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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

At Ryan and Annie’s, Annie is still trying to absorb the fact Ryan is Emma’s father.  She asks him in disbelief.  “Did you just say you are Emma’s dad?”  Ryan admits that the situation is unbelievable.  Annie then asks him if he is just telling her this because he feels bad for her that she’s a single mom.  Ryan interrupts with, No!  No!  Annie then asks him if he’s saying this, because he feels indebted to her for watching Spike.  Again Ryan firmly denies her questions and repeats the DNA tests show he is a match to Emma.  Annie is speechless.

At the Chandler’s, Jack and Derek are investigating Dixie’s poisoning.  Bianca had come to visit Zoe but arrived in the middle of the chaos.  Babe is dazed and says aloud, “they were supposed to be for me,” referring to the pancakes that Dixie ate instead of her.  Bianca is concerned about Babe and asks if she is okay.  Josh interrupts and says of course not and adds Dixie is being rushed to the hospital.  Jack urges everyone to calm down.  Zoe solemnly describes Dixie as barely breathing.  Bianca is very upset and gasps, “Oh God!”  Adam begins to blow up at Babe and starts yelling she cursed his house and brought nothing but pain to his son.  Derek stops him and reminds Adam his tirade is not helping.  Josh listens and protectively stands by Babe.  Adam then tells Babe, if Dixie dies it is on her.  Babe is distraught. 

At PVH, Dixie codes, as her heart stops.  Jeff desperately tries to resuscitate her as Tad stands over Dixie and begs her not to leave him.  Jamie opens the door to Dixie’s room and yells “Mom.”  J.R., Di, Opal, and Krystal try to look in through the opened door.  Joe Martin urges Tad to wait outside.  Tad yells out to Dixie that he is right there and not going anywhere.  J.R., Tad, and the rest of the family clear the room, so that Joe and Jeff can try to save Dixie.  Tad and J.R. stand by the door.  Tad is completely numb, and J.R. assures him that Joe and Jeff will save her. 

Babe asks Adam if he really thinks she wants Dixie in the hospital instead of her.  Josh protects Babe and tells Adam to “lay off” Babe.  Upset about Dixie, Adam explodes at Josh asking him who the hell he thinks he is.  Derek tells them to stop, and Jack encourages Adam to go to the hospital to be with his family.  Babe tells Adam she wants to go to see J.R., at the hospital.  Derek stops Babe as she starts to leave and tells her that she needs to stay behind so that they can question her.  As Adam leaves for to the hospital, he snaps at Babe that she is “no victim.”  Babe begins to shake, and Bianca and Josh help her sit down.  Jack suggests they check the alarm.  Derek stares at Zoe suspiciously and says maybe there is no need to check it.  Jack and Derek start questioning Zoe about her whereabouts, during breakfast.  As Zoe explains she was outside, Babe jumps up and begs them to leave Zoe alone.  Babe cries out for them to blame her, since she gave Dixie the poisoned pancakes intended for her.  Josh comforts her and tells Babe it is not her fault.  Babe pleads with Josh that she wants to go to the hospital to be with J.R..  Josh asks Jack if Babe can now leave.  Jack allows her to go.  Josh promises Babe he will stay with Zoe while the police question her.  Babe is relieved for Zoe.  As Babe walks out, Zoe hugs her and tells her to be careful.  Now worried for Babe, Zoe asks Josh how they are going to protect Babe, as they watch her walk away.   

Ryan continues to tell Annie about the circumstances surrounding the DNA tests.  Still shocked, Annie casts doubt on their reliability, since David was the source.  Ryan assures her the results are accurate, since the other test was run.  Annie begins to piece together the time frame of David’s departure and wonders why Kendall withheld the information since Thanksgiving.  Annie now realizes why Kendall reacted so badly to Emma’s comment about Ryan.  Ryan explains Kendall is selfish.  Annie is still in disbelief.  Annie rejects Ryan’s offer to do another test.  Ryan points out to Annie that this test is accurate, since Kendall kept the results to herself.  Annie has to sit down and let the fact that Ryan is Emma’s father begin to sink in.  Ryan smiles and tells Annie he is “happy, surprised, and confused.”  Annie starts crying. 

J.R. snaps at Krystal he is fine, as she tries to comfort him.  Opal states, “We are all far from fine.”  Krystal still tries to comfort J.R. by telling him his mother did not just come back from the dead to leave him now.  J.R. is unable to look at Krystal, since he starts to replay Dixie’s last words to him about Tad being the father of Krystal’s baby. 

Julia and Kathy are in the park, as Julia asks her what she would like to eat for dinner.  Julia tries to cheer up a quiet and sad Kathy.  While Julia struggles to get a response from her, Father Clarence, from Christmas, appears from nowhere.  The priest addresses Kathy by name and refers to Julia as her aunt.  Julia is shocked by the presence of this priest, since he is unknown to her. 

