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All My Children Update Wednesday 1/10/07


Written By Fran
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall arrives at the police station and when she sees Zach and Ryan together, she assumes that Zach has told Ryan the truth about Emmaís paternity.  Kendall asks Zach why he told Ryan and Ryan wants to know what it is Zach was supposed to have told him.  Ryan asks her what it is she isnít telling him.

Di and Aidan are at Fusion and Bianca asks them how the questioning of Zarf went at the police station.  They tell her that Derek had him in his office for a while and then let him go.  Aidan asks if she thinks that he might be the killer and she tells him that she only wants to know what he is.  She asks Aidanís opinion as to who or what Zarf really is and he tells her that he has no idea.  Shed asks if the dress means anything and Aidan tells her that as a rock star, he is expected to do and wear outrageous things.  Di sees that Bianca is more than just curious and asks her what Zarf did to her.  Bianca relives the scene in her mind of Zarf telling her that he is really a woman and that his/her name is Zoe and of her slapping him. 


Babe and Josh continue to argue outside of Derekís house while Dani is on the inside where she has collapsed on the floor after drinking some tainted cola.  Babe tells Josh that she doesnít want or need him around since she has a bodyguard.  He tells her that she needs him and that he doesnít want her to be the third in the series of murdered women in Pine Valley.  She tells one of the officers that is watching Daniís house that Josh is stalking her and that she wants him to leave.  Josh says that he is just there to say hello to a friend. 

Babe tells Di that Zarf didnít do anything to her except confuse her.  She asks if he said anything about why he was in Pine Valley while they had him in questioning at the police station.  They tell her that aside from putting on quite a show, he didnít give the police anything that would enable them to hold him in jail.  She asks them what they thought about his performance at ConFusion on New Yearís Eve.  Aidan tells Bianca that he doesnít know much about Zarf except that he seemed afraid of something.  Bianca wonders what he might be afraid of and as she asks that, Zarf walks into the Fusion office and tells her that if she has any questions about him she should ask him.

Ryan accuses Kendall of keeping secrets for Zach.  She denies it but Ryan tells her that if Zach had come forward with information that he had, Erin might not be dead.  Kendall tell him that there is no secret about killings but that the secret had to do with a decision that she had made. 


Bianca, Aidan, and Di are surprised to see Zarf at Fusion.  Aidan asks him what he is doing there and he avoids the question.  He starts to talk about how the police reacted to him dressed in drag.  The elevator doors open and two policemen step out.  They tell Zarf that he is needed at the police station for questioning.  He tells them to tell Chief Frye that he needs to contact Ron Traub who is his lawyer and the best lawyer on the east coast.  Aidan again asks him why he is there and he tells him that he is there to work on the Fusion campaign.  Bianca asks Aidan and Di to leave so that they may work. 

George asks Babe if she wants him to escort Josh to his car and Babe tells him that she is ok.  Josh asks about Dani and Babe tells him that she called before she came to the house and that Dani was expecting her. 


Sean and Colby are in the courtroom when Jack, Adam, and Krystal arrive.  They ask why they werenít bailed out and are told that they are in a lot of trouble and could end up going to jail.  Colby pleads with her father to use his influence with the DA to get the charges dropped and when he tells her that the DA refused, she tells him that he needs to go to the judge.  Jack tells them that their best plan of action is to plead guilty, apologize, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.  Colby and Sean argue that they arenít criminals and that they only borrowed a limo and drank some champagne.  The bailiff calls the court to order as the judge enters the courtroom. 

Ryan asks Kendall what her decision is and she tells him that it has to do with Spike.  She apologizes for going off on Ryan when he suggested the Spike stay with him and Annie and tells him that he was right.  However, she wants to see Spike regularly and frequently.  Ryan tells her that he doesnít think that is a good idea.  She tells him that she will increase her and his security but he is still not convinced that it is a good idea.  He tells her that he has already lost his sister and he cannot lose her or his son.  He turns and leaves.  Kendall turns to Zach and sees his disapproving look and tells him that she knows that he thinks she is wrong in not telling Ryan about Emma.  Zach agrees. 

