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All My Children Update Thursday 2/8/07


Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita
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J.R. is on the couch talking with Little Adam.  Adam and Krystal walk in.  They talk about how Krystal's baby will have a million dollar trust fund.

Erica tells Bianca and Josh that she wants the whole family to go on a cruise together.

Kendall tells Annie she's taking Spike home.  When she walks in, Emma says that Spike has to stay with them since Ryan is her dad.

In the interrogation room, Jenkins tells Zach that his father most likely murdered his mom.  Zach throws a fit and starts throwing things around.  Then he attacks Jenkins.

Ryan is on the elevator telling Tad the real killer could still be out there.

The killer disguised as a homeless person confronts Babe.  Babe offers the homeless person some money as he's reaching for a needle.

Erica tries convincing Josh and Bianca to take the cruise with her, but they refuse.  They also won't help convince Kendall to leave Zach behind.  Bianca thinks Erica wants to get her away from Zoe, Josh from Babe, and Kendall from Zach.

The killer/homeless person puts the needle away when Zoe and the police officer return.  Babe says she was giving the man some money.  The police officer makes the man leaves after Babe hands him the money.  The officer warns her about being so trusting with people then leaves to call an off-duty policeman who will act as Babe’s guard.  Babe and Zoe discuss J.R.'s blackmail.  Babe says J.R. has something big he can use.

J.R. warns Adam about trust funds.  Adam says the fund will welcome the baby into the Chandler fold.

Annie sends Emma upstairs.  Annie tells Kendall she should call Ryan before taking Spike.  Kendall says she's taking Spike regardless of what Ryan thinks.  Annie asks if someone still wants her dead.

Jack and Derek restrain Zach from attacking Jenkins and send him out of the room.

Tad and Ryan walk into the Fusion office.  They know the room is bugged, so as part of a plan, Ryan starts talking about wanting to kill Zach.

Annie tells Kendall not to leave with Spike because there's a chance the killer could still be out there.  Kendall tells her they have guards to protect them and leaves anyway.

Tad and Ryan discuss killing Zach, with full knowledge the killer is listening.

Zach walks into his room at the casino and is angry.  He has a flashback of his father telling him he'll never leave him.

Zoe asks what J.R. has against her.  Babe tells her that J.R. took a picture of them the night they were sleeping in bed together.  Zoe suggests finding out one of J.R.'s secrets.  Babe says it won't work.  Zoe then comes up with a plan.  Babe laughs because she likes his idea but decides not to go through with it because she doesn't want it to humiliate Zoe.  Zoe mentions how accepting Babe was and says she would be happy to help.

Adam and Krystal are on the couch kissing.  Adam says he has a surprise.  J.R. receives a phone call from Babe.  She says she wants to meet him in his office at Chandler Enterprises.  He agrees and tells Adam and Krystal he's leaving.  Krystal then tells him she's proud to call him her son-in-law.

Erica is mad that Bianca and Josh won't leave with her.  Erica brings up Bianca's relationship with Zoe and mentions her being transgender.  Bianca says that she and Zoe are just friends but Josh insists that she does have feelings for Zoe.  Zoe bursts into Josh's apartment.

Ryan tells Tad they should work together to kill Zach and make it look like an accident.  Tad turns down his plan.  Tad crosses his fingers, hoping the killer believed their conversation.

Kendall brings Spike to her hotel room.  Zach tells her to return him to Ryan's.  Kendall refuses.  She doesn't want Annie taking care of Spike.  She thinks Annie is using him to get closer to Ryan.  Zach asks her if she's willing to put Spike in danger because of her jealously towards Annie.

Ryan comes home.  Annie asks if he received her text message.  Emma runs downstairs and calls Ryan, "daddy.”  She gives him a hug and tells him Spike is gone.  Annie then tells her to go back upstairs.  Annie informs Ryan she was visited by the Kane women.

Zoe tells Josh that she talked to Babe.  She sees Erica and tells her she's waited a long time to meet her.  Zoe gives Erica compliments and says she wanted to be just like her.  Zoe says she'd like to talk more, but has to leave to do something.  Erica tells Bianca that she might have misjudged Zoe.  Bianca is angered when Erica expresses how happy she is that Bianca is attracted to a man.

J.R. meets Babe in his office.  Babe tells J.R. she's through fighting for their marriage.  She is willing to share custody of Little Adam but he refuses.

Tad stays in the Fusion office and starts staring at Simone's photo.  He has a flashback of being with Simone.

J.R. says he'll lie to the judge and say that Babe forced him to sign over full custody of their son.  He says he won't share Little Adam.  Babe gives him one more chance to agree to joint custody.

A coach is helping Krystal with breathing techniques.  She doesn't think it's necessary, but the coach tells her that pregnancies with older women can be difficult.  Krystal is upset, thinking the woman is implying that she's old so she tells Adam to kick the woman out.

Erica says she supports Bianca's decision to explore with Zoe.  Bianca feels that Erica wants Zoe to turn her straight.  Erica tells her she accepts her sexuality but thinks Bianca could be bisexual.  She wants Bianca and Zoe to appear as a straight couple in public.  To Erica's surprise, Zoe comes out in female clothes, saying she's on a mission.

Zach tells Kendall to return Spike to Ryan's penthouse.  After his conversation with Jenkins, he thinks he's innocent and that the killer is still out there.  Kendall doesn't care and refuses to let anyone else take care of her son.

Annie tells Ryan how terribly she was treated by Erica and Kendall.  She said she had no choice but to let Kendall leave with Spike.  Ryan says he'll take care of Kendall.

The killer sends a fax to the Fusion office.  Tad reads it.  It's for Ryan, saying to meet him at the pump house.

Zach tells Kendall that Ryan is in the hotel.  Kendall tells him not to let Ryan in because he'll take Spike.  Ryan walks in and threatens to take Kendall to court if she doesn't return Spike.

Erica realizes she can't change Josh and Bianca's minds about going on a cruise with her, so she leaves.  Josh leaves, also, to find Babe.  He suspects that she and Zoe are up to something.

Babe asks if there's anything she could offer J.R. to get him to stop from ruining lives.  He says no.  There's a knock at the door.  It's Zoe.  She grabs J.R. and kisses him as Babe takes a picture.

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