AMC Update Wednesday 2/7/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/7/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Bianca’s request, Maggie meets her in the park.  Not knowing the reason for their meeting, Maggie is glad Bianca called her.  Bianca gets caught up in the moment and embraces and passionately kisses Maggie.

Erica goes to the penthouse looking for Ryan and is startled that Annie greets her at the door.  Since Annie is holding Spike, Erica accuses her of trying to take over Ryan’s house and Kendall’s baby.  Annie does not cower to Erica.  She shoots a sarcastic remark right back at her about Erica bringing her an early Valentine.  Not amused by the comment and in classic Erica style, she jabs Annie by referring to her as a “simpering plain one” that you “have to watch out for.”

At their casino hideaway, Zach awakens Kendall, as he gets ready to leave.  When she first looks at Zach, Kendall suspects he had nightmares.  As Zach leaves for the Pine Valley PD, Kendall tries to convince him to stay with her in their bed.  Determined to get “answers,” Zach leaves but not without kissing Kendall and warning her to not go anywhere without bodyguards.

While being questioned in an interrogation room at the PD, Raymond Jenkins admits to Jack he planned to run away with Amelia Cambias, if she had shown up.  Now suspicious of Jenkins, Jack retorts that she didn’t show up, because she was dead.  When Tad arrives, he sees Derek and Ryan waiting outside of the interrogation room.  He asks them if they are taking turns interrogating Jenkins.  Concerned about his employment as J.R.’s nurse, Jenkins requests that Jack let him leave.  Jack sarcastically replies he should be more concerned that J.R. may think he killed J.R.’s mother instead of the intended target, his wife.

Since Babe ditched her bodyguards, J.R. suspects she went to Josh’s hotel room.  J.R. pushes his way through Josh’s door and demands to see Babe.  He yells out, “Where is she?” and Zoe jests back to J.R. that “she is not his type.”  J.R. does not find her humorous and mocks her.  Both Zoe and Josh insist Babe is not there.  Upon realizing Babe’s whereabouts are unknown, Zoe and Josh become concerned about Babe’s safety.

Babe is alone approaching a restricted area, when Paul, her bodyguard, startles her from behind.  Her resulting scream prompts Kendall to open her door.  Kendall becomes concerned, when she realizes it is Babe screaming.  Babe assures her she is all right.  Kendall thinks Babe is there to talk about the murders.  She realizes that is not the case, when Babe asks Kendall what J.R. has planned for her.

J.R. does not believe Zoe and Josh and again demands to see Babe.  While Zoe tries to call Babe from her cellular phone, Josh asks J.R. why it has not occurred to him that Babe could be in danger.  Babe answers her phone and is surprised to hear from Zoe.  Babe tells a concerned Zoe she is okay and with Kendall at the casino, but she wonders how Zoe knew she ditched her bodyguards.  Zoe hears tension in Babe’s voice and does not tell her J.R. is there.  Zoe has Babe pick a meeting place over the phone, so that J.R. cannot hear the location.  It then occurs to Josh that J.R. must have done something to cause Babe to leave without protection.  Realizing what happened between J.R. and Babe, Josh asks J.R., if he “dumped” her.  J.R. is non- responsive.

As Maggie and Bianca continue to kiss passionately, Maggie tells Bianca she has wanted to kiss her since her return.  Bianca rebuffs Maggie and tells her their kiss was a mistake, since her reason for meeting Maggie was not to reunite.  Bianca explains to an upset Maggie that she cannot be distracted by their relationship, since she is involved in a life and death situation.  Maggie tries to persuade Bianca that her intentions are merely to support Bianca, at this time.  Bianca responds she feels pressured by Maggie instead.  Maggie perceives that Bianca does not love her anymore, based on her actions.

Annie does not back down from Erica and sarcastically suggests Erica should be looking for Zach, not Ryan, since he is Kendall’s husband.  Erica continues to harass Annie by telling her she will never get Ryan or his child.  Now provoked, Annie stuns Erica with her statement, “I already have Ryan’s child.”

