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Josh shows up at Kendallís condo and tells her that he wants Babe.She asks him if she is still concerned about Ryan finding out about Emma and he tells her that he is taking her offer.He tells her that she promised to get Babe for him in return for his silence and he is there to collect on the offer.

Babe confronted Erica about Josh and Erica tells her that she will not listen to her badmouth her son.Babe insists that she needs to make Josh leave her alone.


Zach and Ryan are at the police station waiting to find out what Derek wants from them.Zach asks Ryan about his relationship with Annie is all about.Ryan asks him why he is getting all of these questions about Annie from him and Kendall.Zach tells him to figure it out.

Jamie and Dixie are playing with little A and Kathy.Kathy tells them that her mommy is in the hospital and Dixie tells her that she is sure that her mommy is thinking of her and sending her lots of love.She tells Kathy that they need to get busy and beat the boys at the game that they are playing.Tad joins them and he recognizes Kathy.Dixie introduces them and he tells her that they are old friends.


Julia is in Lindaís hospital room talking with her.Linda tells her that Dr. Martin left out some important news when she spoke with him.She says that he didnít tell her but that she knows that she is going to die.


Tad asks Dixie if he can speak to her alone for a minute.Jamie takes the kids to find some cupcakes and they leave.Tad tells Dixie that he has been hired to investigate Zach and dig into his past.Dixie asks who could have wanted that, and Tad tells her that he asked for the investigation himself.

Ryan assures Zach that hanging out with another family cannot come between him and his son.

Josh tells Kendall that he will keep the secret of Emmaís paternity in exchange for her getting Babe away from JR.Kendall tells him that it isnít that simple since she has already told Zach about Ryan and Emma.Josh tells her that she just gave Zach the ammunition that he needs to get Ryan to pursue Annie and Emma and for Zach to have Kendall all to himself.She tells him that Zach doesnít think that way.Josh tells her that she has struggled too hard to get what she wants to let it all get away from her now.

Erica starts checking around and under the furniture in her hotel room.Babe asks her what she is doing.She tells her that she is looking for the recording equipment.Erica speaks to JR as though he were listening to the conversation and tells him that she hopes that he isnít falling for Babeís act.Babe denies that it is an act and tells Erica that she wants Erica refuses to believe her claims.Babe goes on to say that JR is getting healthier and that he needs her and so does her son and she canít have Josh trailing after her making her life hell.Josh is her problem.Erica tells her that her problem is that she canít stay vertical with her clothes for 15 minutes when she is around him.

Julia tells Linda that she will get rest when she joins them at Wildwind.She tells her that Kathy has fit right in and that she loves to help with the dishes by doing them by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher.Linda admits that she likes to splash around in the sink.Linda then says that she doesnít want to leave her.She doesnít want Kathy to be alone.Julia assures her that she will be with Kathy and Linda makes her promise that she will stay with her.Julia promises.Julia tells her what a joy Kathy is and reminisces about the procedures and all of the appointments that they had to go through to get her.Linda tells Julia that she is dying and that God answered her prayers once when they got Kathy and that she knows that she canít pray her way out of this now.A doctor comes into the room to increase Lindaís pain medication and Julia tells her that she will wait out in the hall.

Tad tells Dixie that someone knows a lot about Zach and his past and that person might be connected to the murders.He then asks Dixie if Zach ever mentioned his mother when they talked.She tells him that his past never came up and that they were so busy concentrating on her past and Greg Madden that they never talked about his past.She tells him that the only thing from Zachís past that he ever mentioned was Ethan.Tad comments that it was worth a shot to ask her.He tells her to keep her eyes open while they are investigating the murders.She tells him that she will help him in any way that she can.He corrects her and tells her that he wants her to look out for herself and tells her that he would arrange for a bodyguard for her if she wants one.She asks him if her connection with Zach worries him or is it the fact that their daughter-in-law is a co-owner of Fusion.He tells her that anything about her and her safety concerns him.

Josh tells Kendall that she is right to be worried about Spike and his relationship with his father.He tells her that the situation can be a win-win and they can both get what they deserve.She tells him to get out of her head.Josh asks her if she is being a little selfish by keeping Ryan from Emma.He tells her that Spike has her and Zach and Ryan and Emma only has her mommy.Kendall tells him to stop telling her what she and Spike want and deserve.She tells him that she can deal with the men in her life without any help from her.

Babe tells Erica that she made a terrible mistake with Josh and she wants to make a life with her husband and son.Erica tells her that she wants that until Josh gives her a look that melts her heart and she jumps into bed with him.She tells her to flounce her way out of the room like she flounced in.Jeff enters the room.


Ryan tells Zach that wherever his relationship with Annie goes, Spike is the most important thing in his life and especially now and he will do anything that he has to to protect his family.Derek asks them if they would look at the paper that he has.Ryan reads the caption under a picture that shows Zachís mom.The caption names the woman as Mrs. Alexander Cambias.Zach asks Derek where he got the picture.Derek tells him that it was found in a rockerís London penthouse apartment.Derek asks what Zachís mother has to do with Zarf.

