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Babe arrives at PVPD jail, discovers J.R. visiting Zoe/Zarf, and then questions J.R.’s motives for being there.  Zoe/Zarf assures Babe J.R. was not harassing him.  J.R. then turns his tape recorder back on. 

Claiming he has "something to say,” Jonathan startles Bianca and Maggie who were in the midst of reminiscing at their "favorite place.” 

At Fusion, Ryan and Josh plot to force Zach to reveal information they believe he is withholding about the satin slayer. 

Zach brings Kendall to the Casino office for safety, Kendall expresses her fears to Zach he could have been killed at the warehouse and her concerns about the effects his childhood memories were having upon him.  As he embraces Kendall, Zach tells her if she had been murdered, it would not matter if he were killed, since he would "dead" then anyway.  Kendall assures Zach she is not going anywhere, since they have so many things in life to share.  After exchanging a kiss, Kendall pledges to Zach she will abide by all of his safety measures.  Zach tells Kendall she must leave the condo and stay at the casino.  Zach is again troubled by the memories of his mother’s death; Kendall provides comfort and then asks about possible clues he may have found at the warehouse.  Kendall can tell by Zach’s body language that he is keeping something from her. 

While still at the PVPD jail, J.R. lies to Babe by telling her the purpose of his jail visit was to "see for himself who Zoe is,” since his trust in "her word" was now compromised.  After J.R. leaves, Babe again asks Zoe/Zarf about J.R.’s actions, and she replies J.R. was just more or less interested in protecting Babe.  Babe marvels at J.R.’s so-called acceptance of "Zoe and a very happy Zoe/Zarf tells Babe that Bianca believes in her now. 

Bianca protectively requests Jonathan leave Maggie alone.  Jonathan assures Maggie she does not have to fear him.  Maggie agrees to listen to what he has to tell her.  Before finally walking away, Jonathan apologizes for his prior cruelty towards her and expresses his own unwillingness to forgive himself for it.  Bianca provides comfort and support to Maggie, distraught from Jonathan’s presence. 

During Babe and Zoe/Zarf’s continued conversation, Zoe/Zarf exclaims Bianca believes in her innocence.  Babe asks if J.R. tried to interrogate her about the murders.  Zoe/Zarf surprisingly replies she found J.R. "appealing" but really does not know J.R.’s true reasons for his visit.  Babe views J.R.’s actions as positive, since she has no way of knowing his previous arrangement with Derek.

At PVPD, Jack encourages Derek to keep an open mind as to Zoe/Zarf’s possible innocence by reminding him Ryan observed someone on a rooftop near where Kendall was standing at Fusion.  Ignoring Jack’s comments, Derek counters it could have been someone who was stuck or a janitor.  As J.R. comes from the jail, Derek asks him if he got any information from Zoe/Zarf, and his only reply was Zoe "gives him the creeps.”  Jack responds, "giving someone the creeps" is insufficient grounds to hold Zoe/Zarf in custody.  A police officer hands Jack and Derek the newspaper with Dani’s picture splashed all over the front page with a headline stating Danielle is recovering and can possibly identify the satin slayer.  J.R. points out to Derek that if Zoe/Zarf is not responsible, Danielle is now a target.  With a knowing smile, Derek tells J.R. he is very confident Dani is safe. 

Livia, posing as Dani to bait the killer, Di, and Aidan play cards and joke in Dani’s hospital room at PVH. 

In an effort to appease Kendall, Zach shows her the love letters to his mother he found at the warehouse.  As Kendall reads them aloud, she asks Zach the identity of the author signed off as "R.”  Zach tells her he does not know.  After finding out Zach and Kendall are at the casino, Ryan arrives at Zach’s office under the guise he was there to bring Spike to see Kendall.  Kendall goes to find Spike in a hotel room and finds Annie holding him.  Kendall tells Annie it is killing her not to see Spike.  Annie agrees how difficult the situation is for a mother and offers Kendall privacy with Spike.

