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Written By Linda
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Fran

Bianca goes to visit J.R. at the Chandler Mansion.  Surprised to see her, J.R. thinks Bianca is looking for Babe.  As Bianca answers J.R. she is there to see him, she regrets it and tells him to forget he ever saw her.  J.R. takes the opportunity to again apologize to Bianca for “scaring the hell” out of her in Josh’s hotel room.  Bianca regards it as repetitive and nonchalantly reacts to his apology.  J.R. explains he is making amends, as he has learned to do in his program.  He tells Bianca “to make it right “ he wants to do something for her.  Bianca then asks J.R. how you learn to forgive.

In Babe’s bedroom, Krystal and Babe talk about Dani’s recovery.  Krystal can see from Babe’s facial expression that she is upset, despite the good news about Dani.  Babe explains she needs a lawyer.  Krystal presumes Babe is referring to a divorce attorney.  Babe tells her she needs an attorney to draft her will.

At PVH, an unknown intruder enters Dani’s room and announces he has something for her.  Aidan sneaks up on the intruder, now revealed to be Kenny Adler holding flowers and a picture frame, and throws him against the wall.  Kenny, startled by Aidan, lets out a yell.

At Zach’s request, and accompanied by Jamie, Tad goes to see Kendall’s portrait, at the warehouse.  Tad is struck by the fact it is three-dimensional.

At the casino, Kendall asks Emma why she thinks it’s possible for Spike to be her brother.  Annie immediately cuts in and reminds Emma that Spike is her friend.  Emma then says she wants Spike for a brother and Ryan for a daddy.  Kendall is very worried because she is aware that Ryan truly is Emma’s father. 

Still in Zach’s office, Ryan asks Zach to confirm his statement about caring for both of Ryan’s children.  Fearing a drugged Zach will blurt out the truth about Ryan, Josh unsuccessfully tries to change the subject back to Zach’s discoveries at the warehouse.  Ryan asks Zach the identity of his other child.  Zach drops the bombshell and answers it is Emma.  Josh scrambles to derail Ryan and insists Spike is his only child.  Ryan then wonders if all Zach’s answers are inaccurate and questions Josh about the possibility of confusion from an adverse drug reaction.  Josh suggests Ryan is overreacting to Zach’s one inaccurate answer concerning Emma and gives Ryan general answers about drug side effects.  To avoid looking too evasive, Josh finally suggests Zach believes his statements are true but that does not mean they’re accurate.  In determining the accuracy of Zach’s statement about Emma, Ryan asks Zach why he thinks Emma is his.  Zach replies, “Because Kendall told me she is.”  Ryan now realizes Zach must be right.

Kendall asks Emma to go with Spike and Rachael to see a magic show, at another place in the hotel, so she can privately confront Annie about Emma’s comment.  Once alone, Kendall verbally attacks Annie.  Kendall calls Annie a liar and accuses her of using Emma to “snag” Ryan.  Annie calmly tries to diffuse Kendall by attributing Kendall’s anger to stress from constant bodyguards and being without Spike.  Annie evens empathizes with Kendall’s situation and tells her she’s handling everything well.  Not buying Annie’s act, Kendall tells Annie not to patronize her.  Annie tries to clarify Emma’s comments.  Kendall sarcastically quips that it was quite clear what Emma meant when she asked if she could have Spike as her baby brother.  Still trying to keep things calm, Annie tells Kendall this is just a simple situation of a little 4-year-old wanting a baby brother not an attempt to break up Kendall’s family.  Not buying into Annie’s story, Kendall replies it’s not so “simple” when a devious mother is coaching the 4-year-old, since Emma wants Ryan to be her daddy too.

