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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/17/07 


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

At the Chandler home, Zarf has just admitted that he is Zoe and Babe congratulates him on admitting it.JR and the rest of the group are unbelieving.Derek asks how he can say that he killed Zoe one minute and that he is Zoe the next.Josh slips into the foyer and calls Bianca and tells her to come to the Chandler home right away.Bianca calls out to the nanny that she needs to leave and she rushes over to the Chandlerís.  

Derek asks to hear from Zarfís own lips that he is Zoe.Derek tells him that there are two women dead and one still in critical condition and Zarf needs to tell them what is going on.Tad, Ryan, Zach, and JR all are shouting questions at her and Zoe is having a hard time coping.Babe remains supportive.Tad asks what s/he has done.As Zoe stumbles and has difficulty explaining what is going on, Ryan loses patience and advances on her asking if it was Zoe or Zarf who gave the v-tach to Erin, Simone, and Dani.Zach asks why Zoe had a picture of his mother in his apartment in London.Babe tells them that Zoe canít think with all of them attacking her.Tad says that everyone in the room was related to or very close with the women who are dead or in critical condition.Zoe agrees that the women were all wonderful.  

Derek reminds Zoe that she admitted to killing the women and the attack on Dani and then they found out that the vials contained estrogen and not V-tach.He asks what this is all about.Zoe tells them that he was born and raised a boy, but his whole life, he felt like a girl.She tells them that the estrogen and syringes were to save her life, and not to take anyone elseís life.She tells them that she was trying to get the courage to take the next step and she needed a friend.Josh asks if that is why she messed with Biancaís head and then said that the whole thing was a joke.Babe defends Zoe by telling them that it is only natural that she would hold back because no one understood Zarf, so how could they be expected to understand Zoe.Tad tells Babe that they were only trying to protect her, Kendall, and Dani.Babe tells them that they donít need to be protected from Zoe and it was just a coincidence that she started to work at Fusion before Simone was killed.Derek points out that Zarf admitted being the last one to see Simone and Erin alive.Babe counters that he was the last to see them, with the exception of the killer.  

Derek asks if Zoe was in his house when Dani went into cardiac arrest.He asks if she got some cheap thrill watching Dani die and placing the flowers and ribbons on her body.Zoe tells him that he didnít do that and that he could never hurt Dani.Zach once again asks why Zoe had his motherís picture.She responds that she doesnít know what to say.Bianca enters and says that she needs to tell them everything that she hasnít told them.Bianca says that anyone who doesnít want to hear the story can leave.Tad encourages everyone to take a deep breath and then he asks Zoe if she is the woman in the drawing that she left at Fusion.Colby pipes up to say that transgender is a real phenomenon and that the people in that room need to get with the times.She also tells Zoe not to worry about her fans because they are smart and they will understand.JR silences her and continues to ask questions of Zoe.Tad asks why Zoe came to Pine Valley and she tells him that she stayed because she thought that she had found a home.Fusion was built by strong women for strong women.She was drawn to the creative and supportive atmosphere.She says that she met Babe in Philadelphia and Josh reminds him that Zarf hit on her as a very straight man.She says that she loves women prompting Derek to ask if she is a man.She says that she is a lesbian like Bianca.  

Everyone is incredulous that Zoe could be a lesbian.Zoe tells them that she felt that Pine Valley and Fusion were the perfect place for her to come out and reveal her real self.Zach interprets that to mean that she chose Fusion because it was a Cambias company and again asks why she had a picture of his mother.Zoe tells him that she had no idea who the woman was.She had just collected pictures of women who were attractive to her so that she could figure out what type of woman she should be.She says that she just wanted to look into a pair of eyes and see herself looking back.Derek tells her that she is under arrest.Babe protests but Derek continues.Babe tells Zoe that she will take care of everything and will get her out of jail.Babe asks why no one cares about Zoe as a human being.Colby says that she is undecided but JR again tells her to be quiet.Zoe is led off to jail by Derek and the policemen that are there with him.Babe looks at Bianca and tells her that she knows, deep in her heart, that Zoe couldnít hurt anyone, not even her.  

Julia joins Livia in Daniís hospital room and asks if she wants some coffee.Livia tells her that she wants a miracle to get her niece well again and so that they can put the person who did this away for good.  

