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At Zach’s casino, Ryan tries unsuccessfully to make Kendall see reason and let Spike go home with him for his safety. When Zach refuses to get involved, Ryan threatens Kendall with court action, prompting her to remind him that he didn’t even want this child.

Derek and Jack discuss how Dani’s health is improving but her memory of the attack is still lacking. Furthermore, the Forensics report from the Cambias storage facility didn’t yield any promising clues.

Jamie gratefully supports Amanda in her decision to visit her mom in jail to glean some clue into the mentally ill criminal mind.

When a worried Josh shows up at the Chandler Mansion looking for Babe, Krystal refuses to tell him her whereabouts, grateful that J.R. had not been the one to answer the door, because he's at the office.

Dressed as a gorgeous woman, Zoe shows up at J.R.’s office and surprises him with a big kiss while Babe snaps pictures with her cell phone camera. Calling her a freak, J.R. yells for Zoe to get out. When J.R. goes for Babe’s phone, Zoe uses what testosterone she has left to restrain him while Babe sends the incriminating photos to her lawyer. J.R. insists that it won’t work, because it’s a lie. Babe reminds her husband that he should know about the power of lies such as the ones with which he’s blackmailing her, including how she forced him to sign over custody of their son, how he accidentally bumped into the building supplies that half killed Kendall and her baby, and finally her favorite one, that she and Zoe are lovers. Unimpressed, J.R. calls their ploy pathetic, but Zoe adds that she will send the photo to American Rock Star Weekly calling herself “J.R. Chandler’s new bitch.” Babe thinks that Chandler’s board members will love it, but J.R. is sure they won’t buy it even when Zoe threatens to confess to the tabloids that “kinky J.R.” has been begging her and his wife to crawl into bed together. In the middle of all the mudslinging, Krystal calls Babe with the warning that Josh is looking for her. Babe assures her mom that everything is under control, but Krystal tells Adam that she wishes Josh would leave her daughter alone, because it’s obvious that she and J.R. are “finally, truly in a good place” and want a life together, since Babe’s finished with Josh “for good and forever.” Skeptical, Adam admits to Krystal that he hasn’t seen any closeness between J.R. and Babe in the last few months.

Janet warmly greets her Amanda who shies away from any physical contact. When Janet assumes she and Jamie are a pair, Amanda assures her they’re just friends. Jamie informs Janet that they came to ask a favor, because “terrible things are happening in Pine Valley.”

Desperate, Jack suggests to Derek that they hold Jenkins as long as possible in the hopes that he’ll change his story. When Derek goes to talk to those who have Zoe under surveillance, Erica arrives at the police station worried about her daughters’ unraveling lives. Claiming he’s too busy with “this Satin-Slayer thing here,” Jack tries to dismiss her with a sarcastic comment about her ability to save Bianca and Kendall from themselves, but Erica finally gets his attention with her comment that “Kendall’s little boy is being raised by that conniving, manipulative mother of Ryan’s daughter.”

Reminding Kendall of the danger surrounding them, Ryan threatens to exercise his parental rights to get custody of Spike. Supported by Zach, Kendall insists she’s keeping her son, because they’re safe in the casino now. She then accuses Ryan of trying to punish her for keeping his daughter from him and that merely visiting her son with “little Annie guarding” is not good enough. Unable to reason with her, Ryan believes she’s being most selfish, but he’s unable to continue his argument when Tad enters declaring that “the killer wants a face-to-face with Ryan.”

Hearing about Dixie’s death, Janet offers her condolences to Jamie, remembering what a good mother she was who can never be replaced. Janet also feels for the families of the other young women who have lost their lives. When Jamie stresses the importance of stopping the killer, Janet worries about Amanda’s safety, but she informs her mom that the one in danger is Babe, the person she wanted to replace her with when she thought Amanda had betrayed her.  Apologizing for her many wrongs, Janet asks for Amanda's forgiveness, but her daughter's only concerned with preventing Babe's death.  Though she insists she's no longer a psychopath and that remembering her past is painful, Janet agrees to use her experience to help stop the Satin Slayer for Amanda and Babe's sakes.

Babe's attempt to work things out with her husband without any more ugliness falls on deaf ears, especially when Josh barges in demanding to know what J.R. is holding over her head.

Krystal is shocked to learn from Adam that J.R. has been collecting evidence against Babe in case of a divorce, such as a picture of her and Zoe in bed together and the recording of the camera in Josh's room.  Since Krystal is unable to understand how J.R. could be spying on her baby doll while making her believe they have a future together, Adam admits that Chandler men don't forgive easily.  When Adam apologizes for having kept this secret from his wife and asks for her forgiveness, Krystal admits to having harbored a "deep, dark secret" herself.  Though Adam assures her she can tell him anything, Krystal lies that it was just about Josh and Babe's affair.  Grateful that she finally did confide in him, Adam vows to keep no secrets from his wife ever again.  In fact, he has a perfect plan for "full disclosure."

