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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/13/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

In the waiting area at PVH, Dr. Jeff Martin informs Krystal that they were unable to re-start Babe’s heart.  Krystal is hysterical and initially reacts in total denial.  Adam’s facial expression jolts Krystal into reality, and she tearfully collapses to the floor as Adam cradles her.  In stunned silence, Erica, Jack, and Josh, watch Adam as he tries to calm an inconsolable Krystal.  Tad is the only one able to quiet Krystal by reminding her how she helped him through his darkest hour.  While Tad assists Adam in pulling Krystal from the floor, J.R. quietly watches them.  He begins to hear Babe’s forewarning that she gave him, during their argument about him revealing the paternity of Krystal’s baby.  Julia and Adam coax Krystal into a hospital room.  Ryan comforts Bianca, and Aidan and Zoe console a sobbing Amanda.

Josh remains completely silent, and his parents try to persuade him to get some fresh air.  J.R. does not respond to Jamie’s question as to whether he wants to see Babe.  J.R.’s reaction provokes Josh into screaming at J.R. that he really must have wanted Babe dead, since he doesn’t want to see her.  J.R. remains silent, and Jamie protectively screams at Josh to “leave it alone.”  Now angry, Josh regards his sisters and mother’s efforts to comfort him as hypocritical.  He yells he is “done with the whole damn town” and storms away, as his parents follow him.  Jack hugs Bianca, and Ryan tries to impress upon Kendall the gravity of her situation.  When she tearfully refuses to leave Pine Valley and Zach, Ryan insists she return Spike to him for protection.

Tad continues to comfort Krystal, as he leans over her hospital bed.  When Tad is leaving the room, Adam thanks him and apologizes for his harshness towards him regarding Dixie’s death.  Tad accepts the apology and urges Adam to give Krystal his love and support.  Krystal insists that Adam take her to see Babe.

Julia offers to take a grief stricken Amanda back to Wildwind.  Before Amanda leaves the hospital, she confirms that Zoe is okay.  Bianca then approaches Zoe.

Now at Wildwind, Amanda tells Dell and Di Babe is dead and her regrets that Babe did not get to see her (Amanda’s) new home.  Jonathan rushes to Amanda’s side to comfort her.

Back at the hospital, Bianca looks at Zoe through tear-filled eyes.  Jack and Derek assess the murder investigation; Tad and Aidan join them.  They all rule out Jenkins, Kenny Adler, and Zoe as murder suspects, since their respective whereabouts were accounted for, at the time of Babe’s murder.  Derek advises Officer Hannity could not determine the gender of the killer, at the scene of Babe’s murder.  In response, Tad mentions Jamie’s theory, suggested by Amanda’s mother, that Ethan Cambias’ mother, Hannah Nichols, could be the killer.  They are anxious to run this by Zach, and Tad reasons Zach must be devastated knowing Kendall is the last target remaining.

Now with Spike at the casino, Kendall sadly shares with Ryan how she got through her previous separation from Spike.  Afterwards, she shows Ryan the killer’s message threatening her with death, if she does not leave Zach.  Ryan becomes further concerned.

At his home, Josh prepares to leave town and tells Erica that Zoe has permission to stay there as long as she wants.  In hopes she can reach Josh, Erica tells him they both share the ability to love people, despite objections from others.

Back at the Chandler Mansion, J.R. snaps at Jamie that he is “fine” and will not turn to alcohol.  Jamie refuses to leave until J.R. tells him what transpired between him and Babe, after Zach and Kendall’s party.  As J.R. gives Jamie details, he refers to the information he is sitting on about Krystal.  Jamie asks J.R. what he is talking about.

Krystal cries out “Babe,” as she looks at Babe’s lifeless body.

Jamie assures J.R. that he can tell him anything.  Instead of answering Jamie’s question, J.R. throws a vase against the wall demonstrating the anguish he feels from the loss of Dixie and Babe.  He then swears he never wanted Babe dead.

With Adam by her side, Krystal tearfully directs her reflections of their mother-daughter relationship aloud to Babe.  She then holds and kisses Babe and tells her that she was her “greatest joy.”

Bianca tells Zoe her regrets for not forgiving Babe.  Zoe comforts Bianca by telling her it is never too late.

As the four continue their discussion, Jack does not have much confidence in the “Hannah Nichols” theory.

As Ryan focuses on the killer’s message, Kendall wonders if one’s life flashes in front of them at death.  Kendall hands Spike’s baby bag to Ryan and, despite Ryan’s urging, stands by her to decision to stay with Zach.

Josh tells Erica that Babe gave him as sense of “belonging” that his family did not.  Erica begs Josh to give her and the rest of their family a chance.

Krystal and Adam walk in and J.R. is unable to continue talking about Babe with Jamie.  J.R. grabs Krystal and embraces her.  Adam then comforts J.R., and Jamie comforts Krystal.  Krystal looks at a picture of Babe and little A and heads towards his nursery.  Before leaving, she assures J.R. that Babe loved him very much and expresses her happiness in the fact they were trying to work things out.

As they reflect on Babe, Bianca tells Zoe she wanted to hate Babe but could not; Zoe sadly tells Bianca about the first time she met Babe and that she wishes Babe could have lived forever. 

Del turns on music, and as it plays, we see Di and Julia consoling Amanda with tea and a blanket, as Jonathan holds her.

Erica and Josh embrace, as he weeps.

Ryan sadly watches Kendall interact with Spike.  Spike begins to cry for his mother, when she hands him to Ryan.

After the music stops, Zoe leaves the hospital with Officer Hannity instead of Bianca. 

Julia calls Jamie to make sure he is okay.  J.R. begins to absorb the reality that Babe is gone, and Jamie tries to support him.

As he leaves with Spike, Ryan promises Kendall he will tell their son how much Kendall loved him, if something happens to her.  Kendall gives Ryan her scarf to put in Spike’s crib and after they are gone, she sobs.

After their long embrace, Erica asks Josh if that was a sign he is going to stay.  He responds by grabbing his suitcase and kissing her on the cheek.  He smiles lovingly, as he turns to leave.

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