AMC Update Thursday 1/18/07

All My Children Update Thursday 1/18/07


Written By Marcus
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall and Zach are in bed sleeping. Zach is having a dream of his mother on a balcony. When she turns around, it's revealed she is actually Kendall. Zach wakes up.

At the hospital, Derek asks Danielle if she saw the killer's face. But she is still a little out of it and unable to give an answer. Aidan, Di, and Livia are also in the room.

Jonathan and Amanda are complaining to an officer at the police station about the suspicious man at ConFusion. Ryan arrives at the station after a call from Jonathan.

Josh visits Zarf in jail, who tells him to go away. He asks Zarf if he's telling the truth about being transgender. Because he wants to protect Babe.

JR and Babe are in the Chandler mansion having an argument about whether or not Zarf is the Satin Slayer. Jamie walks in saying they got a visit from the killer. He shows a white ribbon that he found tied to the gate.

Bianca walks into an empty Fusion office with her bodyguard. She hesitates after reading a letter.

Zach explains his dream to Kendall about his mother. Kendall tries to comfort him by telling him he isn't responsible for his mother's death.

Ryan argues with the police officer, telling him to do something about the strange man at ConFusion. Lt. Perry offers help and tells Ryan they believe they already have the killer in custody, referring to Zarf. That's when the strange man from ConFusion shows up at the police station.

Danielle, who is still a little out of it manages to tell Derek she saw a man when she realized her drink was poisoned. She also remembers seeing a glove and a bird. Joe doesn't want her to overdo it, so he asks everyone to leave. Derek, Livia, Di, and Aidan have a conversation outside of Dani's room, trying to figure out what she was trying to tell them. Derek tells Livia he wants her to take Dani out of town to keep her safe. Just in case Zarf turns out not to be the Satin Slayer.

Josh talks to Zarf about wanting to protect Babe. He tells Zarf he sees more to him than meets the eye. He senses a lot of pain and calls him Zoe.

JR blames Zarf for the white ribbon, as Babe defends him. She leaves to go to work. That's when JR calls his lawyer. Claiming Babe was hiding a killer in order to make her seem like an unfit mother. Jamie tells JR he should be more concerned about Babe's safety.

As Zach is putting his clothes on, Kendall suggests that he goes to a therapist about his mom's death. Kendall calls him stubborn when he refuses. Zach hugs her telling her not to worry. Kendall receives a phone call from Bianca, telling her to get down to Fusion immediately. When she leaves, Zach makes a call to a man and instructs him to find Ryan.

Kenny is the name of the strange guy from ConFusion. Lt. Perry knows him. Amanda points out the photos he had in his wallet of the Fusion women. Kenny tells Jonathan he didn't go to the police station last night because he got a call about his sister having a baby. Lt. Perry assures everyone Kenny isn't the killer.

When JR gets off the phone, he has an argument with Jamie because he's using the situation to get custody of Little Adam. Jamie says it's possible Zarf is innocent. JR is not convinced and says any guy who thinks he's a woman is messed up. Jamie mentions a smart doctor he knows who is transgender. JR condemns it an calls Zarf sick. Jamie tells him to refer to Zarf as "she".

Josh tells Zarf he wants to prevent Babe and his sisters from being the next victims. He grabs Zarf through the jail cell demanding the truth out of him. Babe walks in and tells Josh to take his hands off Zarf. Josh claims he is trying to find out if Zarf is the killer. Babe tells Zarf she contacted his lawyer and he will get out of jail soon. Then she leaves because of an emergency at Fusion. Zarf and Josh continue their conversation. Zarf tells Josh to protect the Fusion women.

Jamie tries to explain transgender to JR. He says that sexual orientation and gender aren't the same thing. JR doesn't care and says he doesn't agree with it. He tells Jamie to go away if he won't support him regarding Zarf.

Aidan is telling Di he wants to keep Dani in Pine Valley because she could ID the killer.

Kendall and Babe arrive at Fusion. Bianca tells them Fusion is in trouble. All the employees have quit and sales have gone down because of Zarf's arrest.

Kenny tries to defend himself to Ryan, Jonathan, and Amanda. Lt. Perry says Kenny used to be a lawyer in Pine Valley and dated Simone for a while. Ryan decides to get his own security team to investigate Kenny. Zach shows up at the police station asking for Ryan's help. He thinks Ryan might be able to help since Alexander Cambias made him sole heir of his estate. He wants a key from Ryan to a warehouse. Josh comes to the police station and the three men have doubts about Zarf being the killer.

Kendall starts an argument with Babe, blaming her for the reason Fusion is in trouble.

Jamie gives the ribbon to a cop. As the cop leaves, Dixie walks in with a plate of cookies, asking Jamie and JR if they are alright.

As Kendall and Babe continue to argue, Bianca takes Babe's side when it comes to Zarf. That's when Maggie walks in asking Bianca to forgive her. Kendall tells Maggie to leave, but Bianca tells her to stay out of it. Bianca wants to concentrate on saving Fusion. Josh walks in, offering help.

As Kenny leaves the police station, Amanda stops Jonathan from trying to follow him. But he wants to because he doesn't want to risk anyone else dying. Including her.

Aidan wants to lure the killer by publicly announcing Dani saw his face. Derek refuses to use her as bait. But Aidan says she won't be in any danger.

Bianca tells Maggie she can't be bothered at the moment. Josh says Fusion needs a new campaign fast if they want to save the company. But they need a loan to fund it. Ryan comes to the office and Bianca says they need a Cambias board meeting in order to get money for their new campaign. Ryan refuses, saying he's shutting down Fusion.

Jamie reminisces with JR and Dixie about breaking Aunt Phoebe's vase as they're eating cookies. JR gets emotional about spending quality time with them. Dixie promises never to leave JR again.

In order to lure the killer, Di wants to pretend to be Dani. Derek thinks it's too dangerous. Livia says it won't work since Di isn't black. She says she'll be the bait instead and tells Derek to get Dani out of town.

The girls argue with Ryan, but he made up his mind about closing Fusion. Just in case Zarf might not be the killer. One of the guards walks in with a flower he found outside. Josh reads a note that came with it and says it's for Kendall.

Zach walks into an empty warehouse that's full of boxes. He takes a look around and discovers a painting of Kendall with a flower and white ribbon around her neck.

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