Amanda and Jonathan are talking at ConFusion and Jonathan asks if the guy who left his credit card had Daniís picture in his wallet, too.Amanda replies in the affirmative and asks if he thinks that this guy could be the killer.Kenny walks back into the bar and approaches the bar to ask Amanda if he left his credit card there.Jonathan grabs him and slams him to the bar and demands to know what he did to his sister.Jonathan tells Del to get his wallet and when Del opens it, he asks if he also had a picture of his sister.Amanda tells the guys to let the police handle this situation and they reply that he will get a lawyer and not say a word.Kenny tells them that he is a lawyer and that he was the lawyer for Fusion.  

Everyone has left the Chandler home except for Josh, and Babe asks JR and Josh how they could have let Derek take Zoe.JR tells her that she killed their friends and Josh says that they owe it to Simone, Erin, and Dani to get some answers from Zoe.Babe asks them why they couldnít see that Zoeís heart was breaking and Josh asks why she canít see that she wants her dead.JR tells Josh to get out of his home and Babe agrees.  

Aidan walks into Daniís hospital room and tells Livia and Julia that the police just apprehended Zarf at the Chandler house.Livia worries that he was after Babe but Aidan tells him that wasnít the case.He tells them that if Dani pulls through, she might be able to identify the person who did this.Livia tells them that she is starting to question herself.She has been sitting there, holding her nieceís hand and she realized that if her niece hadnít been involved, she might have been asked to defend the person who did this to Dani.She wonders how she ever did it and if she can ever do it again.  

Derek arrives at the police station and Jack is there.Jack tells him that he has been assigned as special prosecutor for the Satin Slayer case.Derek is disgusted and thinks that he has been upstaged by the prosecutor and his office.He tells everyone to get out of his office because he has work to do.Jack tells him that they both have work to do and that he realizes that Derek has made an arrest in the case.Bianca walks up to Jack and tells him that she is glad that he is handling the case because she needs to see Zarf.She tells him that she needs to know the truth and that since he is behind bars, he canít hurt her.  

Kendall and Zach are at home and Kendall is ranting about the spoiled rocker who is persecuting Zach about his mother.She is convinced that he will try to use an insanity plea to get off of the murder charge.She tells Zach that it is time to celebrate because Zarf is behind bars.Zach tells her that there is no evidence to keep him in jail so he will be out by morning.She assures him that Derek will do whatever he can to keep Zarf away from Dani.She wants Spike home and the bodyguards called off.  

Bianca asks Zoe she did this to her.She tells her that she remembered all of the people that she came out to and how some of them disappointed her by not understanding.She asks if she did this to her on New Yearís Eve.Zoe tells her that she expected too much from her and she tells her that she could have tried harder to understand what she was going through.She tells her that there was something between them and asks if she felt it also.Bianca admits that she did and that maybe that frightened her.Zoe tells her that she had imagined the whole thing.She pictured the rings, the house that they would live in, the parties that they would throw.Bianca tells her that it sounds very romantic and she tells her that fantasies usually are.Zoe tells her that Zoe is out now and Zarf is gone.Zarf is just some clothes that she used to wear that donít fit now, and was her childhood.Bianca tells her that coming out is a lot like a rebirth.  

Tad joins Ryan, Derek, and Jack in a room at the police station.He asks them how long they can hold Zoe.Derek tells him that they can hold her long enough.Jack reminds him that they have no evidence, no DNA, no drugs, nothing to put him at the scene of the crimes.Derek says that they only have a bunch of pictures of women including one of Zachís mother and Tad adds that they also have a man who thinks that he is a woman.Ryan tells them that they have to remember the plot of ďThe Silence of the LambsĒ where there is a man who is ticked off because he isnít a woman and starts to take it out on other women.He suggests that maybe Zoe was jealous of the women of Fusion or angry because they werenít welcoming enough.Ryan says that maybe he is coming back to finish the job and will kill Dani, Kendall, and Babe.  

