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All My Children Update Friday 1/12/07


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Zarf is in the midst of a physical confrontation at the hospital with people who think he is the killer.  Zach is holding onto Zarf as accusations are thrown at him.  Babe vocally defends Zarf, who remains silent.  Babe pleads with Zarf to say something and defend himself.  Derek claims that someone dosed his daughter with a poisonous drug but Babe claims Zarf didn't do it.  Ryan confronts Zarf, asking how he made his sister drink the poison.  Babe asks Zarf to reveal what kind of drug is in the vial that was found in his hotel room.  Derek says he's taking Zarf into custody until the contents of the vial are determined.  Joe enters the melee and asks them to clear the way because a major accident has just taken place.  Two gurneys are rolled into the area and Zarf promptly intercepts them and uses them to escape.

At Chandler mansion, Dixie tells JR that she has to find a place of her own.  JR is understanding and tells her that he knew that she wouldn't live there permanently.  He tells her about what Colby claims to have overheard, that she knows a secret between Krystal and Tad.  He asks her if she knows what they are trying to cover up.

Ryan, Aidan, Tad, and Derek are outside the hospital looking for Zarf.  Inside the hospital, Zach informs Kendall, Bianca, Babe, and Josh that Zarf got away.  Bianca says they are there for Dani and should let the police handle Zarf.  Kendall's bodyguard brings her a cup of coffee but Zach knocks it out of his hand and chastises him for bringing his wife a drink from a vending machine.  Zach takes Kendall aside and tells her she needs to be extremely careful with her food and drink and stay away from Zarf.  He says a photo of his mother was found in Zarf's London apartment.

Jonathan is at home with Annie lamenting about the rage he is feeling.  He says the anger is starting to choke him and he is having trouble controlling it.  He was out all night chopping firewood in an effort to blow off some steam.  Annie asks if it's how he felt when he had the tumor.  He says no, the tumor made him delusional but he had rage before the delusions.

At the hospital, Bianca calls Zarf a manipulator who tried to convince her he was a lesbian to get her into bed.  Kendall is surprised to hear this.  Josh says Zarf admitted that it was a scam.  Kendall tells Babe she's sick of her defending Zarf.  Kendall continues to verbally attack Babe until Josh tells her to stop.  He says Babe is entitled to her opinion.  Wearing a dress and claiming to be transsexual does not make Zarf a killer, he says.  Kendall says finding drugs in his room does make him a killer.  Babe asks to talk to Bianca alone.  Once Kendall and Josh are alone, he tells her she needs to make good on her promise to get Babe away from JR.  Kendall says it makes her cringe to think Josh wants Babe, especially after watching Babe defend a murderer.  Josh suggests telling Ryan that he is Emma's father and he calls Ryan over to tell him.  Kendall tells Ryan there's nothing to say and she and Josh are just having a squabble.  Ryan says he agrees with Josh that Kendall needs more protection.  He says he's upping her security with his own team from Cambias.  Kendall gets Ryan to leave.  Josh asks her if this means their deal is back on and she says yes.  She just asks that once he has Babe to take her as far away as possible from Pine Valley. 

Bianca tells Babe she thought Zarf was her friend, but Zoe is just a fictional character.  Babe says Zoe is real and she had to hold her while she sobbed.  Bianca says she can't believe Babe bought Zarf's story.  Babe tells Bianca she left that woman hating herself.  Bianca says Zarf is not a woman and tells Babe to wake up and not have blind acceptance.  Babe tells Bianca she accepted her when she said she was a lesbian.  Why is that different from accepting Zoe?  Bianca says all Zoe wanted was for Bianca to admit she exists.  Bianca says she doesn't exist.  Babe tells Bianca she thought she was more open-minded.  Bianca says she is open-minded, but asks why he would need to be a lesbian when he can have any woman he wants.  Bianca leaves and Josh offers to drive Babe home, but she declines his offer.  She asks her bodyguard to take her home so she can see her husband.

A nervous Dixie tries to change the subject with JR but he won't let her.  He tells her that she stayed away from him for four years and kept secrets and he can't deal with any more secrets.  He says if Krystal is hiding something he has a right to know.  He asks her why she's keeping him in the dark.  He says he can take whatever news she has but not lies.  Dixie hugs him and, with her mouth to JR's ear, says Colby is wrong.  There is no secret.  She leaves the room and JR says to himself that his mom is the world's worst liar.

Tad tells Derek to be with Dani but Derek feels compelled to find the killer.  Tad says he'll do anything to help him.  They acknowledge their friendship and embrace.

Zach gets on the phone and tells one of his men to find and bring Zarf to him.

Babe goes home and hugs JR.  She asks him to hold her as tightly as he can.  She tells him about Dani and she's not sure if she'll be OK.  She says she needed to come home to see him.

At the hospital, Joe tells Derek that Dani is out of surgery but the next 24 hours are critical.  Derek goes into Dani's room and Livia walks in.  She offers to stay with Dani while he helps find Zarf.  After Derek leaves, Livia tells an unconscious Dani that they are best girlfriends and she can't lose her.  She begs her to come back to them.

Annie tells Jonathan that he's allowed to be angry.  Jonathan says he doesn't want to go back to the way he was before.  Ryan walks in and comments about the wood Jonathan chopped.  Jonathan walks out and Annie asks Ryan what he didn't want his brother to know.  Ryan tells Annie that Dani was attacked and Zarf is the principal suspect.

Josh asks Bianca about her conversation with Babe about Zarf.  Bianca says if she hears Zarf's name again she'll break into a million pieces.

Babe is alone on the patio at the Chandler home when she hears a noise.  Zarf is behind a wall, pleading for Babe to help him.

Winifred tells JR that he has a visitor.  Kendall walks into the room and says she is there to see him.

Zach is sitting in his darkened office when an employee brings in an envelope.  Inside the envelope is an ad with the Fusion women dressed in Santa hats.  Large Xs are drawn over the faces of Simone, Erin, and Dani.  Kendall and Babe are the only ones in the photo without an X over their face.

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