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All My Children Update Thursday 2/1/07


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Bianca knocks on Josh's door, but ZoŽ opens it.† Bianca asks why she's there.† ZoŽ replies that Josh is letting her stay.† Bianca asks ZoŽ if she's stalking her.

Emma has a stomachache and Ryan tries to make her feel better by giving her a teddy bear.

Kendall tells Zach she wants to talk to Annie in private so he agrees to leave the Fusion office.

Adam takes the killer's listening device from Tad and destroys it.† Tad calls him stupid because they needed it.† Adam then tells Tad he is the stupid one for not finding the device sooner.† He also blames Tad for Dixie's death.

J.R. tells Babe that Dixie told him about Krystal's baby being Tad's.† Babe tells him not to say anything about it.† It occurs to J.R. that Babe knew all along.† Babe tells him Dixie thought Krystal's baby was Tad's because David did a DNA test and told Krystal about it.† J.R.'s angry that Babe kept this from him.† He mentions that Colby knew Krystal had a secret.† He demands that Babe tell him Dixie saw Tad and Krystal sleeping together.

Krystal demands that Adam apologize to Tad for blaming him for Dixie's death.† He complies.† Adam then blames ZoŽ for the murders.

Josh comes to the door.† Bianca asks him why he's letting ZoŽ stay with him.† She has a problem because she lives in the same building.† Josh says his reasons have to do with protecting her, Kendall, and Babe.† ZoŽ opens the door and says Josh wants to keep an eye on her.

Adam explains his theories about how ZoŽ may have killed Dixie.† Tad then tells Adam to leave ZoŽ alone.† He and Krystal defend ZoŽ.† Out of frustration, Adam throws his glass, asking who's after his family.† Tad says the killer is after Zach.

Zach tells Kendall not to go anywhere without bodyguards and leaves Fusion so she can talk with Annie.† Kendall ignores Annie as she's expressing her anger about Kendall keeping Emma's paternity a secret.

Ryan gives Emma ice cream.† He asks her when her stomach started hurting. †She said it happened when a boy laughed at her.† He tells her to laugh back at him.† He tries to make her feel better by putting ice cream on his nose.

Kendall defends her actions of keeping Emma's paternity a secret.† Annie accuses her of doing it because she wants Ryan to love her.† Kendall then says that Annie would be glad if the killer came after her.

Emma tells Ryan her stomach no longer hurts so he takes her back to school.

Annie calls Kendall ďlowĒ for implying she would be happy if the killer murdered her.† After a few negative words to each other, Annie leaves the Fusion office.

ZoŽ tells Josh she understands his suspicion since Dixie died right after she (ZoŽ) started living at the Chandler mansion.† Bianca apologizes to Josh.† Josh is afraid the killer could go after Babe again.

Babe explains to J.R. that Tad and Krystal's affair happened only once.† They were both in emotional pain that night.† J.R. then throws her affair with Josh in her face.

Tad explains to Adam how the killings are connected with Zach.† Adam asks why the killer doesn't just kill Zach instead.† Tad says because the killer wants to make Zach suffer.

Zach visits Dixie in the morgue.

ZoŽ is confronted by Maggie in the park.† She rudely asks ZoŽ why she's in Pine Valley.† ZoŽ then asks how she could betray Bianca.

Kendall arrives at Josh's apartment and blasts him for drugging Zach and letting the truth about Ryan being Emma's father get out.† She doesn't realize Bianca is there and heard the whole thing.† Kendall and Josh decide to tell Bianca the whole story.† Bianca asks them what's wrong with them and they use the excuse of playing dirty to protect the ones they care about.

Zach starts blaming himself for Dixie's death.† Ryan then walks in and apologizes to Zach for accusing him of holding back information.† Zach swears he won't let any more women die.

J.R. asks if Krystal really is carrying Tad's baby and Babe answers yes.† Tad walks in and picks up a photo of Dixie on J.R.'s dresser.† He informs J.R. and Babe he found a listening device in their home and then leaves.† Babe thanks J.R. for not telling Tad.† J.R. is conflicted because his decision to tell Tad about his child could hurt his father in the process.

Adam is afraid someone else in his family is next.† He tells Krystal he wouldn't know what he'd do if anything ever happened to her.† They kiss.

Zach tells Ryan his plan of having a party and using Kendall as bait to lure the killer.† Zach leaves and promises there will be no more victims.† Di walks in crying.† Ryan comforts her as she says she wants her sister back.

Maggie tells ZoŽ her relationship with Bianca is none of her business.† ZoŽ apologizes but criticizes her for cheating on Bianca.† She tells Maggie she's in love with Bianca and cares about her.

Kendall defends her actions to Bianca.† Josh tells her to be more concerned with the killer and walks out.† Bianca asks Kendall how she could keep a little girl from her parent.† Kendall says she did it to protect Ryan.† Bianca reminds her how Babe kept her from her daughter.† Kendall makes Bianca promise to take care of Spike if she dies.

Maggie tells ZoŽ that Bianca could never love her.† She also accuses ZoŽ of taking advantage of Bianca's kindness and says she better stop.

Bianca says she won't be part of the plan to lure the killer.† Kendall accepts her decision and tells her to get custody of Spike if something were to happen.† She doesn't want Ryan raising her child with Annie.† Kendall tells Bianca she wants to help catch this killer for Zach.

Zach arrives at the Chandler mansion.† He says he has an idea to catch the killer.† He tells Tad he'll need his help though.

Babe says Tad will be a part of his daughter's life since he'll be her godfather.† J.R. brings up how they made Bianca a godmother to Miranda.† Babe says that Tad and Adam will go at it if the truth comes out.† She tells J.R. at least to think this through before he decides to tell.

Krystal tells Zach she refuses to let Babe attend his party.† Adam says J.R. won't allow it.† He then opens his door and kicks Zach and Tad out.

ZoŽ tells Maggie she'll never hurt Bianca.† Maggie tells ZoŽ to stay away from Bianca and that ZoŽ will never be her (Biancaís) type.

Kendall assures Bianca she can't be talked out of her plan to lure the killer.† Bianca tells her to be careful and hugs Kendall.

Babe asks J.R. not to tell and walks out of the room.† J.R. sits on the bed and remembers Dixie talking to him before she passed out.

Tad tells Zach his plan better works or he'll lose Kendall.

Di gives the priest a bible that belonged to Dixie's mother.† She wants it buried with her.† Di thanks Ryan for comforting her.† She swears that she'll find Dixie's killer.† The priest hands Ryan an envelope with his name on it.† It's a letter from the killer telling him to stay away from Zach.

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