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All My Children Update Monday 1/22/07


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Fran

Kendall stands alone on the Fusion rooftop after Ryan walks out.  She says Ryan can't scare her into ditching her husband and abandoning her company.  She says she's not afraid and is not going anywhere.  Someone is staring at her through binoculars.  Kendall calls Zach's phone and leaves him a message, saying they're going to get this psycho.  The man watching her loads a gun and points it at Kendall.

Zach is still locked in the storeroom at Cambias Industries.  He sees a note with letters cut from magazines spelling "she's dead."  He remembers being a small boy locked in what appears to be a closet and yelling "let me out."  He searches through the room and finds a rifle.  He shoots at the door but it doesn't open.  He picks up a shell and pours the gunpowder into his hand.  He rigs up an explosive device and blows the door open.

As the killer stares at Kendall through the scope of a gun, Ryan re-enters the roof and confronts Kendall.  He stands in front of her, blocking the killer's aim.  They hear a noise and Ryan thinks he sees something.  The bodyguards enter the rooftop and Ryan climbs up to search for whoever was there.

Erica has walked into Fusion and is dismayed at seeing Josh and Bianca with Babe and Maggie.  She asks what is going on.  When they say they are working, Erica tells Josh and Bianca that Babe and Maggie are working them.  She is there because she's worried about her kids and asks where Kendall is.  Bianca says Kendall is on the roof with her bodyguards and they are just fine.  Erica asks Josh if he's met Maggie, the two-faced liar.  She asks Maggie what she's doing here.  Maggie says she's worried.  Erica tells her she threw away the best thing that ever happened to her.  Bianca informs her mother that she and Maggie are not back together.  Erica turns her vitriol toward Babe and questions why she is here when she stressed to her that she needs to tend to her husband.  Erica calls Maggie and Babe barracudas that are using tragedy to get their hooks into Bianca and Josh, who defend the women. 

JR is at the police station and Derek asks why he's there.  JR says he's there to see Zarf.  He asks Tad if he's buying Zarf's transgender act.  Tad says it's not an act.  Jack announces that Zarf's lawyer is on the way and likely will seek a probable cause hearing.  He says they'll have to release Zarf because they have no evidence against him.  Derek says he'll find something against him.  He doesn't want Zarf walking the streets.  JR says he wants to meet Babe's new best friend face to face to make sure he's safe.  Derek tells JR he'll put a wire on him and let him visit in an attempt to get something on Zarf.  Tad gets a call from Aidan and leaves to go see him.

Kendall comes downstairs to the Fusion office and tells the guards to find Ryan. 

Tad arrives at the hospital and talks to Aidan about their investigation.  Tad then sees Julia walking dazed down the hallway.  He asks her what's wrong and she says Linda just died.  She says Kathy is now all alone.  She doesn't know how to tell the little girl that her mother is gone.  Tad tells her to just be herself.  She is an amazing person.  He offers to come along and they leave to go talk to Kathy.

Kathy is with Amanda, Jonathan, and Jamie ice-skating.  Kathy says her mommy isn't here to catch her if she falls.  Jonathan says he'll catch her.  Jamie takes her to the ice, leaving Amanda alone with Jonathan.  She asks how he is doing.  He says he's trying to be cool, but he misses Erin.  Amanda tells him he's wonderful with Kathy.  Jonathan says he wishes he could protect her forever.  Kathy calls to Jonathan to come and skate.

Jack and Derek go to Fusion and Jack spots Erica.  Ryan then walks in and says he lost the guy he was chasing.  He says he got nothing on him.  He asks Kendall if she gets it now that she needs to leave Fusion.  She says she won't leave because he saw a shadow.  Ryan says he saw something and he's positive it's the same person who sent her the gardenia.  Kendall insists she needs to come up with an ad campaign for the teen line.  Ryan says she is more important than the Fusion ad campaign.  He will not let her die for a new line of makeup.  Kendall says she won't let a flower get her to leave her company.  Erica says since she ran Enchantment she offers to run Fusion temporarily from her office at New Beginnings.  Bianca says their problems are more than office space.  They have serious cash shortfall.  Erica says she'll take care of that.  Bianca agrees as does Babe and Kendall.  They thank her for her generosity.  She says it's not a handout.  She expects to be paid back.  Suddenly Zach walks in and runs to hug Kendall.

JR goes to see Zarf in his jail cell.  He says he's there to talk about what's going on between him and Babe.  He says he loves Babe and wants to protect her.  He presses a button to start to record the conversation.  Zarf tells JR he's the kind of man his father would like, a real man's man.  JR asks why Babe thinks he's innocent and tells Zarf to convince him that Babe doesn't need to be protected.  Zarf says he's not planning on killing his wife.  The first time he met Babe he felt a connection.  She's the only one who accepted him without condition.  She saved Zoe and said she would never abandon her.

Julia and Tad arrive at the boathouse to talk to Kathy.  Kathy asks if she gets to see her mommy now.  Julia says her mommy has been sick and didn't get better.  Her heart stopped beating and she died.  Tad tells Kathy that she got to go to heaven to be with her daddy.  Before she died she wanted to make sure she would be taken care of by Aunt Julia.  He says even though she can't see or hear her parents, they'll never stop loving her.

Zach says he was locked in a warehouse.  Derek returns to the office and says he found nothing.  Zach asks what he was searching for and Ryan tells him he saw someone moving on the roof.  Josh tells Babe she needs to leave and he'll walk her to her car.  Erica tells Bianca to go home to Miranda.  Maggie insists on going with her.  Jack thanks Erica for getting through to Kendall and Bianca.  Zach recalls seeing the portrait and the note.  Kendall asks what he found but he says he didn't find anything.  He and Kendall leave.  Ryan says he knows Zach is hiding something.  Josh says he thinks he can help out with that.

Bianca and Maggie go to the boathouse to talk.  Maggie says they always felt that nothing could touch them there.  Jonathan arrives and struggles to get past the bodyguard.

Zarf tells JR that Babe is a gift.  Babe walks in and asks JR why he's there seeing Zoe.

The killer is shown in the warehouse shooting a dart into the portrait with Kendall's face.

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