Jeff tells Erica that he didnít know that she had company.She tells him that she doesnít.He asks if he should referee.Jeff leaves them alone.Babe asks Erica if Jack knows that she told Jeff to go away or if maybe she is just sending out the wrong signals.Erica tells her not to compare the two of them because there are very many differences.Babe asks her how she dare say that to her.Erica tells her that she cheated on her husband twice-once with his brother and once with her son.She lied in court several times to protect her husband.Babe takes exception to the charge of cheating.Erica reminds her that she seduced her son, told him that she wanted nothing to do with him, and then asked her (his mother) to help her get rid of him.Babe tells her that she should be nicer to her because with very little effort, she could be calling her mom.

Kendall talks about how she and Josh should imagine a perfect world where they would be model citizens and rise above their baser instincts.Josh is struck by the idea of them being the Pine Valley moral duo but then he warms to the idea and sarcastically tells Kendall that Babe is nothing but trouble and that adding another child to Ryanís life will not make any trouble.He tells her that there is no way that hot Annie would want to keep Ryan all to herself and convince him to leave Pine Valley with her and Emma.He tells her that she is making the right decision in letting Ryan know about Emmaís paternity.

Erica tells Babe that she will never be a part of her family.Babe tells her that Josh wants her to be a Kane woman by marriage and that he wants her for the long haul including all of the kids and holidays.Erica is not amused and orders her to leave her room.

Kendall tells Josh that she doesnít want Ryan for herself because she has Zach.He tells her that she doesnít want anyone else to have Ryan either.She asks what Annie has done to deserve him.He loved her and lost her and then he lost Erin and Annie moved in on him.Josh says that Ryan deserves better.Kendall says that Annie shouldnít have him.

Derek tells Zach that he could charge him with obstructing justice.Zach tells him that if he wants to know why Zarf had a picture of his mom, he needs to ask Zarf.Ryan asks why they arenít questioning Zarf.Zach tells them that his mother died in a fall and that Simone was poisoned.He goes on to say that the white ribbon was part of a drink at ConFusion and that the flowers were ordered by Simone herself.He says that he didnít put it all together until after Erin died.Derek tells Ryan that they had Zarf in for questioning but they had to let him go because Zach had withheld information.He tells Zach that from now on he needs to share all information that he has.He tells Ryan and Zach to leave the police station.Derek tells a policeman to pick up Zarf and he calls Daniís bodyguard to check on her.Hank (Daniís bodyguard) enters the house and tells Dani that he father wants to speak with her.Dani tells her father that she is fine and that she has a guard posted out in front of the house and in back.When she hangs up the phone, Derek mumbles that she is going to stay alright, too.

Jamie, Tad, Dixie, and Kathy arrive at the hospital.Jamie and Kathy enter Lindaís hospital room.Jamie tells them that Kathy wanted to visit and Kathy rushes to her motherís bedside.

Josh tells Kendall that it is good to see her getting back her Kane legacy.She tells him not to mention Annieís name again.She tells him that she made the deal and she will stick to it.He tells her that his lips get itchy when he gets bored or disappointed.She tells him not to threaten her.

Babe tells Erica that she and Josh can name their first little girl after her.Erica tells her to go home to her despicable husband.She tells Babe that she will do everything in her power to make sure that Josh sees her for what she truly is.Erica tells her that she will be all alone because Josh will have nothing to do with her, JR will divorce her and take their son with him.


Tad tells Dixie that it is silly to call Linda ďluckyĒ but Dixie tells him that she, at least, got to say good-bye to her little girl.She tells him that right now, Linda is praying that some good person will take care of her little girl and that she remembers saying that prayer herself.


Linda asks Kathy if she is enjoying Wildwind and Kathy tells her that she is the queen.Linda tells her that nothing makes her happier than seeing her and her Aunt Julia together.Julia rushes out the door.Dixie looks concerned but Tad tells her that he will take care of Julia and goes after her.

Julia rushes to the chapel where she prays and tells God that she didnít want this.When she wished on the Christmas star, she wanted a child, but not this one.She didnít want her wish granted by losing Linda and getting her child.She tells Him that she wishes that she had never prayed and asks how He could have listened to her.


Jeff returns to Ericaís room and asks if Babe was able to leave on her own two legs.Erica tells him that she isnít worth talking about and she mentions the kiss that they shared on New Yearís Eve.He tells her that he enjoyed it, too and Erica says that they have talked too much.Jeff agrees and says that it is now time for action.He tells her that she needs lunch and attention.She agrees.

Tad follows Julia to the chapel and she explains to him that she made a wish on the Christmas star and prayed for a child.Now, she says, her best friend is dying and she wants Julia to take her little girl.She tells Tad that she killed Linda. Tad tells her that she didnít put the ice on the road.She says that Linda thinks it is all part of Godís plan.She asks what kind of a God would take a little girlís father and then her mother.Tad tells her that he didnít believe in divine intervention until Christmas time.He tells her that whatever is going on is bigger than both of them and maybe the crash was part of a greater plan and if so, she might be, also.He tells her that this might not be an answer to her prayer, but that she might be an answer to a prayer of someone who has been praying longer than she has.


Dani takes a drink and starts to get sick.She says that she hopes she isnít getting the flu.She gets very ill.She calls out to Hank.

Babe and Josh arrive at Daniís house and Hank stops them.He checks the list and verifies that they are both on the list of acceptable visitors.Babe says that she will go in first and Josh says that he is her friend also and wants to see her.Hank leaves to watch the back of the house while Josh stays out front. Josh says that if Babe has business to discuss, he would like to visit first because he wonít take as long.They stand outside arguing.

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