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Written By Lori
Proofread by Fran
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Annie tells Ryan about her encounter with Jonathan.  She says Jonathan learned that Zarf was found after hours at Fusion dressed as a woman and Derek took him in for questioning.  She says they released him because they didn’t have anything to hold him on.  He says Jonathan didn’t take it well and thinks Zarf killed Erin.  Ryan asks where Zarf is right now and Annie says Jonathan said something about the Valley Inn.

At the Valley Inn, Babe tells Zarf, calling him Zoe, that he’s going to be OK.  There is a knock on the door.  It is Jonathan.  He stares at Zarf, who is still dressed as a woman, and asks who the hell he is.  He asks if he’s using the dress for a disguise and what kind of freak he is.  Zarf asks what kind of freak he wants him to be.  He asks what kind of freaks he’s into.  He pretends to kid around, asking Jonathan how he likes his outfit.  Babe tells Jonathan that she (Zoe) wants him to leave.  Jonathan says that is not a she.  It’s a he, calling Zarf a sick, psychotic pervert and a murderer.  Babe tells him to shut up, but Jonathan says this man probably killed his sister.  Babe says this is a woman and he needs to leave now.  Jonathan grabs Zarf and a scuffle ensues.  Jonathan rips Zarf’s dress.  The bodyguard, Bob, comes in along with Josh, who pulls Jonathan off Zarf and tells him to cool it or he’ll ram his head down his throat.  Babe tells Bob to put away his gun and Jonathan orders Josh off of him.  Josh tells Jonathan that he better not ever hurt Babe.  Ryan comes in and asks what’s going on.  Babe tells Ryan that Jonathan attacked Zarf for no reason.  Ryan says it looks to him as if Jonathan’s the one being attacked.  Jonathan says he’s cool and he apologizes to Zarf for ripping his dress.  He says he lost control. 

Dixie goes into JR’s room while he is busy staring at the laptop computer and notices that she is looking at a hotel room.  JR tells his mother that it belongs to Josh.  He says he needs to find out if Babe is telling the truth and that’s the reason Colby set up this operation.  Dixie says Babe’s explanation for being in Josh’s room sounds reasonable and asks why he doesn’t believe her.  JR says he wants to but if she’s messing around on him he needs to know.  Dixie says he should have faith that his wife loves him.  He says he does, but he’s going in with his eyes wide open.  He says he can’t take Babe at her word.  She’s been out all night.  She called and said there’s a problem with Zarf, but for all he knows she’s probably with Josh right now.

Babe tells Bob that everything is OK and he can wait outside.  Bob tells her he thinks she should leave but she says she’s not ready to leave yet.  She tells Josh to leave as well.  Josh says he won’t leave until he knows she’s safe.  Babe tells Ryan and Jonathan that Erin was her friend and she’s devastated that she’s gone.  Ryan says they all are, but he hopes her judgment is correct and she’s not making a mistake with Zarf.  She says she would never protect anyone who might have murdered his sister.  She knows this person inside and out and she promises he’s not a murderer.  Jonathan tells Zarf that if he didn’t do it, he’s very sorry.  Ryan and Jonathan leave, with Ryan telling Zarf that he won’t be bothering him again.  Jonathan tells Ryan he’s going home but Ryan tells him he’s going with him.

Kendall tells Zach at home that Ryan has way too much going on to deal with Annie.  She says Annie is jinxed.  First she marries a molester, and then she almost loses her daughter.  What’s going to happen next with this woman who wants to take care of Spike?  Zach asks if she thinks he’s making a mistake and she says he is.  He asks if she thinks this because she wants Ryan to love only her for the rest of his life. 

Adam finds Colby waiting at the police station and she asks him to get her and Sean out of this nasty place.  She says this is not Sean’s fault, it’s Chief Frye’s fault.  She says Chief Frye could have cut them a break on the drinking and fake ID’s thing.  Sean asks what is New Year’s without champagne.  Colby says it’s not a big deal but Derek has something against the Chandlers and is using her as an example.  Jack arrives and Adam says he’s going to take this poor girl home while he deals with the hoodlum who got her into this mess.  Sean asks Jack if he ditched Erica on the way here but Jack says she moved back to the Valley Inn.  He doesn’t want to talk about Erica right now.