Ryan suggests using unorthodox methods to interrogate Jenkins to an unwilling Derek.  Upon arrival at PVPD, Zach observes Jack leave the interrogation room in frustration.  Zach then asks to talk to Jenkins.

Bianca assures Maggie she still loves her, but becomes angered by Maggie’s suggestion that they “work on” their relationship.  Bianca uses Maggie’s comment as an example of Maggie pressuring her.  As Maggie agrees to back off, Bianca firmly informs her that the fate of their relationship is up to her and walks away.  This prompts Maggie to make a comment about Zoe and her intentions toward Bianca, and in reaction, Bianca whips back around, glaring at Maggie.

Annie and Erica continue having their show down.  Thinking Annie’s comment is in reference to Spike, Erica grabs him from Annie, while making it clear that Annie will never get Ryan or Spike.  Annie drops the bomb and tells Erica she referring to Emma not Spike.  Erica looks at Annie as if she is deluded.  To force Erica to accept reality, Annie mentions this information was Kendall’s “secret.”  Annie taunts Erica and says “I guess Ryan isn’t ‘anonymous’ anymore, SURPRISE!”  Erica guards Spike and tells him not to listen, when Annie talks to Spike about Emma.  Annie stakes her claim on Ryan and lets Erica know she not going anywhere.  Erica assures Annie she will not win without a fight.

Ryan is not enthused with Zach’s suggestions and warns Jack and Derek that it is a bad idea.  Tad doubts Zach’s ability to get Jenkins to talk, and Derek and Jack warn Zach they will be listening to his conversation with Jenkins.

As Zach enters the interrogation room, he tries to assure a Jenkins that he is only there to talk about his mother.  To prove his intentions, Zach hands him his mother’s picture and sincerely asks if Jenkins “can give him back his mother.”

With arms crossed, Babe suspects J.R. confided in Kendall, on the night of Zoe’s arrest.  Babe tries to get Kendall to reveal J.R.’s confidences by using the fact they are the only Fusion women left and still remain as targets.  Since Babe knows Kendall is not the forgiving type, she successfully gets Kendall to admit J.R. has never forgiven her and that she knew about the camera in Josh’s room.  Kendall tries to justify her assisting J.R. to an angered Babe.  Without admitting her “deal” with Josh, Kendall tells Babe she was trying to help Josh win over Babe.  Kendall assures Babe her marriage was “tanked” long before her conversation with J.R..

J.R. brags to Josh that he dumped Babe for good.  Josh remains curious as to why J.R. was “all over her” at party.  As Zoe leaves to meet Babe, J.R. jabs Josh with the fact Babe only cheated on him with a guy, but now she is cheating on him with, a “guy, who thinks he is a girl, who dresses like a guy.”  J.R. leaves Josh with a mysterious message for Babe, “tick tock.”  Before Zoe leaves, Josh begs Zoe to let him go in her place.

Maggie’s argument with Bianca escalates, after her attack on Zoe.  Maggie now thinks Bianca wants to experiment with a guy.  Bianca tells Maggie about her New Year’s fling with Leslie at Maggie, and they both realize the fight has gone too far.  Despite their mutual apologies to each other, Bianca tells Maggie to return to Paris and to contact her only by E-mail.  Bianca leaves the door open for Maggie, and Maggie tells Bianca she is everything to her.  They tearfully part ways.

Erica and Annie continue battling.  Annie finally reminds Erica her focus should be on Kendall’s safety and not this.  Annie gets one more shot at Erica about Ryan being Emma’s father, before Erica storms out.  Emma now comes downstairs and asks Annie about Ryan being her father.  Annie does not know how to respond.

Tad tries to prevent Ryan from looking at crime scene photos without success.  Ryan winces, as he looks at them, and wonders, along with Tad, if Jenkins is capable of such violence. 

Derek and Jack listen, as Jenkins tells Zach about the first time he saw his mother.  Jenkins continues to tell Zach about their mutual love.  He also tells Zach his mother initially loved his father, Alexander, until she realized she was just his “eye candy” and a child bearer.  Zach is puzzled by Jenkins’ explanation that he returned to Pine Valley to see him. 

