AMC Update Wednesday 1/31/07

All My Children Update Wednesday 1/31/07


Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Ryan and Annie awkwardly try to deal with each other, in the aftermath of Ryan telling Annie that he is Emma’s father. They both nervously laugh at the situation. 

Jamie stays up all night trying to hack into the Fusion computer system to find answers. Aidan comes to assist Jamie. Jamie tells Aidan he knows that Babe was supposed to be the next victim. 

Zach searches again for more clues in the Cambias storage space. Zach finds an old invitation for his mother’s birthday with a flower pressed inside. This discovery prompts him to flash back to his mother. She is laughing with an empty wineglass in hand. She is also wearing the same dress and white ribbon around her neck as depicted in her portrait with Kendall’s face. Zach immediately then turns toward Kendall, as she lies asleep; Zach will not let her out of his sight. Zach becomes startled, when someone enters the storage room. 

JR watches Babe sleeping on the living room sofa. She suddenly awakes and comforts a grieving JR. She tells him how sorry she is. He says he knows, as he lovingly caresses her face. Babe then tells him he couldn’t realize how sorry she is, since JR was unaware it is her fault Dixie is dead. Babe tells JR about the poisoned banana and peanut butter pancakes intended for her, not Dixie. At this point, she concluded JR must hate her. Babe is shocked, as JR painstakingly and silently stumbles toward her for a hug. 

Di wakes up from sleeping at the Chandlers. Krystal helps her accept losing her newly found sister, Dixie, with wise words of survival, as she once did when they were cellmates in prison. 

Zach realizes it is Tad in the storage doorway. Zach realizes Dixie is gone by the look on Tad’s face. Tad ignores Kendall’s apology and confronts Zach. Determined to find Dixie’s killer, Tad faults Zach for not getting answers and angrily demands Zach to “fix it” now. 

Aidan and Jamie try to figure out how the killer gains unfettered access to his victim’s food and beverages. More importantly, Aidan wonders “how does the killer know how to get to his victims”? 

Ryan and Annie try to act “normal” around each other, despite the new situation. Ryan flirts with Annie, before he pushes her to answer him concerning the parameters of his role as Emma’s father. Annie acknowledges he would make a wonderful father, but she is not ready to tell Emma. 

Babe still cannot believe JR’s reaction. JR passionately explains to Babe that he wanted to die, when Dixie did. He told Babe her touch kept him alive; he then asks so how could he want her dead. He tells Babe he never wants little A to feel the pain that he is feeling. As he grabs Babe and kisses her, Adam walks in and chastises JR for kissing women who brought his mother’s killer into their home. JR slowly turns around and stares at Adam. 

Di tells Krystal how guilty she feels for “setting herself up in Dixie’s life,” after knowing and keeping Dixie’s secret. Krystal comforts Di, as she accepts she can no longer undo the damage she caused Dixie. 

In defense to Adam’s accusation, Babe sharply reminds him the police would not have released Zoe, if they believed she was responsible.  JR tells Adam, “Enough”. Adam starts going on about Babe’s secrets and betrayals. Babe, now disgusted, says she cannot take anymore and walks away leaving JR to defend her. Adam cannot believe JR is defending Babe and hopes this is all part of JR’s plan to get rid of her. JR begs his father to leave Babe alone. 

Babe finds Krystal crying. They both cry as they embrace. Krystal tells Babe how she watched her and JR asleep together on the couch. Babe tells Krystal how “right it felt” and how surprised she is JR turned to her instead of the bottle. Babe is saddened by the fact it took Dixie’s death to bring her and JR closer. 

Following up on their hunch that the killer tapped the Fusion office, Aidan and Jamie silently sweep the area for a bugging device. Aidan discovers a hidden bug and shows it to Jamie. 

While Tad was still blaming Zach in the storage area, he receives the call from Aidan notifying him about the bug. Kendall inquires Tad about the call. Kendall worries the storage area is bugged, after Tad tells them about the tap at Fusion. Tad assures her the only thing he discovered there was a surveillance camera. Zach realizes the killer was then watching him, when he locked him in there. As Tad leaves, he tells Zach and Kendall that they all have to be a step ahead of the killer. Reacting to Tad’s statement, Kendall tells Zach she wants to set herself up as bait for the killer. Zach does not agree with her idea. 

Ryan and Annie try to work through this complicated situation. Annie considers all factors, including the fact her and Ryan started dating, and concludes Emma’s welfare always comes first. Annie then shocks Ryan by suddenly announcing she and Emma are moving out. 

