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Written By Lori
Pictures by Juanita

Tad and Ryan go to Zach’s office, where Zach tells them he got a message from the killer. He shows them the photo with the women’s faces crossed out. Zach says it appears he’s going for a clean sweep. Ryan tells Tad about the photo of Zach’s mother found in Zarf’s apartment. He wonders what the connection is between Zarf and the Cambias family. Tad says there is none.

Kendall is at Chandler Mansion telling JR she wants to ask his forgiveness. She asks him what he was thinking when he threw himself out the window. He says he was trying to get some fresh air. Kendall says he’s had nothing but problems since he got back with Babe. She says he shouldn’t forgive her and she’ll still cheat on him. He says one thing he remembers thinking before that is that he was sorry that Bianca and Kendall were no longer his friends. Kendall extends her hand to him. He takes it and says he knows her so well that he knows she would never forgive him.

Josh and Bianca are at the hospital when Erica walks in. She is concerned after hearing there was another attack and wants to make sure Bianca is all right. When she sees Bianca is fine, she asks if Kendall is OK. When assured that Kendall is fine, Erica asks if it’s Babe. Bianca tells Erica that the killer tried to kill Danielle. Erica says that’s terrible. Josh asks if she means it’s terrible because he didn’t go after Babe. Bianca tells Erica that Josh saved Danielle’s life and that police think Zarf is the killer. Erica says Babe is the one who brought Zarf to Pine Valley. Josh tells Erica if she wants to bash Babe she can leave. Erica says she needs to deliver Babe’s message to Josh. She says Babe told her that she doesn’t want anything to do with Josh.

Babe finds Zarf cowering in the park. She tells him he is innocent and she will help him protect himself. Zarf says he just wants to disappear and asks her to help him. She tells him he’s letting fear take over. She asks if he’s afraid of being prosecuted. Zarf says jail would be easy. He says no one can find out what’s in those vials. Babe asks what’s in them. He says they’re his destiny. Babe promises to help him get through this. Zarf talks about the vicious ignorance of people and says the public knows Zarf, not the real him. He calls himself a freak. Babe says he is not a freak. Zarf asks how he could have been so wrong about Bianca. Babe says Bianca needs more time. He says he offered his heart to Bianca. Babe says Bianca is confused and he went too fast with her. Zarf says he’s disappearing right before her eyes and he can’t survive this. Babe says he won’t be alone. She’ll keep him safe. She extends her hand and asks him to come with her.

Amanda is at ConFusion serving up drinks with Del when Jonathan tells her to go home. She insists she is not in danger. Two customers ask Amanda if Zarf killed the girl found upstairs. Amanda says Zarf did not kill anyone. Jonathan asks her when she became Zarf’s spin-doctor. Amanda tells him that Babe believes Zarf is innocent. Jonathan says Babe doesn’t know squat. He later apologizes to Amanda. He says he’s upset because no one is taking seriously that Zarf may have killed his sister. He walks out.

JR tells Kendall that neither of them forgives and forgets. He asks what’s up with the act. Does she want him to help her fire Babe so she can get her Fusion shares? Kendall turns the conversation to be about JR’s marriage to Babe. Suddenly the laptop computer announces that it detects motion. Kendall looks at the laptop and sees a maid making a bed. She realizes it is Josh’s room. She asks if he’s spying on her brother because his wife is a tramp?

Erica tells Josh and Bianca that Babe burst into her room at the Valley Inn. Bianca says she thought she was at home with Uncle Jack, but Erica won’t talk about that right now. Josh says Babe is afraid of what she feels because she wants him. Erica says Babe is married and has a dangerous husband. His attraction to her is a waste of time. Josh announces that Kendall is working with him right now to help him get Babe. Erica says Kendall is smarter than that. She’ll have to straighten Kendall out. Josh says she had no success getting Kendall away from Zach. She’s zero for two.

Tad says Zarf could not have known Zach’s mother since she died decades ago. He says Aidan is looking into Zarf’s background and there are no ties to the Cambias family. He says Zarf had no more motivation than anyone else to kill those women. He says the killer could be any psycho. Zarf says that psycho is after him and it’s only a matter of time before he comes after his wife.

Kendall tells JR she should smash this computer into a million pieces. This is an invasion of Josh’s privacy. She informs JR that Josh saved his life after he jumped through the window. She suggests he just dump Babe rather than try to get footage against her. JR says he needs to make sure it’s legal and above board since he signed over custody of little Adam. Kendall asks if Babe has a clue about this camera. Babe walks in and asks what’s going on. Kendall says she can tell her. She says poor JR is forced to amuse himself with a laptop. She tells Babe she came here to warn JR that Babe is spending her time with a homicidal maniac. Kendall says Zarf is the number one suspect in the murders. JR is upset by this news and suggests Babe should not let him close to their son. Babe says Zarf didn’t do it. He’s gentle. JR says Kendall came here to forgive him and he wants to hear her out. Babe leaves. Kendall tells him he owes her. She could have ratted him out and still can. JR says not unless she wants him to tell Babe that Josh sent her here to help him score Babe.

Ryan informs Tad about the file of women’s photos found in Zarf’s apartment. Ryan says he wants the guy behind bars. Tad says they need to identify all their suspects. If they drop their guard and put Zarf in jail, another murder would prove them wrong.

Babe takes Zarf to the tunnels and tells him he won’t be cold here. Zarf says people would turn against her if they knew she was helping him. They would call her a freak too. She says they would be wrong about both of them.

Josh tells Erica she’s delusional if she thinks she can come between him and Babe. Erica says this is what Babe wants. Josh says Babe is a loving and caring woman. She sticks with her friends to the end. Bianca says Zarf must be with Babe. Josh leaves. Bianca suggests to Erica that Josh’s love life isn’t the most important thing right now. Who cares if Josh and Babe hook up? The world has too many other problems. Bianca tells Erica she wants to go home to spend some time with her daughter. Someone grabs Erica behind and pulls her into a room. It is Jeff, who starts kissing her. Erica kisses back.

Amanda breaks a glass at ConFusion. Del says he gets why Jonathan is so upset, but why is she suffering with him. He tells her it’s a waste. Del rubs Amanda’s shoulders but she tells him to stock the bar.

Jonathan goes to the boathouse and smashes and kicks things. Lily arrives and asks him when the old Jonathan came back.

JR tells Kendall that he knows she’s playing matchmaker for Babe and Josh. He says Josh must want her real bad. Kendall says he does. He says he can have her as soon as he has legal custody. He says that shouldn’t take long if they work together. He suggests they help each other like old times, when he did her and she did him for mutual gratification.

Bianca goes home and finds a guard trying to keep someone from entering her residence. Bianca finds Maggie.

Ryan tells Zach that he has to get Kendall out of Pine Valley. Tad says they need to redirect their energy into solving the problem. He says the gardenias may be a random thing. Zach says he thinks someone thinks he killed his mother. He has flashbacks to when he was a little boy looking down at his dead mother. He says he didn’t do it.

Kendall agrees to JR’s request. Just then Josh walks in demanding to know where Babe is. He goes into the tunnels and finds Babe with Zarf.

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