Opal asks Tad what happened in Dixie’s hospital room.  Del asks if Dixie is going to be all right.  Since Tad is unable to respond, Jamie replies that Joe and Jeff will do everything they can.  Jamie prevents Del from going into Dixie’s room.  Tad repeatedly hears his words to Dixie from moments before, “together forever.”  Adam now arrives at the hospital and asks J.R. about his mother.  J.R. looks at Adam in silence.  Krystal whispers Dixie’s grave condition to Adam.  Tad begins to smile as he flashes back to when he first met Dixie and said to her, “Heaven help me I just forgot every woman I ever met.”  Tad ignores Opal’s comment about Palmer, as he flashes back to Dixie in the hospital at an earlier time and a party they threw for Palmer.  Opal begins to smile as she also flashes back to a conversation with Palmer, when he told her he could keep Dixie and Tad apart.  J.R. begins to pace and Krystal and Adam have to help him back into his wheelchair.  J.R. then flashes to a role he played as a child in a Christmas play.  He remembered how his mother broke the deafening silence, when he forgot his lines.  Dixie began to sing: “Oh little town of Bethlehem.”  J.R. begins to mouth the words, as looks into Dixie’s hospital room through the window.  While Jamie is holding onto J.R.’s wheelchair, he flashes back to when he and J.R. were children and lost a frog in their house.  Jamie smiles as he remembers Tad teasing Dixie by telling her the frog was in their bed.  As he looks sadly on at Dixie, Joe flashes back to a conversation he had with Dixie about her infertility.  Joe begins to marvel as he remembers Dixie’s unwavering hope to conceive a child and belief in miracles.  Tad begins to pace as he flashes back to this past summer, when he promised Dixie he would help her sort through Madden’s box of children’s photos in an effort to find Kate.  J.R. has another flash back to his recent hospitalization for his near fatal jump from Josh’s window.  He remembers telling Dixie how Tad brought him back to life by telling him to “come back, your mom needs you.”  Tad flashes to when he just told Dixie, as she coded, that Di, Del, Opal, and Jamie are there and need her and to “do it” for them and if “not for them,”  “do it for me.”  Tad continues flashing back through all of their wedding ceremonies and marriage vows. 

Annie does not know how to react to this news.  They discuss the fact Ryan was a “donor” in conceiving both of his children.  Annie points out that the situation with Spike is different, since he was not “anonymous.”  Annie suggests that everything between her, Emma, and Ryan should remain the same.  Despite Annie’s downplaying, Ryan is elated. 

The priest tells Julia he and Kathy are old friends.  In response to Julia, he tells her how wonderful Kathy’s parents were.  He then tells Kathy he knows it is hard to say good-bye to people you love.  With snow in his hand, he explains to Kathy, snow is God’s way of sending us messages from loved ones in heaven.  Julia tries to hold back tears.  He promises Kathy she will be happy again and tells her how much “Aunt Julia” loves her.  The priest’s words make Kathy smile.  As Julia turns to thank him, the priest has already “disappeared.” 

Jeff and Joe are still working to save Dixie, as Babe arrives.  Babe holds J.R. as he relays Dixie’s condition to her.  J.R. says to Babe that his mother won’t leave him again. 

Jack and Derek continue to question Zoe.  As she tells them about the gardenias, Bianca and Josh advise Zoe to call her lawyer.  Zoe exclaims she wants to cooperate and does not need her lawyer.  Zoe is saddened as she thinks of Dixie’s possible fate. 

Joe comes out of Dixie’s with an anguished look.  While looking at Tad, he announces to everyone, “We lost her.”  A devastated Tad walks away in silence.  Joe stops Jamie from following Tad.  Babe holds J.R., as he begins to sob.  In denial, J.R. starts screaming at Joe to “fix her,” and Babe tries to calm him.  Adam holds Opal, and Del reacts with anger. 

Jack sadly relays the message about Dixie to Bianca, Josh, Derek, and Zoe.  Bianca is shocked, and Zoe tries to comfort her. 

J.R. and Babe go into Dixie’s room to see her.  J.R. cries uncontrollably at the sight of his dead mother and hears her singing to him- “Please don’t take my sunshine away….” 

Ryan explains to Annie he thought she would not worry anymore, if she knew he was Emma’s father.  He then promised her he would let her decide his role in Emma’s life.

Annie begins to cry.  Emma returns home and gives Ryan an acorn.  He puts Emma on his lap, as they discuss the story he previously told Emma about the squirrel.  Emma reveals the symbolism of her gift by saying if a squirrel has acorns his wishes come true.  Annie happily watches the two interact.   

Bianca sadly tells Zoe that Dixie never gave up looking for Kate.  Bianca relates to her how she suffered, when Miranda was taken from her.  Jack interrupts the two and has Bianca follow him to another room.  Zoe then tells Josh she is not going to stay at the Chandler’s.  As Jack reminds Bianca they don’t know anything about Zoe, Zoe is eavesdropping.  Bianca defends Zoe to Jack.  Zoe walks in and assures Jack she would never hurt Bianca. 

Di, Jamie, and Opal enter Dixie’s room and kiss her goodbye.  Adam then comes in and tells Dixie how sorry he is.  Aidan comforts Di as she punches a wall and in frustration yells that they should have caught the killer.  Although none of family can see her, Dixie appears in spirit form.  J.R. turns as she touches his shoulder, but he does not realize she is there.  Dixie cries as she looks at her family.  When she does not see Tad, she shouts out his name. 

With tear-filled eyes, Tad runs into Kathy and Julia in the park.  Julia realizes what happened.  Kathy asks Tad to do his trick with the quarter. 

Jack and Josh agree to be cautious about Zoe given the circumstances.  Derek advises Zoe to remain in the area, and Josh informs Derek that Zoe will be staying with him.  Zoe asks Derek to protect Babe. 

As they sit by Dixie’s body, Babe hands J.R. the necklace Dixie had on, when she was brought to the hospital.  J.R. folds the necklace in Dixie’s hand and tells his mother she is now with the stars. 

Tad kneels down to Kathy and tells her how he lost a quarter in the same spot they were now standing.  He continues to tell her how he kept searching for the quarter, as Dixie’s spirit watches them.  Tad pulls the “lost quarter” from Kathy and exclaims I found it!  As Tad hugs Kathy, Dixie’s spirit tearfully gasps that Kathy is her beautiful Kate.  The snow begins to fall again, and Kathy (Kate) receives her “message.”  Kathy waves at Dixie, and Dixie blows kisses back to her.

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