Danielle comes to the police station to see her father.  He tells her he got a concerned phone call from her mother.  She wants Dani to leave Pine Valley right away.  Danielle calls him the worst liar.  Derek says Mimi is just as concerned about the Fusion murders as he is.  Dani asks if her mother called on her own to demand that she come and live with her in New York.  He tells her not to be surprised.  Dani accuses her father of asking her mother to take her in.  She says she’s not going anywhere. 

Kendall tells Zach that he’s the only man she loves.  He says he knows that but this is about Ryan.  She says Ryan is the father of her child.  Zach says Ryan’s attention used to be focused on just her but now she’s going to have to share him.  Kendall says Ryan is not hers to share, but she doesn’t want him to get sucked into another of Annie’s crises.  Zach asks what her problem is with Annie.

Ryan goes to Annie’s with Jonathan, but he says he doesn’t like being there.  He never wants to come back there again.  Ryan says if it’s because it reminds him of Erin, this is just where they need to be.

Dixie tells JR that Babe had an affair, but putting a camera in Josh’s room is a little extreme.  JR says he hopes the footage comes up empty.  He wants to trust Babe but he can’t until he knows Josh is in the past.  Julia arrives to give JR an acupuncture treatment.  She is with Jamie and Kathy, who is introduced to Dixie as the daughter of Julia’s friends who were in a car accident.  Julia says Kathy is going to have a play date with little Adam.  Dixie and Jamie take Kathy to play with little Adam while Julia performs the treatment.

Jack asks Sean what he was thinking.  These are serious charges against him.  Sean says he knows that, but spending the night behind bars drove it home.  Adam tells Colby he’ll take care of everything.  He asks Jack how long it will be before he can get them out of here.  Jack says he does not intend to bail Sean out.  Adam says he can’t leave him in jail.  Jack says he is going to do just that.  Sean needs to deal with the consequences of his actions.  Krystal says amen to that.

Babe tells Josh that he needs to leave but he says he wants to talk to Zarf first.  Zarf asks Josh if he thinks he’s a murderer too.  Josh tells him he pulled a real number on Bianca.  She’s hurt and confused.  Babe tells Josh this is none of his business, but Josh says he wants to know if what Zarf told Bianca is true or was he just trying to get into her pants.  Zarf says none of it matters anymore.  Josh asks if he’s transgender.  He says Bianca deserves answers.  Zoe starts undressing and asks Josh what he sees.  Babe tells him he doesn’t have to do this.  Zarf asks Josh what he sees under the smudged eye makeup and the smeared lipstick.  He sees stubble, an Adam’s apple, and big masculine hands.  He says there is no woman here.  She’s gone and every part of her is destroyed.  He asks Josh if it isn’t obvious who he is.  He has a penis.  He’s a man.

Zach asks Kendall why she sees Annie as a threat.  She says she’s afraid that Spike is going to lose his father completely.  Zach says it won’t happen.  Ryan is Spike’s dad and no one can compete with that.  Kendall says Annie’s daughter could.  She tells Zach that Emma is Ryan’s daughter.  She says she had a hard time believing it until Josh told her the truth.

Ryan tells Jonathan he understands what he’s going through.  Jonathan asks why this is happening.  Ryan says they’ll find out.  He tells Jonathan he has to remember Erin being here but Jonathan says he can’t.  Ryan says he knows how much it hurts.  Erin was stolen and the pain is unimaginable but they can’t let the anger mess with their minds.  Ryan tells Jonathan he’s worried about his anger.  Jonathan admits he is too.  He went off on Derek, Aidan, and Annie and he thinks he scared them.  Ryan tells Jonathan that he’s raging inside and he is, too, but they can’t give into it.  They need to find a way to channel it into something positive, like going to the gym or helping at the Miranda center.  Jonathan says that’s wasted time, but Ryan says that is what Erin would have wanted.  Ryan tells him not to go off on strangers like Zarf.  There’s no evidence he did anything wrong.