Back in Zach’s office, Zach lets Ryan know he figured out why Ryan is there.  Ryan then confronts Zach about the fact he is withholding information about his discoveries in the warehouse.  Zach thanks Ryan for saving Kendall’s life and Ryan keeps pushing Zach to reveal what he knows.  Zach tries to appease Ryan with the love letters too, but Ryan tells Zach he still knows Zach is holding back.  Ryan then tells Zach he is basing his instinct on the fact he notices Zach has the same “look in his eyes" he had at Fusion.  Finally, Zach tells Ryan about the killer’s message in cut-up magazine letters stating SHE’S DEAD and how it got destroyed.  Zach keeps the information about the portrait to himself. 

In keeping with the plan, Aidan and Di remain with Livia, at the hospital.  Aidan and Di draw different conclusions, while analyzing Dani’s first statement about the birds flying.  Di muses the statement could have been drug induced, while Aidan suggests it could be a clue. 

Back at PVPD, Zoe/Zarf’s lawyer arrives and demands Derek release her citing lack of grounds.  The lawyer then threatens to request a probable cause hearing.  Derek tries to stall the lawyer by advising him new evidence is continuously emerging.

Babe tells Zoe/Zarf she is confident her release is imminent.  Zoe/Zarf confesses to Babe that she actually fears her release and eventual confrontation with the public, after her shocking revelation.  Babe continues to support her by reminding her that "coming out" was the hardest part.  Zoe/Zarf tells Babe she wants Babe to be happy, and Babe tries to convince Zoe/Zarf her happiness lies with J.R. 

At the Chandler residence, Adam and J.R. plot J.R.’s strategies to regain full custody of Little A.  J.R. plays for Adam his recording of Zoe’s statement elicited by J.R. as to the great risks Babe took to help her.  Adam gleefully reasons, even in the event Zoe is innocent, any "red-blooded" judge will still frown upon Babe’s relationship with a "deviant" as Adam refers to Zoe. 

Back in the hotel room, Annie shows Kendall her daily journal chronicling all of Spike’s activities.

While Ryan keeps pressing Zach, Zach has a flashback to a childhood incident when he was locked in a closet screaming for his mother and to be let out.  Josh then arrives and executes his plan with Ryan by injecting Zach with truth serum.  Zach continues to fight them. 

Kendall thanks Annie for taking care of Spike, but Annie gives Ryan all the credit.  Kendall asks Annie how she explained her living with Ryan to Emma.  Annie responds she differentiates sharing an apartment with Ryan from living together, since they have separate bedrooms.  Annie then asks Kendall if her real motive is find out if they’re sleeping together and then angrily asks why she cares. 

Still in Zach’s office, the truth serum starts affecting Zach and Josh and Ryan start their interrogation.  Zach blurts out he did not kill Greg Madden.  Zach finally succumbs to Ryan’s questions and admits to discovering the haunting portrait of his mother clad with ribbons, gardenias, and Kendall’s face.

Babe arrives home, while Adam and J.R. are still plotting, but not does overhear their motives. 

Bianca becomes annoyed with Maggie sensing Maggie’s return was only based on her gratitude for Bianca’s support, after the abuse she endured at Jonathan’s hand. 

While visiting Livia, Aidan, and Di at PVH, Jack and Derek notify them of Dani’s safe arrival in Hawaii, and then Derek thanks them for their assistance

Maggie tearfully assures a crying Bianca she loves her and then makes the same accusation against Bianca that Bianca made against her.  Maggie leaves Bianca alone. 

Babe apologizes to J.R. for assuming he went to the jail to harass Zoe and thanks him for giving "them" a second chance. 

Bianca, now by herself, flashes back to a happy time with Maggie, when they were best friends swimming together. 

Babe continues to tell J.R. how happy she is with their progress, but J.R. tells her it is hard for him to forget about her relationship with Josh.  Babe reminds him how important it is for them to be truthful with each other and then leaves the room, telling J.R. she is going to call the hospital to check on Dani. 

As Aidan, Di, and Livia have the bait set, a figure approaches Dani’s hospital room, when the guard leaves his post. 

Annie tells Kendall she thinks Kendall cares about what is going on with her and Ryan.  Before Kendall responds, Emma enters the hotel room and shocks her by asking if Spike could be her little brother.

Zach explains to Ryan that he kept the portrait from him, because he knew he would tell Kendall.  Zach then begins hearing his own voice as little boy, while at the same time Ryan urges Zach to be forthcoming because he cares for his child, Spike.  Zach, still affected by truth serum, replies to Ryan that he cares about both of his children.

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