Aidan and Di tell Bianca that they think it is ill advised for her to stay in the office alone with Zarf.  She assures them that Carl will be there with her and she will be fine.  They reluctantly leave and Di asks Aidan if he thinks that they made the right decision.  He tells her that Carl is the best bodyguard around and that Bianca will be safe.  Aidan tells Di that this will free him up to do some legwork on the case and Di wants to help him.  She tells him not to try to stop her from going with him. 


Bianca tells Zarf that Josh told her about the night that Josh and Babe met Zarf in New York.  She tells him that Josh intercepted a phone call meant for him from a transgender hotline.  She asks him what that call was all about and asks if she was wrong about him when she accused him of toying with her.  Zarf accuses her of wanting redemption and she tells him that she only wants the truth.

Josh and Babe get concerned when Dani doesnít answer the door.  Babe calls Dani on her cell phone and the call goes to voice mail.  Josh tells her that he will break the door down if she doesnít answer soon. 


Ryan tells Derek that he pushed for more information from Zach but got nothing out of him.  The policemen return from Fusion and tell Derek that Zarf requested a lawyer and refused to talk to them or to come in for questioning. 

Babe and Josh get into the house and find Dani collapsed on the floor.  Babe yells for someone to call for help as Josh rushes to Dani to start CPR. 

The judge reads off the list of charges against Sean and Colby which include theft of services, underage drinking of alcoholic beverages, and presenting false IDs.  He tells them that these are serious charges and that people and property could have been hurt and they are old enough to know that what they did was wrong.  He asks them if they have anything to say for themselves and Sean tells him that they were wrong to take the limo and that if he had known that it belonged to a county supervisor, he would have made a different choice.  Colby admits that giving the fake IDs to the police was a stupid mistake and that they didnít drink very much champagne.  While Adam, Krystal, and Jack are chagrined at their responses, the judge addresses Sean and Colby.  He notes that neither of them showed any remorse for what they did.  He tells Sean that since this is his first offense, he might get probation instead of jail time.  Colby, however, is on a first name basis with many of the police in town and, as a result, could get jail time of three and a half to seven years.  He tells them to think long and hard about their futures and calls a recess. 

Di and Aidan enter Zarfís room at the Valley Inn and don gloves and start to look around the room to see what they can find. 

Zarf tells Bianca that as a songwriter, he searches for inspiration in all locations and situations.  He tells her that the pain and suffering of the transgender individual appeared to be a good place to start.  She asks if she was part of his research and he tells her that she was crucial to it.  He wanted to see how a lesbian would react to his persona and the slap made it perfectly clear to him.  Bianca gets disgusted with his act and asks him if he is Zarf or Zoe.

Hank calls for an ambulance and for back up and gives Derekís home address to the dispatcher.  Babe asks if Dani is breathing and Josh tells her that she is not responding.  She tells him that she is trained in CPR and offers to help.  He lets her take over the breathing as he continues the compressions. 

Kendall asks Zach if he thinks that she is jealous and if that is the reason that he thinks that she is not telling Ryan about Emma.  Zach tells her that she doesnít have to explain herself to him.  She tells him that she loves him and only him.  She is happy with him and wants only him. 

A policeman tells Derek that a call just came in requesting backup to his home address.  He hangs up the phone and rushes out with the officer.  Ryan follows him and Kendall and Zach ask him what is going on.  He tells them that something has happened to Dani. 

Josh finally gets a pulse as the paramedics arrive.  They attach her to a monitor to get reading and Josh identifies himself as a doctor.  He gives the paramedics orders to administer medication and to keep her stable.  They get her on a stretcher and prepare to take her to the hospital.  Babe starts to pick things up around the room and Josh stops her reminding her that they are evidence.  He calls to Hank to take the cola bottle that Dani drank from and asks him to mark it as evidence. 

Bianca asks Zarf if he is Zoe and he tells her that Zoe is dead and that he killed her.  He tells her that he doesnít create characters for his music but rather he becomes them.  He tells her that Zoe was tragic because she was trapped in the wrong body and was a lesbian.  Bianca asks him what would have happened if she had responded differently to Zoe and he tells her that we will never know because she is dead.  He apologizes to her for New Yearís Eve but tells her that he really did fall for her. 


Dani is in the ER at the hospital and Babe and Josh are standing in the hall outside her room.  Derek rushes in and is sent into her room.  Dr. Joe Martin is examining her and ordering tests including a toxicology screen. 

