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All My Children Update Friday 1/26/07


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

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Tad goes to Chandler Mansion and is upset when Dixie opens the door without knowing who was there.  He says he could have been anyone.  He says if David is the serial killer she could be on his list of victims.  Dixie insists she is safe and that David has never murdered anyone.  Tad says he lost her once and can't take losing her again.  Dixie swears to be on guard.

At the police station, Derek tells Jack, Aidan, and Jamie that the killer could be someone they know.  He could be out there watching them.  Gloved hands are shown tampering with a jar.  The portrait with Kendall's face is brought into the station with the dart still in the neck.  Jamie informs everyone that this is what he and Tad found in the warehouse.  Derek says they'll get on this right away.  Josh enters the scene, looks at the portrait, and says they have to catch this guy before Kendall ends up like this.  Josh gives Derek the stack of love letters written to Zach's mom.  He says the killer is putting on a freak show for Zach.

Zach and Ryan are arguing at the casino.  Zach is upset about being drugged with truth serum and comments that Ryan didn't learn anything important.  He backtracks and says he learned one thing, and calls him Pops.  Ryan is upset that Zach didn't reveal the truth about Emma.  Zach says it was Kendall's secret, not his.  He loves Kendall and doesn't care if she's wrong.

Annie is with Kendall and Spike in a neighboring room at the casino, where Annie insists she is not using Emma to snag Ryan.  Kendall asks if she knows what Josh and Ryan did to Zach.  Annie knows about the truth serum and says Zach wanted her to ask him questions about his mother.  Kendall realizes that Ryan did not tell Annie that he is Emma's father.

J.R. is surprised to find Babe and Zarf/Zoe sleeping together in Babe's room.  He takes a picture with his cell phone camera.  When they wake up, Zarf leaves and Babe admits that this must look weird.  J.R. asks if she's testing him.  She says Zoe needed some place safe to go and she thought she could be safe here.  J.R. asks what their son will think about this situation.  Babe says Zoe is fragile and she may be her only friend.  J.R. agrees to let Zarf/Zoe stay.

Winifred is at the grocery store.  She walks away from her cart and the gloved hand is shown taking a jar of peanut butter out of the cart and replacing it with another jar.

Dixie promises that no one will be more careful than she will.  Tad suggests she stay inside.  She says she can't do that because she got her old job back at the hospital and starts today.  Tad invites her to have lunch with him.  She asks if he's asking her on a date.  Tad says he thinks he is.  He kisses her and Adam and Krystal walk in.  Krystal is now showing a baby bump and Adam says he will be spoiling his wife and daughter.  Tad leaves and Colby walks in.  Soon thereafter Babe and Zarf/Zoe enter the room.  Babe introduces Zoe to Dixie, Krystal, and Adam and says she will be staying with them for a while because she needs somewhere she can feel safe.  Adam tells Babe her first priority is caring for her husband.  Babe says J.R. is cool with Zoe staying here.  Adam goes to talk to J.R..  Colby is thrilled with the prospect of this rock star staying in their home.  She promises she'll keep it secret.  Krystal tells Zoe she'll take her to the guest suite.

Winifred is in the kitchen with little Adam making peanut butter and banana pancakes.

Ryan and Zach continue arguing, loud enough that Annie, Kendall, and Emma hear it from the next room.  Annie and Kendall go to the room, where Annie tells them to keep it down.  She says the kids can hear them yelling.  Ryan tells Annie to get the kids ready to leave.  Kendall tells Ryan he's not taking Spike out of the casino.  Ryan tells Annie again and she leaves the room.  Ryan tells Kendall that she is the target of the killer and it's too dangerous to be near their son.  Kendall says she's noticed he hasn't told Annie the truth.  Ryan says how and when he tells Annie is not her concern.  Kendall says Annie may be resent her and take it out on Spike.  Ryan says Annie would never hurt Spike.  He says Annie doesn't lie or play people and she admits when she's wrong.  He tells Kendall she should try it sometime.

Adam goes into J.R.'s room and asks if he's lost his mind for agreeing to let Zarf stay here.  J.R. shows Adam the photo of Babe in bed with Zarf.  Adam says this evidence of Babe snuggled up to this freak show will make little Adam J.R.'s.  J.R. says he'll use it if he needs it.  When Adam questions him, J.R. says maybe Babe is telling the truth.  Adam brings up the kiss with Josh on New Year's Eve.  J.R. says that maybe Josh surprised Babe with the kiss.

Babe asks Dixie if it's possible that David could be killing her friends.  Winifred brings Babe a plate of the pancakes.  Babe says she doesn't think her dad could kill anyone.  Dixie says David values life and whoever is killing these women thinks life is meaningless.  Babe doesn't want the pancakes.  She tells Dixie that if J.R. saw her eating them he would remember the time she had peanut butter and banana pancakes with Josh in New York.  Dixie says J.R. would not be upset by her eating the pancakes, but Babe says if J.R. saw her eating these there would be too many bad memories.

Ryan goes home with Annie, Emma, and Spike.  The nanny takes the kids to the park.  Ryan asks Annie if she's curious about what he and Zach were arguing about.  Annie says she is, but it's none of her business.  She says there are boundaries.  He asks if boundaries are the reason she doesn't want to know who Emma's father is.

Kendall tells Zach she trusts him completely.  Zach gets a call from Jack, who wants him to come to the police station to talk about the letters to his mom.

At the police station, Jamie asks Josh if he's still after Babe.  If he is, J.R. has the right to know.  Josh won't answer the question but says he found out who killed Greg Madden.  Jamie says no one knows who killed Madden.  Tad approaches and asks if he missed something.  Jamie says Josh found something huge.  He found love letters written to Zach's mom.

Derek tells Jack that Zarf isn't in the clear yet.  He says they're looking at Zarf, Kenny, and David.  Jack says they don't have evidence on any of them.

J.R. tells Adam that he hopes David is the killer.  Babe would at least be safe.  He wants Babe alive.  He'd rather the victim be Kendall than Babe.

Kendall goes into the police station with Zach and sees the portrait with her face and the dart.

Dixie eats the pancakes that Babe didn't want.  She talks about David and how she doesn't think he's the killer.  After several bites, she starts to choke.

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