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Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Zoe is walking to her car in the garage with the police officer.  She hears a muffled noise, but ignores it.

After hearing more noises, the two head upstairs.  In the upper level, the killer puts flower petals on Babe's chest and ties a ribbon around her wrist.

At the Chandler mansion, J.R. tells Adam to sit down.  He's going to tell him about Krystal's secret.

At the hotel, Bianca, who’s angry about Erica’s visit, stops to see Kendall.  She asks why Spike is there.  Kendall tells Bianca that Spike is just as safe at the casino as he would be at Ryan's penthouse.  Bianca asks if Kendall is trying to punish Ryan for having another child.

At the police station, Josh asks Derek about what he got out of Jenkins but Derek tells him that he can't talk about it.  Jack confronts Josh and says no one sets Erica off as he does.

At Jack's place, Erica is surprised that Barbara comes to the door.  She asks how long Barbara will be in Pine Valley and accuses her of having another motive.

Zoe and the officer return to Babe, and the killer escapes.  They call an ambulance and Zoe tells Babe to stay with her.  Babe tells Zoe to save her son.

In the mental hospital, Jamie, and Amanda wonder why Janet thinks Ethan's mother, Hannah could be the Satin Slayer.  Janet says that Hannah may blame Zach for Ethan's death and this is her way of revenge.

J.R. is trying to tell Adam about Krystal's baby being Tad's.

Bianca is upset that Kendall told Erica about Zoe to get her out of her own life.  Bianca wants people see that she and Zoe are just friends.

Barbara brings up her past rivalry over Jack and Trevor to Erica.  Sean listens then walks in the room.  He hugs Erica, which upsets Barbara.

Derek comes out into the main area of the police station and tells everyone Babe was the latest victim.  Jack calls Tad at the pump house and informs him of Babe's attack.

Before J.R. can tell Adam the truth, Krystal comes in the room in tears and says that the Satin Slayer has attacked Babe.

Zach arrives at the casino and tells Kendall and Bianca about the attack on Babe.

From outside the hospital room, Zoe watches the doctors as they work on Babe.

J.R. does not believe that Babe was attacked and thinks that it is only a trick.  Krystal and Adam rush to get to the hospital.

Josh arrives at the hospital and tries to get into Babe's room but Jeff pushes him out. 

Derek and Jack question the police officer who was with Zoe during Babe's attack.  He didn't get a look at the killer's face.  Ryan and Aidan arrive and Derek tells them Babe is alive.  They mention how the killer isn't above killing cops since he killed Babe's bodyguard.

Julia calls Jamie from the hospital, telling him about the attack on Babe.  Janet tells Amanda she will pray for Babe.  Amanda says she'll be back.

Krystal and Adam arrive at the hospital, asking for an update on Babe and watch as the doctors are trying to save her. 

Tad arrives at the Chandler Mansion and asks J.R. why he isn't at the hospital.  He still thinks it's part of Babe's trick.  After Tad assures him it's true, J.R. rushes to get to the hospital.

Lily comes into the room with Erica, Barbara, and Sean, informing them about another attack.  Sean and Erica leave to see who the latest victim was.

Krystal has flashbacks of happier times.  Zoe tells Josh about J.R. blackmailing Babe and that J.R. told her she should have died instead of Dixie.  J.R. and Tad make it to the hospital.  Josh tries to fight J.R., but Tad holds him back.  Adam tells J.R. that Babe is critical.  Bianca, Kendall, and Zach arrive at the hospital, too.  Tad wants to question Zoe since she was in the parking garage during Babe's attack.  Josh criticizes Zach saying he could've saved the women if he left town.  Zach leaves the waiting room and Josh tells Kendall she has to leave Zach.  Erica is thankful Kendall and Bianca are safe.  Erica tries to convince Kendall to leave the country.  Kendall says she isn't going anywhere.  She's staying with Zach.  Bianca tells Josh about Babe's heart problems and she might not survive this attack.  Adam confronts Josh and tells him he has no reason to be there.  Jamie and Amanda arrive at the hospital, too.  Julia comes over and comforts Jamie.  Zoe talks to Amanda.  They bond over their friendship with Babe.  Jeff comes out to update everyone.  He tells them that they can't stabilize Babe, and he leaves for the cardiology lab.  Jack arrives with Ryan and Aidan.  Ryan asks Kendall where Spike is.  Kendall assures him Spike is safe with guards and a nanny.  Ryan mentions that Babe and Dani had bodyguards and were still attacked.

Barbara talks to Lily about Jack and Erica's marriage.  Lily is a little nervous around Barbara.  She asks Lily to help her find ways to help Jack "relax.”

Jack asks Zoe what Babe talked about before the paramedics took her away but Zoe can only remember Babe wanting Little Adam to be safe.  Jeff says Babe needs a pacemaker to save her.  Erica assures Josh that Jeff will take care of her.  As they wheel Babe up to surgery, Krystal kisses her, telling her to stay strong for Little Adam.  Josh walks along as Babe is taken for surgery.

Everyone else is in the waiting room awaiting news.  Everyone in the waiting room hears Josh as he yells at Jeff.  Jeff pushes him from the room and Josh takes his anger out on J.R. and says Babe is dead.

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