AMC Update Monday 2/5/07

All My Children Update Monday 2/5/07


Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Bianca thanks Zoe for complimenting her and apologizes for how she treated her in the past.  Bianca asks Zoe if she wants to hang out.

J.R. and Jamie watch as Babe kisses Josh.

A man on the balcony sees Kendall in a white dress.  He puts his hand on her shoulder and calls her Amelia.  The man is then grabbed by Zach, Ryan, and Aidan.  Tad calls Derek to come to the party because they think they found the killer.  The man tells Zach he's dishonoring his mother’s memory by having Kendall in a dress similar to Amelia's.  Zach asks him how he knew his mother.

Jamie says he'll help J.R. end things with Babe but J.R. says he wants to do it his way and leaves.  Babe tells Josh it's over between them for good.  He accepts it.  Babe says she won't forget how he made her feel.

Zach asks the man why he attacked Kendall.  The man says it's a misunderstanding.  As Zach grabs him by his shirt, J.R. asks what they're doing to him.  He explains that the man came to the party with him and his name is Raymond Jenkins.

Bianca asks Zoe more about herself.  She goes into details telling her about being a rock star but insists she's just a normal girl.  Bianca asks Zoe where she got the name Zarf from.  Zoe explains it came from the internet.  Zoe is conflicted about which parts of Zarf she should keep within herself.  Bianca asks if Zoe will take estrogen.

J.R. says Jenkins is his nurse.  Zach then remembers him from his childhood and realizes that he was Amelia's lover.  Jenkins says Amelia would be alive if he got to her house sooner.  Zach asks Jenkins if he blames him for his mother's death and is getting revenge by killing the Fusion women.  Jenkins denies being the killer.  J.R. then remembers Jenkins being at the Chandler mansion when Dixie died.  Jonathan tries to attack Jenkins, but Jack holds him back.  Palmer insults the man, thinking he is responsible for Dixie's death.  Babe walks in and asks what's going on.  J.R. tells her someone's been living a lie.

Zoe says she can't take estrogen because the police took all she had and she hasn't contacted her supplier for more.  Bianca warns Zoe about taking estrogen from the black market since it could kill her.  Bianca insists she go to a doctor.

J.R. tells Babe that Jenkins knew Amelia.  Jenkins explains that Amelia never showed up the night they were supposed to run away together and she died the next day.  Everyone tries to ask him questions, but Derek says they need to take him to the station.  Kenny asks Kendall if he's off the hook.  Tad says he'll be in the interrogation room with Jenkins.  Babe asks J.R. if he's okay.  She wants to take him home.

Del, Jonathan, Amanda, Aidan, and Di arrive at Wildwind discussing Jenkins.  Aidan and Di have doubts about him being the killer.  Di soon runs out of the room.  She can't handle the topic since Dixie was one of the killer's victims.  Julia comes in the room and asks everyone what happened.

Jack won't allow Tad in the interrogation room to question Jenkins.  Tad tries convincing Jack and finally gets him to let him in the room.  Derek asks Jenkins if he understands his rights.  Jenkins denies doing anything wrong and says he wants to see a lawyer.  Since he had nothing to hide, he answers Derek's questions.

Zach thanks Ryan for his help.  He then leaves Ryan alone with Kendall.  Kendall tells Ryan he can leave so she can be alone with Zach.  Zach is on the balcony thinking.  Kendall holds him.

Zoe is afraid to get estrogen from a doctor because it will get out.  Bianca tells her that experts can help with her transitioning as a woman.  To help Zoe feel better, she tells her what happened a few years ago at a party.  How she was publicly put on the spot by a reporter about being a lesbian.  She explains wanting to run away, but taking a step forward instead.  She encourages Zoe to take one step at a time.  Josh barges in angry.  He's rude to Zoe and gets something to drink.  Bianca asks him what happened.

Babe and J.R. arrive at home.  J.R. says Jenkins won't be working for him anymore.  Jamie wants to stick around, but J.R. assures him he has things under control.  J.R. starts thinking about Babe and Josh kissing.  Babe and J.R. discuss how Jenkins could be the murder.  J.R. changes the subject and tells Babe he made a decision about whether or not he'll tell Adam about Krystal's baby being Tad's.

Josh tells Bianca and Zoe about what happened at the party and that Jenkins is being questioned.  Zoe leaves so that Bianca and Josh can talk.  Josh starts drinking alcohol and Bianca asks him what's wrong.  He tells her he just said goodbye to Babe.

Babe asks J.R. what he decided.  J.R. says he won't tell Adam about Krystal's baby.  It would destroy his marriage.  It's better for everyone to keep the secret.

Everyone brings Julia up to date about what happened at the party.  Amanda is still convinced of Jenkins' guilt.  Julia asks if the police ever found out who ordered the flowers.  Aidan says they were order from an untraceable cell phone and charged to the Fusion account.  Di comes in, saying she feels a lot better since she took a shower.  Julia kisses Jamie as he arrives home.  Jonathan says there is no evidence against Jenkins, but he could still be the killer.

Jack continues asking Jenkins questions.  Ryan shows up at the police station and Derek tells him he shouldn't be there.  Derek says they have nothing on Jenkins but lets Ryan listen to his interrogation.

Zach and Kendall are on the balcony caressing each other and kissing.  Zach remembers hearing yelling the night his mother died.

Jamie doesn't think Jenkins is the killer.  Everyone shares their theories on how he could've done it and his motives.  Di suggests that the killer could be David.  Aidan said he investigated David's whereabouts and he's in Indonesia.

Josh tells Bianca he and Babe are over.  Bianca tells him she knows how he feels.

Babe assures J.R. that Krystal can make Adam happy.  J.R. gets up and fills out a blank piece of paper.

Jack and Tad still have questions for Jenkins.

Zach remembers his mom and dad arguing the night she died.

Everyone but Julia and Jamie go to bed.  Jamie tells Julia “all hell’s is going to break loose tomorrow” but wants to be with her tonight.  He kisses her.

Josh tells Bianca he still feels that J.R. will hurt Babe.

J.R. gives Babe a paper to sign.  It will make custody agreements regarding Little Adam null and void.  When Babe refuses to sign, J.R. threatens to tell Adam the truth about Krystal's baby if she doesn't.

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