AMC Update Thursday 1/25/07

All My Children Update Thursday 1/25/07


Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall finally admits to Ryan he's Emma's father.  As she tries to justify her reasons for keeping the truth from him, he grabs her by the arm and takes her out of Zach's office.  As Zach goes after them, Josh stops him because he wants more information regarding Greg Madden's death.  Ryan takes Kendall to an empty hotel room and asks why she kept it a secret he's Emma's father.  Kendall demands an apology from him. 

J.R.'s looking at a photo of Little A.  Adam walks in and asks J.R. if he got any more ammunition against Babe.  The doorbell rings.  It's Tad and Jamie.  They ask to speak to Babe. 

Babe is in her room in a bathrobe, brushing her hair.  The door to the tunnel squeaks and the door opens.  It's Zarf.  He tells Babe he was released from the police station.  He couldn't go home because the Valley Inn was surrounded by the press.  Babe lets him stay.  Adam knocks on her door.  Zarf hides as Babe opens the door.  Adam tells her Tad and Jamie are downstairs and need to ask her a few questions.  Colby passes Babe's room and hears her talking to someone.  She hides when Babe walks out to go downstairs.  Tad asks her if she's had any contact with David.  They're wondering if he's returned to Pine Valley. 

As Annie watches over Spike in his crib, Rachel (the nanny) brings Emma in the room.  Emma can't sleep because she's waiting for Ryan to tuck her in and to say her prayers.  Annie says she doesn't know when Ryan will be back, so she'll tuck her in instead.  Emma tells Spike she loves him as she's going back to her room. 

Kendall wants an apology from Ryan for drugging Zach.  Ryan says he did it to protect her.  He expresses his anger at Kendall for keeping Emma's paternity a secret.  Kendall insists she was doing the right thing.  Ryan asks how long she knew.  She doesn't answer him, but he guesses that it was around Thanksgiving.  Kendall tells Ryan he didn't want to know about the children he fathered from his sperm donations and Annie didn't want to know who the father was.  Ryan tells Kendall he doesn't know how he ever loved her. 

Josh questions Zach about who killed Greg Madden.  Zach says he knew Greg was being tortured but did nothing about it because Greg deserved it. 

Tad suspects David could be the Satin Slayer since the killer isn't targeting Babe.  He explains that Zarf couldn't be the killer because he was still in jail while the killer was in the warehouse with Zach. 

Colby barges into Babe's room with a camera, thinking Josh is inside.  After she takes a picture, she realizes it's Zarf and apologizes.  Zarf asks her not to get Babe in trouble.  Colby promises not to tell anyone that he's hiding in Babe's room.  She tells Zarf she listened to his CD and understands him through his music.  She puts him in front of a mirror and picks up some makeup. 

Babe is skeptical about David being the killer but Jamie says they need to explore every possibility.  Babe says she can't help them since she hasn't heard from David.  She goes back upstairs. 

Kendall is upset because of Ryan's comment about how he could ever love her.  She continues to defend her actions, claiming she was protecting him and Annie.  Ryan said the circumstances are different since he's dating Annie.  He accuses Kendall of trying to control his life and tells her she's Zach's problem now.  He also mentions how they are both keeping secrets. 

Zach can't walk straight, due to the drug he was injected with.  When Josh demands to know who killed Greg, Zach admits it was Tad. 

Colby is putting makeup on Zarf.  Babe walks in and is upset to find Colby in her room.  Colby promises not to tell and walks out.  Babe says she needs a friend and hugs Zarf. 

Tad suspects Dixie could be in danger since David could be the killer so he asks Aidan to investigate David's whereabouts. 

Zach tells Josh that Greg's death was an accident.  He tells Josh not to mourn Greg's death because he wasn't a good person.  He urges him not to pick up where he left off. 

Ryan guesses that Kendall thought he would abandon Spike if he learned Emma was his daughter.  She claims she wasn't being selfish about keeping the secret.  She says that there's a possibility Annie may not want to share her daughter with him.  Kendall thinks Annie may let Ryan be a father to Emma only out of obligation due to what he has done for her.  As Kendall leaves the room, she tells Ryan he still owes her an apology. 

Annie checks on Spike and Emma as they're sleeping then she goes to find Ryan. 

Josh finds a white ribbon and love letters to Zach's mom on his desk and leaves with them.  Zach is too weak from the drug to stop him.  Annie walks into his office looking for Ryan.  When she realizes Zach is drugged, she says she'll cal 911 but he grabs her arm and tells her to question him about his mother's death while he's still affected by the drug. 

Babe tells Zarf she wouldn't be able to live with herself if David turned out to be the killer. 

Adam says he will put on more security.  Jamie defends Babe protecting Zarf to J.R..  When Jamie asks J.R. if he still plans to divorce Babe, he says he doesn't know. 

Ryan walks in to the hotel room and picks up one of Emma's dolls.  Rachel tells him Annie is looking for him.  He checks in on Emma and Spike as they are sleeping.  Emma wakes up and tells him she prayed for Spike to be her baby brother. 

Annie asks Zach about his mom's death.  He remembers someone yelling that night, but doesn't recognize the voice.  Kendall comes in asking Annie what she's doing with Zach.  She walks out and leaves Kendall with Zach. 

Tad and Jamie promise to protect Dixie and leave the Chandler mansion.  Adam tells J.R. that if David really is the killer, it could help him win custody of Little Adam. 

Babe and Zarf get in bed together to go to sleep.  He comforts her as she questions whether David is the killer.  Zarf tells Babe to close her eyes and he sings a song to get her to sleep. 

Kendall tells Zach she's not mad he told Ryan about being Emma's father, since he was drugged.  Zach says he remembers something.  The "R" on his mother's love letters stood for Raymond. 

Ryan puts the covers over Emma as she's sleeping.  Annie walks in and tells Ryan about what happened with Zach.  He tells her to get some sleep.  He kisses her on the forehead and walks into the hallway.

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