Babe is on the phone in JRís room and is asking to leave a message for Zoeís lawyer.JR hangs up the phone while Babe is still talking.When she admonishes him for doing that, he tells her to stay out of it.Babe tells him that Zoe needs help and JR reminds her that Zoe is a confessed murderer.Babe says that Zoe is not a threat to anyone and JR tells her that she showed up at all the murder scenes and asks why she ran when the police were trying to apprehend her.Babe tries to explain but JR tells her that she is just too trusting.She is going to get close to Zoe and then when she convinces everyone that Zoe is on the level, she will turn around and murder Babe.He tells her they are not going to end that way.  

Di and Julia are talking at the hospital and Di tells her that when she used herself as bait on New Yearís Eve, she felt good that she was able to do something.Julia agrees and says that it is good to have some control back in a situation like this one.Di tells her that she has been through enough recently to know that the worst isnít over yet.


Tad tells Ryan, Jack, and Derek that he thinks that the pictures that Zarf/Zoe had were random and that part of his story is legitimate.Derek points out that v-tach is a drug that is popular among homicidal females and so they might have their girl in Zoe.  

Bianca mentions that Zoe is very different from Zarf.Zoe tells her that the rock star persona allowed her to keep people and issues at a distance.Zoe takes everything on and it is hard to deal with everything that sticks to her.Bianca asks Zoe is she resented Simone, Erin, and Dani and she tells her that she didnít and that she admired them.She says that all of her comments about them being on a better plane and about death being preferable to life were just the ranting of a rock star who was trying to show off.Zoe tells Bianca that didnít kill her friends and pleads with her to believe her.  

Kenny tells Amanda, Del, and Jonathan that he did some contract work for Fusion and then bailed Simone out of jail when she got arrested for plastering different sites with posters about Fusion.He fell in love with her and proposed.She turned him down and he took a job overseas.He kept track of Fusion and Simone and when Ethan died, he knew that Simone was very hurt.Del asked if he wanted to put Simone out of her misery and he denies it.He tells them that he hoped to get in touch with Simone again to see if they could renew their relationship but it was too late.Amanda tells him that they told the cops about his personal gallery of Fusion women.He says that he will go to the chief of police and tell him his story.He gets his credit card and leaves.Jonathan says he will go with him and Del tells him to take his own car and follow him.Jonathan agrees. 

Zach tells Kendall that he doesnít think that Zoe is guilty.Kendall is surprised but Zach tells her that when he looked at Zoe, he didnít see guilt as much as he saw desperation and fear.He compares it to the look that must have been on his face when he set his car on fire to get away from his father.Kendall doesnít want to believe that but Zach tells her that he doesnít think that Zoe is guilty of murder.  

Tad tells Derek that Aidan is at the hospital to talk to Dani as soon as she is able to and she may be able to identify the killer.Derek tells Tad that Dani is tough and they will catch this guy.

Livia pleads with Dani to open her eyes.Dani flutters her eyelids and opens her eyes.Livia tells her that she has asked her to do that about a million times and her daddy is going to be so glad that she came back to them.She tells Dani that she is in the hospital but that she is going to be ok.She asks if Dani remembers anything before she passed out.Dani tells her that she remembers a soda bottle.Livia asks if she saw anything else and Dani says yes.Then, Dani closes her eyes again.

Bianca tells Zoe that she wasnít ready for all of her expectations.Zoe asks again, if she thinks that she killed her friends.Bianca tells her that she doesnít believe that she could hurt anyone.Zoe walks to the cell bars and grabs hold of the bars.Bianca tenderly touches her hand.

Kendall tells Zach that Spike needs to come home now and they can get rid of the bodyguards.Zach tells her that neither of those things will change.Kendall argues that they have caught the murderer, and Zach tells her that he doesnít agree.He tells her that he remembered something from the day that his mother died.He remembered saying that he didnít do it.Kendall tells him that he couldnít have done it but he tells her that he didnít know who he was talking to or what he was talking about.Kendall asks him to drop it and he tells her that he canít do that until it is over.

Jonathan calls ConFusion and asks if Kenny is there because he lost him on the way to the police station.

JR and Babe decide to stop talking about Zoe or Zarf.Babe tells him that Little Aís tricycle is still outside and that she is going to get it.She talks to George as she walks past him on the way out the door.She walks across the yard and picks up the tricycle.From outside the gate, someone watches her and then ties a white satin ribbon around one of the posts on the fence.

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