Adam sternly warns JR that Babe is taking advantage of his vulnerability. JR tells Adam it was Babe and not alcohol that consoled him, when Dixie died.  As they argue, Adam expresses his concern that JR is staying with Babe, because he wants to honor his now dead mother’s wishes. When Adam mentions Dixie, JR again hears Dixie’s dying words about Krystal’s baby. This prompts him to ask Adam;  if he could ever forgive Krystal, in the event he found out she cheated on him. Tad walks in, as Adam tells JR he would wipe her out of his life, under those circumstances. Tad comforts JR and reminds him they have gone through “losing” Dixie before. Both Adam and Tad assure JR they will always be there for him. Adam leaves to give JR privacy with Tad.  Tad is proud that JR did not get drunk or violent. JR attributes his strength to Babe and his son. Tad and JR have tears in their eyes, as they talk about Dixie. Tad tells JR Dixie would be happy knowing he and Babe are trying to work things out. JR worries about how Tad will make it through. 

Babe cries to Krystal that it is her fault Dixie is dead. Krystal encourages Babe to persevere.  She tells her to be strong for JR. Babe tells Krystal she is wise, as they embrace. 

Kendall again tries to persuade Zach to allow her to act as bait.  Zach tells Kendall about his mother’s birthday party, on the night of her death. In response, Kendall suggests they have a party to draw out the killer. Kendall says no to Zach’s suggestion that someone pose as her. They finally agree to go through with the party plans with Kendall as bait, based on their mutual trust for each other. Zach decides they will invite the killer to the party. 

Ryan attempts to convince Annie her decision to move out is too hasty and extreme. Annie feels they all need “ space” in order to figure out the situation. Ryan persuades Annie to dance with him, and she gives in and then kisses him. 

Adam sadly admits to Krystal that he cannot reach JR the way Tad can. Krystal points out to Adam he is able to reach JR in ways that Tad cannot. She adds he reaches her in ways no one else can. They embrace, and Adam tells Krystal she is the other half of his soul and how he could not bare to lose her and live with the pain JR is going through. 

Annie reluctantly pulls away from Ryan. He understands she wants to put their relationship on hold. Annie is unable to answer Ryan, when he asks her if she is going to tell Emma the truth. Annie asks Ryan for time to make that decision. Annie leaves and Ryan has to throw cold water on himself to cool down from his kiss with Annie. 

Tad advises JR not to waste anymore time, so that he can avoid further regrets. Tad tells JR, in honor of his mother’s wishes and his, to love and support Babe. JR clings onto Tad not wanting to let go. Adam and Krystal walk in the room, as JR leaves; Tad assures them both that JR will be okay. Tad starts sweeping the Chandler home for bugs. 

Jamie and Aidan silently show Kendall and Zach the bugging device at Fusion. Kendall writes Aidan and Jamie a message that her and Zach have a plan.  Kendall and Zach engage in a planned conversation to fool the killer. Kendall tells Zach she is going to continue to work at Fusion. She sincerely hugs Jamie for his loss, while directing her remarks about finding Dixie’s killer to the satin slayer.  Jamie and Aidan leave, and Kendall further puts the plan into action. Kendall suggests to Zach that they throw a fund-raiser for the Amelia Cambias Foundation in honor of his mother. While his identity is obscured, the killer stands by his receiver and listens to their planned conversation. 

Emma comes home with a “tummy ache” and wants her mother. Ryan tells her that Annie is not there, and Emma asks Ryan to comfort her. Ryan picks up Emma and holds her. 

To appear convincing to the killer, Zach thanks and hugs Kendall for the party in his mother’s honor. Kendall adds the party is in honor of Simone, Erin, and Dixie too. As they kiss, Annie arrives at Fusion to confront Kendall about Emma’s paternity. 

As Tad finds a bug, Adam blurts out how some lunatic is bugging his house. Tad, now furious, tells Adam how he has now ruined the possibility of using the bug against the killer. Krystal becomes distraught, when she realizes the killer over heard her ask Winnie to get peanut butter from the store for Babe’s pancakes. Aware Dixie is now dead as a result, Krystal reaches out to Adam for comfort. 

JR looks at pictures of Dixie and Tad in Dixie’s room. Babe asks JR, if she can do anything for him. JR answers with a bombshell. He asks Babe whether he should change Tad’s life and destroy his father’s by telling them both that Krystal’s baby is Tad’s…..

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