Back at PVH, Kenny resists Aidan’s restraint and asks what he did wrong.  Kenny then asks Livia, posing as Dani, what’s going on, and where Dani is.  Without answering him, Livia sternly asks Kenny what business he has with Dani.  Now nervous, Kenny claims he just wanted to make sure Dani was okay.  Before Kenny is able to finish asking whether Dani died, Livia angrily responds no.  She is now suspicious of him, and asks Kenny if he is disappointed.  Kenny emphatically says “of course not!”  Aidan believes Kenny has ulterior motives and asks him if he was there to see if Dani could speak.  Jack enters and is not surprised to find Kenny there.  Derek, on the other hand, is annoyed to see Kenny and tells him to put his hands up.  Kenny asks if flowers are a crime, and Derek asks what else he has with him.  Jack sarcastically asks Kenny if he has any V-tach.  Derek discovers the picture frame on Kenny, and Di wonders who’s in it.  Derek answers it’s Simone and Erin.  Jack looks at the flowers and does not find any gardenias.  Based on Kenny’s actions and the fact Dani was headlined as able to ID the satin slayer in the newspaper, Livia starts demanding an explanation from Kenny.  Jack chimes in that Kenny legally doesn’t have to answer Livia, but Livia believes ethically that Kenny does.  At that moment, Jonathan storms in the room and screams at Kenny- “I knew it was you,” and Jack tries to calm Jonathan down.

J.R. sees the humor and irony in Bianca asking him how to learn forgiveness and jokingly asks her if she’s the drunk.  Bianca reminds him he is capable of forgiveness citing Babe’s affair with Josh as an example.  Based on J.R.’s expression, Bianca is not sure he did in fact forgive Babe.  Bianca tells J.R. she’s desperate for answers about Maggie, since Maggie wants Bianca back and admits she “blew it.”  J.R. empathizes, since this is a similar to his situation with Babe.  Bianca goes onto tell J.R. how hard it is for her to spill her guts to him.  She also tells him her situation is so difficult, because she can’t get past Maggie’s cheating on her and the fact that Erica and Kendall now hate Maggie for it.  J.R. tells Bianca Adam is ready to throw Babe out.  J.R. and Bianca agree they have 3 things in common- one being they both have “control freaks for parents.”  J.R. points out to Bianca she was voted most likely to forgive in high school.  Bianca becomes defensive and tells J.R. she didn’t completely forgive Babe for taking her child.  Bianca then realizes J.R. hasn’t forgiven Babe either, and J.R. tells her he’s not sure he ever will.

Fearfully, Babe tells Krystal her worries about being killed; Krystal assures her that’s not going to happen and tries to bring out the “fight” in Babe.  Babe says she concerned for little Adam.  Strong and resolved, Krystal tells Babe they’ll get more security, handcuff themselves to each other, and carry their own guns if necessary.  Babe loves her mother's protective nature but she is being realistic and tells Krystal she is not safe until they catch the killer.

Studying the message in the warehouse about Kendall being next, Jamie concludes things don’t add up.  As Tad listens, Jamie reasons it’s more torturous for Zach, if Kendall is last, not next.  He also concludes Babe is supposed to be next, based on the ribbon tied on the Chandler gate.  Tad suggests Babe would be skipped if the killer is Zoë, but then points out that Zoe was in jail, when the killer locked Zach in the warehouse.  Tad also tells Jamie he doesn’t think it’s Zoë anyway, when Jamie asks him.  Both conclude the killer could be anywhere.

Still trying to reason with Kendall, Annie tells her about taking Emma in the middle of the night to get away from Terry and how Emma now longs for a father.  Kendall softens towards Annie and admits Emma is great and she does not blame her.  Annie realizes Kendall’s blame is directed at her and explains she doesn’t want Emma to get attached to Ryan either just in case things don’t work out.  Annie gets angry when Kendall asks her about her relationship with Ryan and asks what difference it makes since Ryan is not Emma’s father.  Not missing a beat and trying to justify her attitude towards Annie, Kendall says no he isn’t, he Spike’s.  Now tired with Kendall, Annie stands up to her and says even though Kendall loves Zach, she’s trying to control Ryan and doesn’t want anyone else to have him, especially her.  Kendall firmly denies Annie’s accusation.

Still in shock and disbelief, Ryan asks Zach if he meant to say Kendall’s biggest fear is that Emma is his child.  Zach clarifies Ryan is Emma’s father and then mentions the tests.  Josh, now nervous, unsuccessfully tries to stop Zach.  Zach points at Josh and says he’s the one who did the DNA tests.

Despite Krystal’s support, Babe still worries about the fate of her son, if she dies.  She tells Krystal she wants her to be little A’s guardian, in the event of her demise.  Krystal becomes upset and assures her she’s not going to die.  Babe wants little A to have the same love she grew up with.  Krystal warns Babe that J.R. is not going to appreciate her decision and reminds her he’s the father.  Even though Babe believes they are making progress, she does not believe he can handle the situation, if she dies.  Babe stands firmly by her decision.

