits Babe for her newly discovered “bravery”, and Bianca credits Zoe. Zoe continues to share her fears and concerns with Bianca.

Uncle Stuart interrupts J.R.’s flashback to a post-reunion hug between him and Babe.

Jonathan compliments Amanda on the costume she made for Kathy. Kathy agrees with Jonathan that Amanda is “pretty cool”. When Tad shows up looking for Jamie, he stares at Kathy and hears Dixie’s words: “Do you ever think we will look at a child again and not wonder about our Kate”? Tad sits down and tells Emma and Kathy they are his Valentine sweet hearts.

Ryan and Annie take a romantic walk around the Wildwind grounds, hand in hand. He brings her to the stables, and they passionately make love for the first time.

J.R. expresses his regret to Stuart for telling Babe that he wanted a divorce. Stuart detects that J.R. begins to recall something significant. Stuart prods J.R., and J.R. quotes Babe’s prophetic words about their marriage, after J.R.’s near death jump. J.R. then realizes the insignificance of Babe’s relationship with Josh in the scheme of things.

A messenger brings Kendall a Valentine. Zach and Kendall are delighted, when they see the Valentine is from Spike, hand made. Kendall appreciates Ryan’s thoughtful gesture in light of their current situation.

After making love, Ryan hugs Annie to prevent from her from possibly regretting their actions.

Meanwhile, Kathy’s surprise party continues again. Kathy asks for Julia’s help in sending her parents a Valentine in Heaven. Tad agrees they all now have many Valentines bound for Heaven. Tad, Di, and Del each make a Valentine for Dixie. Jonathan and Aidan make one for Erin, and Jamie and Amanda make one for Babe. Julia makes a Valentine for Linda and Jim, and Amanda makes another for her father. Each person reflects on their personal feelings for their missing Valentines.

As music plays:

Zach and Kendall dance and passionately kiss.

Zoe and Bianca hug and play with Miranda.

Ryan and Annie slowly walk back towards the main house.

Stuart comforts J.R..

Adam holds Krystal.

Ryan and Annie join the rest of the party outdoors, as they send their respective Valentines to Heaven via red and pink balloons. Tad instinctively picks up Kathy, as they all watch their Valentines ascend to Heaven. Everyone tells their missing loved ones that they love them.

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