AMC Update Monday 1/29/07

All My Children Update Monday 1/29/07


Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Bianca is in the park with Miranda, Spike, and Emma.  Julia and Kathy come up to them.  Kathy goes to play with the other kids and Bianca asks how Julia and Kathy are related.  Julia explains that her real parents, Jim and Linda, died.  Julia also tells Bianca about how she worries she won't be a good mother.  Bianca gives Julia advice.  Suggesting she bring all of Kathy's belongings to Pine Valley so she could have continuity.  Julia thinks this is a smart idea.  Then, Bianca tells Julia her doubts about letting Maggie back into her and Miranda's lives.

Kathy hurts her finger and Julia eased her pain by giving her a checkup and whispering something into her ear. Kathy smiles and runs off. Bianca asks what Julia whispered. She told Kathy, "I love you!" Bianca tells Julia not to worry because she knows exactly how to support her. Julia then says that adults needed support just like children. Bianca smiles and asks Julia to watch the kids because she wanted to see someone. Bianca then leaves.

Ryan and Annie are in the penthouse.  Ryan asks Annie why she didn't want to find Emma's biological father.  Annie stated donors were anonymous for a reason.  Ryan suggested that maybe the donor wanted to be a father.  Annie said it was her worst nightmare.  Annie explains how she had to fight for Emma.  She's nervous that the donor might try to take Emma away.  Annie said she will never go to court over Emma again.  Ryan asks Annie if she would ever share moments with Emma.  Annie said she would with people like him because of his connection with Emma.  Ryan smiles and promises he'll never let anyone take Emma away from her.  Ryan then tells her he's Emma's father.  Annie looks shocked.

Kendall is speechless over the painting.  Zach is angry that Kendall saw it.  Derek says it's evidence and Zach tells him the dart wasn't there when he found it in the warehouse.  Everyone's concerned about how fast the killer works.

Derek, Tad, Josh, and Jack discuss the suspects and who is most likely the killer. Josh believes that Amelia's love letters Zach found were a big clue. Kendall then announces that Josh drugged Zach to get information. Jack asks if Zach wants to press charges, but he doesn't.

Zach pulls Tad aside and tells him that Josh knows he killed Greg Madden. Tad then realized why Josh was upset with him. Derek gets a phone call from Adam, saying there was an attack at the Chandler Mansion. Josh starts to run out of the police station, thinking it was Babe but Derek informs everyone it was Dixie. Everyone rushes off, except for Zach and Kendall. They stay behind to discuss their next move. Kendall tells him they are a team and she won't leave him. Zach says he will not let Kendall out of his sight. They start hugging. Kendall and Zach go to the warehouse. He looked at some objects and remembered a conversation he had with his mother, Amelia. She told him he and Michael were going on a trip with her. Zach asked if their father was going too and she said no. Zach then wonders if Michael would have been a respected man if their mother was still alive. Zach also wonders if he really was responsible for her death. Kendall assures Zach he was not to blame.

Babe calls for help because something's wrong with Dixie. Dixie said she felt hot, but thought nothing of it. As Krystal and J.R. enter the room, Dixie collapses. Krystal calls 911 as J.R. and Babe perform CPR on Dixie. Adam comes in next and so does Zoe. She tells them she found a box of flowers outside. Adam accuses Zoe of poisoning Dixie. Meanwhile, J.R. was next to Dixie as he tells her to stay alive for Tad. Dixie then whispers to J.R. to give Tad his child. J.R. promised not to stop looking for Kate. Dixie then tells him Tad is the father of Krystal's baby. The EMT's arrive to take Dixie to the hospital. J.R. and Krystal leave with them but Babe, Zoe, and Adam stay at the Chandler mansion. Adam then grabs Zoe and calls her a murderer. Babe defends Zoe. Then Josh comes and pushes Adam off of Zoe. Jack and Derek arrive to question Babe and Zoe. Zoe denies attacking Dixie. Babe realizes that the pancakes Dixie ate were intended for her. Bianca walks in.

Tad, Jamie, Krystal and J.R. are at the hospital, watching as the doctors work on Dixie. Krystal and Jamie go to call relatives, while J.R. and Tad talk. J.R. says Dixie was thinking him. Tad asked what she said, but J.R. doesn't answer him.

Then, Di, Del, and Opal arrive.  Everyone waits as Tad goes in to see Dixie.  Joe and Jeff tell Tad to leave, but decide to let him to speak to Dixie.  She was unconscious as Tad spoke to her.  Tad begged Dixie not to die again for her family and for him.  Tad also tells her she was his one and only.  Dixie opens her eyes and removes her oxygen mask.  She manages to tell Tad, "Together.  Tad smiles and says, "Together Forever.  Dixie then closes her eyes.  Tad calls out Dixie's name as her monitor flatlines.


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