J.R. tells Bianca if she wants his opinion, she has to tell him whether Josh and Babe are over.  Bianca asks what happened to making amends.  Bianca tells J.R. as far as she knows they are over.  J.R. wonders, if that is the case, why Josh had Kendall try to convince J.R. to dump Babe.  Bianca reasons with J.R. that if Josh had Babe, he wouldn’t need Kendall’s help.

Babe keeps insisting to Krystal that little A needs both Carey and Chandler influence.  Krystal advises her to leave town with her family instead, until the killer is caught.  Babe tells Krystal she must honor her promise to her Fusion partners and remain in Pine Valley.  Although proud of Babe’s qualities, Krystal says in this case, she wishes Babe was selfish like David.  Babe tells Krystal her guardianship of little A is relieving to her and then asks Krystal to promise her she’ll take care him.  Krystal hugs Babe reassuringly.

Derek and Jack try to calm Jonathan down.  Jonathan explains to Jack he came to the hospital to see if Dani could ID Erin’s killer and then points to Kenny as the killer.  Kenny denies this accusation and tells an inquisitive Aidan he’s there because he helped build Fusion and feels a connection.  Di, with contempt in her voice, points out to Kenny for all of his so-called connection to Fusion she’s never heard his name mentioned.  Derek and Jack try to stop Jonathan from going after Kenny.  Trying to appear sincere, Kenny apologizes and offers Derek his regards to Dani.  Derek warns Kenny it’s far from over for him and orders Jonathan out of Dani’s room.  Jonathan resists and yells Kenny killed Erin.  Jack out of concern for Jonathan has to push him out of the room away from Kenny.  In the hall, Jack warns Jonathan not to be a vigilante or he’ll wind up in jail.  Jonathan asks Jack if he thinks he’s still dangerous, and Jack admits he thinks that he is.

Tad and Jamie hear a sound from the back of the warehouse.  They follow the direction of the noise, and Tad finds another message on a piece of paper stating “NEXT TIME.”  Tad concludes the killer made the noise, so they would find the message.

Kendall and Annie continue arguing.  Kendall protests she love Zach.  Annie angrily tells Kendall if that is the case, she should butt out of Ryan’s life.  Kendall’s gives the excuse that Ryan is her friend and is vulnerable.  Annie does not believe Kendall’s excuses and blasts her about trying to steer Annie away from Ryan from the very beginning.  Kendall tries to make light of Annie’s points and adds possessively she’s known Ryan a lot longer.  Fighting back, Annie asks Kendall what her point is with that comment.  Kendall answers because he’s Spike’s father.  Annie is now sick of that excuse, and she calls Kendall out for her trying to control Ryan.  Kendall insincerely apologizes for her behavior and blames it on stress.  She tells Annie she appreciates her bringing Spike to the casino to see her.  Kendall is now further determined to drive a wedge between Ryan, Annie, and Emma.  She asks Annie to watch Spike so she can talk to Ryan alone.

In disbelief, Ryan asks Josh if Kendall had him run a DNA test.  Since he is trying not to give up his sister’s secret, Josh stutters that they drugged Zach to get information about the killer.  Ryan demands an answer from Josh whether Zach is making this up or is he busted, and Zach loudly answers for him: “BUSTED!” and then applauds.  Josh cowers, and Ryan finds it amazing he can trust Zach more that Josh and Kendall.  Zach answers David Hayward in response to Ryan’s question about why Kendall had the tests run.  During this tense moment, Kendall enters Zach’s office and tells Ryan she needs to speak to him about the kids.  Ryan sarcastically says he was just thinking the same thing.  Not realizing what she has walked in on, Kendall rambles on that Ryan needs to talk to Annie.  She says that Emma’s too attached to Spike, and she worries about Emma.  Ryan asks Kendall why she is worried.  Still not catching on to the situation, Kendall goes on about how unhealthy Emma’s attachment is and that it’s not right and enlists Zach to back her up.  Instead, Zach says none of this is right.  Kendall finally realizes something is wrong with Zach.  Josh tells her about the truth serum.  Ryan demands an answer from her about Emma.  Kendall deflects Ryan with her anger about him drugging Zach.

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