AMC Update Friday 1/19/07

All My Children Update Friday 1/19/07


Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is at the police station doing his new job as head of a task force to find the satin slayer. He tells Derek he wants this case solved. Erica walks in with Jeff and tells Jack she certainly he hopes that is the case or her daughters could be next.

Zach is in a storeroom at Cambias Industries looking at a large painted portrait with Kendall's face.

At Fusion, Babe wonders if the gardenias delivered to the office were meant for her. She tells those gathered about the ribbon found outside Chandler mansion. Ryan says it's pretty clear who the flowers were meant for. He holds up the card with Kendall's name. Kendall says it's pretty obvious she's the next one to die. Ryan says that is why they need to shut down Fusion. Babe says he doesn't have to do that. Kendall reminds Ryan of all the bodyguards. Babe says at least they know Zoe didn't do it as he couldn't have sent the flowers from his jail cell. Bianca says this doesn't mean that Zoe has been ruled out as a suspect. Ryan says Zoe is not the only suspect. Kenny Adler has been hanging around ConFusion, he says. Kendall insists Kenny is harmless. Maggie says no one is safe here. Bianca suggests they'll all be safer together than apart. Over the protests of Kendall, Ryan tries calling Zach to find out how he feels about Kendall still being at Fusion.

As he looks through boxes in the room, Zach calls out to the killer, asking what he wants from him. Someone wearing a black glove is shown watching Zach from a television monitor. As Zach searches through piles of boxes in the room, he finds some love letters written to his mother Amelia.

Ryan tells Kendall that he has not been able to reach Zach on his cell phone. He says he knows, however, that Zach would not want her to stay here. Kendall is only interested in talking about saving Fusion, prompting Ryan to ask her if she is determined to get herself killed. Kendall says she's determined to save her company. Ryan says he won't stay here and watch and walks out. Bianca tells Kendall that she should drop out of sight. Maggie tells Bianca she should as well and asks her and Miranda to come back to Paris. Josh agrees with Bianca that they are safer together and suggests they all go out to eat. Kendall says she's staying here and finishing work on the campaign. Babe says if Kendall is staying she's staying with her. Babe says she will get the last laugh. She finally has something she can call her own and there's no way they can bail on Fusion now. Kendall says it churns her stomach to say this, but she thanks Babe. Josh says dealing with the demented psychopath is more important. Bianca says they are talking about lives. Kendall says they are talking about dumping Zarf and starting a new campaign. Kendall decides to go to the roof to get some air and asks that she be called when the naysayer Josh is gone. Josh says he thinks this whole thing is ridiculous and that he believes Zoe. Babe thanks him for that.

Jack tells Erica if she came to watch over his shoulder she should leave. This is not the place to air their personal problems. Erica says she came here because of her concern over Kendall and Bianca. Jeff tells Jack that Erica is worried about her kids, prompting Jack to comment that Jeff just had to come and worry with her. Tad, who is also at the station, asks to talk to Jeff in private. When the two of them walk away, Erica asks Jack to tell her what all he has on Zarf. She asks if Zarf is the one who committed the murders. Derek says Zarf is the guy, and he also tried to kill his daughter. Erica says she's terrified for her own daughters. She asks Jack to stop being so stubborn and take action against Zarf before they lose everything. Jack tells her if she thinks he doesn't want to catch the killer before he gets to Bianca and Kendall then she really doesn't know him.

Tad takes Jeff aside and asks him what the hell he's thinking. He says Jack has enough stress to deal with without Jeff harassing him and flaunting his relationship with Erica. Jeff says Jack signed divorce papers. Jeff says he's here to support Erica and if Jack won't do it he'll gladly take his place. Tad tells Jeff not to write off Jack and Erica. Jeff says Jack is divorcing Erica. Tad reminds Jeff that he once divorced Erica. Jeff says he won't let her get away again.

As Jack and Derek talk about the flowers delivered to Fusion, Erica approaches Jack and apologizes. She says she knows he's trying to protect Kendall and Bianca. She says there's no one better on this task force than him. He thanks her and tells her to urge her daughters not to challenge this madman. Jeff approaches and Jack makes a crack about his timing. Jeff and Erica leave together.

Adam finds JR looking through Krystal's purse at Chandler mansion and confronts him. Dixie walks in just in time and Adam leaves the room. Dixie tells JR she knows he's looking for something to reveal Krystal's secret. JR says he believes Colby when she says Krystal is hiding something. Dixie says there's nothing to find out. JR calls her a terrible liar. He asks why she's protecting Krystal and Dixie insists she's not. When he continues to press, Dixie admits that someone would be hurt if the secret comes out. JR asks if Tad would be hurt. Dixie says she thinks Tad would actually be helped to know this secret. JR concludes she is talking about his father.

The killer is shown to turn off the TV monitor as Zach reads the love letters to his mother. The letters talk of Amelia leaving her husband and are signed "R." He discovers one of them was written right after his mother died. Zach calls out to the killer, asking if he sent these to his mom. Does the killer blame him for his mom's death. Suddenly the door to the room slams and Zach is locked inside.

Kendall goes to the rooftop with the bodyguard. The guard does a quick check and agrees to Kendall's request to wait on the other side of the door so she can be alone. As Kendall gazes out from the rooftop, someone jumps on her from above. She is angry when she sees it is Ryan. Ryan asks if he made his point that she is not safe. The bodyguard approaches with his gun drawn and Kendall says she gives her permission to shoot Ryan. Ryan asks Kendall if she knows how lucky she is to be alive. Kendall tells Ryan to mind his own business and let her husband protect her. He tells her she needs to get out of Pine Valley and away from Zach. Kendall says she won't leave her husband to have to deal with this alone. He promised to protect her and she won't lose faith in him now.

As Bianca, Maggie and Babe talk about the new Fusion campaign, Josh tells Babe she deserves to have the best help working for her.

Dixie urges JR to drop this subject. JR protests that this is about his family. She says she needs time to sort this out and asks him to give her the time and not stir it up. He agrees to keep quiet. After Dixie leaves the room, Adam walks in and says he won't let JR off the hook. He asks why he was looking in Krystal's purse. JR says he was looking for evidence of Babe's affair or something he could use against her. Adam asks what this is he heard about Babe protecting some weirdo. JR tells him about Zarf and how police think he is the main suspect in the murders. He tells his father that Babe was hiding him in the tunnels. Adam tells JR he doesn't need to be wasting time going through this purse. Babe risking their son's life is grounds for full custody. JR reminds his father that he tried to kill Babe, but Adam says that can be easily explained as an accident while he was drunk. Adam tells JR he can put Zarf in a dress on the stand and he'll help his case.

Bianca tells Maggie she can leave but Maggie insists on staying and asks to do anything, even grunt work, at Fusion. Bianca relents and lets Maggie make some photocopies.

Kendall tells Ryan she has no intention of running. Ryan says someone thinks Zach killed his mother and now wants to make Zach pay.

Erica goes to Fusion and finds Maggie with Bianca and Josh sitting with Babe. She asks if anyone knows how to break up and make it stick.

As Jack writes evidence on a white board, Tad approaches and apologizes for Jeff's behavior with Erica. Jack says Jeff couldn't get to first base with Erica if she wasn't playing ball. Tad suddenly sees JR staring at him in the station.

Zach yells out to the killer that he didn't do it. He says his mother fell and he didn't take her from him. He tells the killer he can't take Kendall. At Fusion, Ryan urges Kendall to leave but she insists on staying and asks the bodyguard to leave her alone. Ryan tells her she is unbelievable and storms out. While alone, someone stares at Kendall through binoculars.

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