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Annie is asleep in the living room, when Ryan returns to the penthouse from Zach and Kendall’s party.  Annie awakens, when Ryan covers her with a blanket.  She asks Ryan about the party and if Kendall is all right.

At the Cambias home, Zach remembers his parents arguing, on the night of his mother’s death.  He starts hearing their voices.  Kendall can tell by his expression that he remembers their fight.  She asks him about this memory, and he tells her he doesn’t want to remember anything.

Ryan begins to tell Annie that Kendall and Zach may have drawn out another suspect, Raymond Jenkins.  Ryan also tells Annie that Raymond is the author of the love letters to Zach’s mother and the police are checking into Raymond’s whereabouts, at the times Simone, Erin, and Dani were victimized

In their bedroom, Julia pushes Jamie to elaborate on his “scary prediction”.  Looking concerned, Jamie explains to Julia J.R.’s life is about to explode and that there nothing he can do to help him.

At home, Babe is shocked and confused, when J.R. threatens to reveal Krystal’s secret about the baby to Adam, if she doesn’t sign custody of “little A” back to him.  To make his point clear, J.R. tells Babe he is filing for divorce.  Babe realizes “something” must have happened at the party to cause J.R.’s reaction towards her.  Without admitting she kissed Josh, Babe tries to bait J.R.  Babe looks worried, when J.R. mentions she was with Josh in the shed.

While holding Julia on his lap, Jamie resigns himself to the fact all he can do is “be there” for J.R.  Julia comforts Jamie.  After she reminds him that he is a source of balance to J.R., they kiss.

Ryan and Annie switch to the “lighter” subject of Emma’s Valentine fairy costume for school.  Annie becomes uncomfortable, when Ryan offers to help her make the costume.  In reaction to Annie, Ryan sarcastically calls her “Super Mom.”

In frustration, Zach throws a vase against the wall.  Kendall encourages him to continue as she recognizes being surrounded by his parents’ belongings is too difficult for him.  He continues throwing glass objects and then becomes concerned he is frightening Kendall.  Zach begins to laugh, when Kendall joins him in glass breaking.  Relieved by her reaction, he grabs and holds her.

J.R. believes Babe’s “noble gesture,” of acting as bait for the killer, was just an excuse to “hook- up” with her lover, Josh, at the party.  Babe forcefully denies his accusation and professes her love to J.R.  J.R. thinks Babe is trying to make a fool out of him.  As they continue arguing about Josh, J.R. admits he saw her kissing Josh in the shed.  Babe keeps insisting that she and Josh are “over.”  Now provoked, J.R. throws Babe’s New Year’s Eve kiss in her face, and admits he observed her on camera in Josh’s room the night he was supposedly just “checking her blood pressure.”

Annie mentions to Ryan that she saw Julia and Kathy in the park.  She admits she still resents Julia for supporting Tad and Dixie with the Emma situation, even though Kathy and Emma have now forged a bond.

While cuddling in bed, Julia tells Jamie she offered to let Annie and Emma live with them at Wildwood.  They agree it would be great for Kathy to have Emma to play with.  They abruptly stop kissing, when Julia notices Kathy is in their bedroom.

Ryan and Annie continue discussing Emma and Kathy’s friendship.  Annie takes this opportunity to inform Ryan she is considering moving into Wildwood.  Annie declines Ryan’s offer to help financially support Emma.  She then reluctantly tells Ryan she has made a decision about the situation with him and Emma.

Kendall keeps trying to keep things light for Zach.  She jokes about breaking all the china in the Cambias house and offers to “torch” their own home to rid Zach of his childhood memories.  Zach is touched by Kendall’s support.  After reflecting, Zach concludes that there is a Cambias curse borne from his father’s cruelty, which ultimately killed his mother and turned Michael into a “monster.”  He warns Kendall that “anyone who falls in love with a Cambias will suffer.” Kendall ridicules Zach’s “curse” theory and reassures him with a kiss.

When Babe is not baited by his camera comment, J.R. again holds Krystal’s “secret” over Babe’s head.  Babe firmly defends herself; J.R. then threatens to use her so-called “poor judgment” regarding Zarf/Zoe against her in court.  In classic J.R. mode, he implies that Babe and Zarf/Zoe are romantically involved.  As Babe reacts in disbelief, J.R. informs her he recorded Zarf/Zoe’s statement about the risks Babe has taken on his/her behalf and has a photograph of them “curled-up” in bed together.  Babe feels fooled by J.R.’s recent attempts to work on their marriage and begins to believe J.R. was “setting her up” to get ammunition for court.  J.R. coldly responds to Babe’s tearful question about whether J.R. was the least bit sincere in trying to reunite.  As their argument escalates, J.R. accuses Babe of trying to get him to drink alcohol.  J.R. warns Babe to sign the custody document and walks out of the room.  Babe tears up the custody document, follows J.R., and throws it at him.  Babe reminds J.R. Dixie would not have wanted him to hurt people with the information she gave him.  J.R. angrily responds he wished Babe died instead of Dixie.  Now stoic, Babe tells J.R. she is grateful her kissing Josh brought out J.R.’s true feelings.

After making love, Kendall startles Zach by mentioning how beautiful their baby is going to be.  Zach cautions Kendall it is too dangerous for her to get pregnant, under the current circumstances.  He again blames himself for the tragic deaths.  Kendall assures him he is not responsible, and that they will be able to move on, when this situation is resolved.  They begin to make love again.

Julia and Jamie try to soothe Kathy, after her nightmare.  Jamie tells Kathy he can get rid of the “monster” by making himself invisible under his blanket.  No longer afraid, Kathy goes under the blanket with Jamie to her room, so that they can “get” the “monster” together.

Ryan hugs Annie in relief, after she explains that her plan is to tell Emma he is her father.  They then toast each other in celebration of their future.  Ryan tells Annie he understands her reasons for moving out, given the circumstances.  As they toast again to their so-called friendship, they both simultaneously fantasize about being intimate with each other.  After their respective fantasies, they toast to having boundaries and limits.

Now back in their bed, Julia tells Jamie how wonderfully he handled Kathy’s nightmare.  Kathy then interrupts another intimate moment between Julia and Jamie by telling him that he is the only one who can protect her from the “monster.”

As music plays in the background Ryan watches Annie, as she hesitantly leaves the room. 

Jamie and Julia put Kathy between them in their bed.  They both comfort her lovingly, as she tries to sleep.

Now alone, J.R. focuses on the torn pieces of the custody document and a photograph of Adam and Krystal’s wedding.

Babe begins to cry as she clenches the same picture to her chest and tries to absorb the destruction around her.

Kendall and Zach snuggle and kiss in bed.

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