J.R. suggests that Babe tell Zoe and Josh what he's holding over her, but she tries to get Josh to leave. When he refuses, she again tries to make an agreement with J.R. on sharing custody of Little Adam once they divorce, and she'll give him the Chandler shares, but he doesn't want his son to be with "a slut of a mother" as well as granny.  Unafraid of Babe's threats, J.R. decides that his father deserves to know the truth.  Babe has finally heard enough when J.R. calls her stinking trash whose life was so not worth that of his mother's.

Janet theorizes that Pine Valley's killer could be like her when she went off her meds and off her rocker.  She remembers that her thinking was so warped that all she wanted to do was get people to stop tormenting Amanda, not actually kill anyone.  When Amanda angrily asks why she killed her father, Janet assures her that she loved Trevor and didn't intend to kill him but "just needed him to be quiet for just a little while."  Janet wonders why Jamie assumes the Satin Slayer is male and motivated by hatred for Zach Slater.  She instead suggests that it may be a woman driven by twisted love, like hers.

Tad and Ryan inform Zach that the killer wants a meeting, because they used the bug at Fusion to pretend that Ryan, blaming Zach for everything the killer's done, now wants to kill him.  Thinking it was a smart move, Zach agrees to join Tad and Ryan in meeting the killer at nightfall, in half an hour, much to Kendall's chagrin.

Babe still refuses to tell Josh what J.R. is holding over her but admits she was an idiot for trusting her husband and thinking their marriage could work.  Calling J.R. a pig, Josh offers his help but Babe refuses, accusing him of blowing up her marriage when he dragged her into she shed and kissed her.  Josh finally agrees to stay out of her life and leaves Babe in Zoe's comforting arms.

Sitting at his desk, J.R. remembers his mother's last wish to give Tad his child and determines to go home and tell his father the truth about Krystal's baby.

Although it upsets her to hear her mother say how she did everything for her, Amanda urges Janet to continue talking.  Janet next brings up the Mardi Gras Ball explosion and that she didn't want to hurt anyone just get them to treat Amanda better.  Since it never crossed her mind that people would die, Janet thinks that the Satin Slayer might not understand either.  Janet claims she didn't realize she had killed someone until Zach Slater came to see her in jail.

Although Zach tells her to let Ryan go, Kendall tries to stop him from meeting with the serial killer and is even more upset when Zach and Tad decide to go with him, because she doesn't want to lose her husband, her son's father, and a friend.  Tad refutes her suggestion to let the cops handle it, because if the killer sees anyone else near the pump house, they will lose this chance.  Kendall thinks that's better than them winding up dead, but no one's listening to her.  Turning to Spike, Ryan promises he'll be right back.  Kendall thinks they should all be arrested for stupidity, since "there is an entire task force ready, willing, and able and paid to risk their lives."  Although Kendall urges Zach not to go, he assures her he'll be right back and leaves.

When Erica tells Jack how Kendall didn't tell Ryan about his daughter, he reminds her how she kept Greenlee's paternity a secret from him.  Even though Derek needs Jack to get back to work, Erica continues complaining about the "transgender murder suspect" who's living with Josh and seeing Bianca.  Erica is grateful that Jack is watching over Kendall and Bianca, but he thinks Josh can handle himself while Sean, on the other hand, has a problem with his mother who is suddenly bombarding them with phone calls.  When he has to take a call from the governor, Jack asks Erica to meet him later "at home."

Alone with Spike, Kendall ruminates about those "crazy boys" who are losing their minds until Josh arrives wanting to discuss Babe and J.R.  Kendall dismisses Josh by stating that Ryan and Zach dying is more important.  Meanwhile, Ryan, Zach, and Tad lie in wait for the killer at the pump house, while at the parking garage, Zoe continues to comfort Babe, grateful for her support when everybody else sees her as a freak.

At home, J.R. is skeptical that Adam and Krystal's new honesty pact will work, especially when they both claim that whatever he or Babe tells one of them will automatically be revealed to the other.

Erica arrives at Jack's home and is stunned when Barbara answers the door.

Asking to speak with his father alone, J.R. begins to tell Adam what his mother told him just before she died.

Recalling the handsome and promising Ethan, Janet finds it sad that she killed Zach's only child while helping hers.  She then thinks of Ethan's mother and wonders if she resented Zach or blamed him for the death of her child.

While Zach, Tad, and Ryan continue waiting for the killer, Kendall receives a note in cut-out newspaper letters saying, "Leave him now or you die!"

After Babe says good-bye to Zoe, she and her bodyguard, Max, start to get into their car, but he's knocked unconscious.  Rushing to his side, Babe screams for him to wake up. Suddenly the black-clad Satin Slayer grabs her, places one hand over her mouth, and injects her in the chest while she screams for help.

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