Babe tells Zarf to lie down and rest, but Zarf says male icons can’t rest.  Josh tells him to stay away from Bianca.  Josh asks Babe to come with him but Babe says she’s not going anywhere.  Josh leaves and Babe asks Zarf to talk to her.  Zarf says there’s nothing she can do for him now.  She says she’ll help him in any way she can and she hopes to see him again soon.  She walks into the hallway and finds Josh.  He asks her if she’s nuts for helping Zarf but she says she doesn’t want to hear one word from him.

Julia is massaging JR’s shoulders but he says he’s not tense.  Julia says his physical therapist told her he’s working hard.  She tells him not to overdo it because it could prolong his recovery.  Julia seems bothered by something and JR asks her about it.  She says she’s thinking about Kathy.  Her father is dead and her mother is just barely hanging on. 

Kathy is playing with Dixie, Jamie, and little Adam.  Dixie suggests they show a creature Kathy made to her mother, but Kathy says her mother is sick.  Dixie suggests that they make a card for her mother.

Adam tells Krystal he’s not going to leave his daughter in the jail.  Krystal says he needs to stop making excuses for her and teach her what is right.  Adam says he can’t abandon her, but Krystal says he can hold her responsible for her actions and stop cleaning up her messes.  If he doesn’t, he’s sending a message that she can get away with anything.  Adam tells her she’s exaggerating.  Krystal tells him he’s creating a monster and Colby will be a monster for the rest of her life.

Derek suggests Dani go to her mother’s just for an extended visit but she refuses.  He says he needs to know that she’s safe.  Dani says he has two off-duty cops guarding her at all times.  He raised a smart and strong woman and he needs to trust her.  Derek tells her to be sure to call him whenever she changes locations.  Dani says she’s on her way home to finish up some work then will be at Aunt Livia’s until tomorrow.  She leaves and an officer brings Derek a paper on the Fusion murders.

Kendall asks Zach if he’s going to make her tell Ryan that Emma is his.  Zach says he can’t make her do anything, but he says his father kept his son from him.  Kendall says this is completely different.  Ryan signed on to be a donor, not a daddy.  Zach says but being a daddy changes everything.  He says not knowing about Ethan was the biggest regret of his life.  The phone rings and it is Derek calling Zach.  Derek says something just came in on the Fusion murders and he needs to get here.  Derek also calls Ryan and asks him to come to the station.

When Julia finishes her treatment on JR, she goes upstairs to join the play date.  Bob comes in with a report on Babe.  He says he saw Babe with Josh a lot.  They were just together in the room of the rock star.  They were also together at midnight.  He says they rang in the new year with one hell of a kiss.

Babe tells Josh the kiss meant nothing but Josh says that’s a lie.  He says the kiss told him everything he needs to know.  He’s not playing nice anymore.  He’s fighting for her and is not going to stop.  Babe tells him to stop following her.  She doesn’t want to see him or talk to him.  Josh tells her to stay away from Zarf, as he can’t trust her.

Colby tells Sean she can’t believe they were just left there.  Sean says his uncle Jack officially hates him.  She says they would probably leave them here forever if they could.  She thinks Krystal finally convinced her dad to get rid of her.  Sean says they are nothing but trouble.  Colby says if they really want them gone fine.  They’ll leave.  The next time he takes a road trip to count her in.

Julia gets a phone call and finds out Linda has taken a turn for the worse.  She says she’ll be right there.  She tells Kathy that she has to go to work for a little while.

JR calls Barry and tells him to put his other cases on hold and tell him exactly what evidence he needs to wipe out any prior agreements and win sole custody of his son.

Erica is in her room at the Valley Inn when Babe comes to the door and pounds repeatedly on the door.  Erica comments she just made a resolution to recycle the trash and Babe is making her break it already.

Ryan and Zach see each other at the police station.  Ryan thinks it’s kind of strange letting the two of them in on the news of the Fusion murders.  Ryan thanks Zach for backing him up about protecting Spike.  He says he hates the idea of separating Kendall and Spike.  Zach says Spike shouldn’t be with them right now, and he’s his son.  Ryan says he couldn’t imagine life without him.  He says he doesn’t want to miss out on a minute with his child.  Zach glares at him and Ryan asks what’s wrong.

Dani arrives home with the bodyguards.  She says she’s going to finish up her work here and go back to her aunt’s.  The bodyguards say they’ll be right outside.  There seems to be someone lurking in another room in the house. 

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