Ryan, Kendall, and Zach arrive and ask what happened and if Dani is going to be all right.  Josh tells them that they donít know yet.  Babe tells them that the killer got to her.  Even with guards posted outside and everyone being so careful, he still was able to get to her, thus, proving that he can get to any one of them at any time. 

Bianca incredulously asks Zarf if that is all that there is to it.  She asks if he just made Zoe up and he tells her that it was all made up and that she didnít like it.  She tells him that she doesnít like being lied to and manipulated.  He starts to play word games with her as she asks him real questions and she gets disgusted.  She tells him that he is off the campaign and that she is completely finished with him.

Aidan reports that he hasnít found anything and asks Di if she has.  She comes in the room from the bathroom carrying a lot of feminine paraphernalia.  She tells him that she thinks that she has found something. 

Sean asks Jack if what the judge says is true and Jack tells him that he will probably end up with probation because this is a first offense.  Sean tells him that he will not let Colby take the punishment alone because it was all his idea.  Colby tells Adam that he has to do something to get her out of this situation.  Krystal tells her that she broke the law and that the result is that you go to prison.  She tells her that she wonít like prison and Colby doesnít want to hear about it.  Krystal continues and tells her what it was like when she was imprisoned.  She tells her that they tell you what to wear, what to eat, when to go to the bathroom and when to sleep.  She tells her that the lights never go out and the noise never stops and that she will have to go through all of it alone and without daddyís help. 

Joe comes out of the ER room and says that Dani has suffered cardiac complications.  Josh asks if it was due to the v-tach and Joe tells him that he has ordered a tox screen and that they will get an answer when the results come back.  They ask if she is going to make it and Joe tells them that they are doing everything that they can.  Zach starts to leave the hospital and Ryan asks him if he is going to do something now to help solve the case.  Kendall stops Ryan from verbally attacking Zach but Zach tells her that Ryan is right.  He rushes off and calls to Ryan to take care of Kendall.  Kendall tries to go after him but Ryan stops her.  Kendall wants to know why Zach and he want her to stay at the hospital since it doesnít seem to be safe no matter where they are.  She asks why this is happening and when it is going to stop. 

Babe tells George that he can go home and Josh gets upset with her.  She asks him what difference it makes.  They have round the clock bodyguards with them at work and at home, cops, uniforms, weapons and still the killer was able to get to them.  She says that she or Kendall or Bianca may be next and there is nothing they can do to stop the killer.  Josh tells her that he realizes that she is afraid and that she needs to be.  He tells her that they cannot let this guy win.  They have to fight back. 


The court hearing reconvenes and the judge asks Jack if the defendants have anything more to say.  Jack says that they do and Colby stands and tells the judge that she realizes now that what she did was very wrong.  When she did it, she was thinking of no one but herself and she doesnít want to be that person any more.  She asks him to give her a second chance and vows that if he does, she will never do anything like this again.  Sean stands and says that he did what he did to be cool.  He knew that it was wrong but he was being an idiot and that he never wants to be in a court hearing again.  The judge tells them both that saying the words isnít enough.  They need to mean them and make the most of a second chance.  He then says that he is ready to pronounce his sentence. 


Aidan tells Di that it looks like she found all of the stuff that made Zarf a woman.  She tells him to continue looking.  He finds a syringe and tells her that they may have found what they need to help tie Zarf to the murders. 


Zarf tells Bianca that he is all packed and ready to leave.  She is surprised that he doesnít have more stuff.  She tells him that Fusion will honor the ďpay or playĒ clause in his contract and he tells her that he is not going to pull the song from the campaign.  He tells her that they can use the song and assures her that it is what he wants to do.  He tells her that he wonít bother her ever again and she tells him to stay away from Babe, too.  Zarf stops at the elevator and tells Bianca that she is the truest brightest light and again apologizes for hurting her.  Before she gets a chance to respond, Derek gets off the elevator and grabs Zarf and slams him up against the wall. 

Babe tells Josh that she is not going to cave in to the pressure that the killer is putting on them.  Now is the time to fight back and she intends to fight back hard.  Josh tells her that she is not alone.  Babe looks into Daniís room and notices that she is no longer resting comfortably.  Josh says that she is in trouble and he, Babe and Kendall look on helplessly while Daniís condition becomes more serious. 

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