As reality sinks in about J.R.’s intentions, Babe reveals to Kendall how bad her situation is with J.R..  Kendall sympathizes with Babe and offers support.  As Babe leaves, Kendall hugs her in the doorway just in time for Erica to show up.  Babe scurries away to avoid the inevitable confrontation, and Erica’s jaw drops. 

After Josh figures out that J.R. knows about “the kiss,” Zoe tells Josh Babe probably does not want to see him, under the circumstances.  As Bianca arrives, Zoe is abrupt with her and quickly leaves.  Josh fills Bianca in about the Babe situation and is surprised by Bianca’s support for J.R.’s side.

As Ryan and Tad wait for Zach, they both conclude that there is no physical evidence linking Raymond Jenkins to the murders.  Tad reasons that the killer’s message to Ryan to stay away from Zach was sent so that Zach would feel isolated and vulnerable.

While Derek and Jack continue to monitor the conversation, Jenkins assures Zach that he did not return there to punish him.  He offers his love for Amelia as proof, since she adored her children.  Jenkins continues that Amelia wanted them to get away from their father and how broken-hearted she would be, if she saw how Michael turned out.  Jenkins tells Zach he came there to see what type of man Zach had become.  Convinced he killed his mother, Zach tells Jenkins if he loved Amelia so much, he would then hate him for killing her.

Babe and Zoe meet at the park, and Babe tells her about J.R. blaming Babe for his mother’s death.  Zoe comforts Babe by telling her that J.R. does not deserve her.

J.R. plays with little A and asks Winnie to make cookies.  J.R. then tells his son how “he is working” on them being ‘just us guys.’

Annie is upset when she realizes Emma overheard her tell Erica Ryan is her father.

Erica confronts Kendall about “the hug” and Emma.  Kendall is surprised, when Erica tells her she should have kept the secret about Emma.  So as not to appear foolish to her mother, Kendall tells her about Josh’s role in the revelation of the secret.  Of course, Erica takes this opportunity to blame Zach and to convince Kendall to be with Ryan.  To push Kendall, Erica tells her Annie is taking her place.  Kendall tells Erica she should be focusing on her own wrecked marriage and her other children and their respective relationships.  Kendall’s comments anger Erica, and she abruptly leaves.

Josh believes Bianca empathizes with J.R. because of her situation with Maggie.  After Bianca points out Babe should be with Josh celebrating, Josh then realizes J.R. took Babe back, so that he could destroy Josh and Babe’s future and dump her at the same time.

Babe confides in Zoe that J.R. is trying to blackmail her by forcing her to choose between her mother and her son.

Annie awkwardly tries to explain to Emma how Ryan is her father.  Even though Emma does not understand Annie’s explanation, she is content with just knowing Ryan is her father.  Reacting to the seed Erica put in her head, Kendall unexpectedly shows up and demands that Annie give Spike to her.

Tad and Ryan try to figure out the killer’s motive for sending Ryan a warning.  Tad suggests he is trying to change his “MO.”  Ryan plans to provoke the killer into changing his “MO” again.

Jenkins does not believe Zach is responsible for his mother’s death and tells Zach that if anyone pushed his mother off the balcony, it was Zach’s father. 

Bianca tries to reason with Josh that he and Babe are the wrongdoers in this situation, not J.R..  In reaction to her conversation with Kendall, Erica enters Josh’s apartment and agrees with Bianca’s assessment that Josh is shortsighted. 

While J.R. is bonding with little A, he attempts to explain that parents do not always stay together.  He assures his son the “three A’s”, J.R., little A, and Grandpa Adam will all stick together.  J.R. then appears regretful as he stares at Winnie’s cookies and realizes they are not made the way his mother made them without nuts.

Zoe offers to help Babe with money and lawyers.  Babe believes J.R. has all the power with the blackmail information.  Zoe suggests that they devise their own blackmail scheme for J.R..  Zoe and Paul go to get some coffee and leave Babe alone.  A mysterious person watches Babe from the bushes.  The person approaches her, and Babe innocently asks if she can help him.

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